Mira: Seeking A Presidential Pardon

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This documentary showcases a unique perspective on what it means to be Asian-American, chasing the American Dream, and combating the stereotype of the “model minority”.

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Mission Statement

The project seeks to challenge dominant stereotypes about Asian Americans in film. Our goal is to integrate diversity in all aspects of the project to ensure the inclusion of diverse identities and perspectives.

The Story

The Story: Mira: Seeking A Presidential Pardon

At the age of 7, Andrew was adopted to a family in Minnesota. As an adult, in 2000, Andrew took a trip back to South Korea to search for his Korean mother. Ultimately, Andrew was able to find information about his mother, who married an American doctor and became an American citizen. After finding her, Andrew learned that his mother never asked his biological Korean father for permission for him to be adopted. During all of this time, Andrew’s Korean father thought that he was living with his mother. Mira believed that Andrew would be better off in America. The  documentary is not simply for the pardon. It is a story about the American spirit of second chances.


The Reason We’re Making This Film

Mira is now 83 years old and lives in an elderly center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, two blocks away from us. On weekdays, she rides the metro bus to attend her English class at the local vocational college. She has been taking classes for the past 7 years. She studies many hours for her classes. However, her memory fails her when she is taking her test. We see her frailty and wonder how many years we have left with her.


We want to give something symbolic to Mira that reflects that she made the right decision for Andrew to be adopted. America is a place of second chances. The act of applying for a presidential pardon for Mira is the essence of forgiveness.


Directors' Statement

As Asian American filmmakers, we want to communicate that we don’t agree with all of Mira's decisions, but we believe that she loved her son.  This documentary will reinforce the importance of being an American.




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