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Tara Troy

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When Amanda doesn't make partner, she lies to her fiance, throwing her life and relationship into a turmoil. With it all on the line, Amanda sets out to finally confront her estranged father, in order to put the pieces together, forgive herself, and figure out her next steps in life.

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Mission Statement

In 2021, I received a cancer diagnosis, while tens of thousands were perishing from COVID. I realized that this story wasn’t just my own. How many of us never had the chance to say goodbye to our loved ones? I knew I needed to make this film, for all of us.

The Story

The last time I saw my father alive...

It was a blistering hot day in August. He was lying in bed wearing a white t-shirt and for the first time, he needed an oxygen mask. Before I left that day, I had an immense urge to open my mouth and tell him I loved him. It seemed so simple. It should have been simple. But I couldn’t say the words 'I Love You, Dad.' I don’t know why. 

How could I have known that it would be the last time I ever saw him alive? But it was. My last opportunity. 


I never got to say goodbye. I never told him I loved him, one last time.


The guilt of that lost moment plagued me for years. Like an albatross of regret hanging around my neck...

When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer in 2021, 

Tens of thousands of people were also struggling and perishing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

I realized, as I underwent chemotherapy, that this story wasn’t just my own. How many of them never had the chance to say their final goodbyes to the ones they loved? 


One night, I shot straight up in bed and had that final conversation with my father. I told him everything I wish I could have said that blistering hot day in August.


That conversation healed me. It set me free. And from that freedom, this script was birthed.


A short film about having that last conversation you wish you could have with someone who is no longer in your life.

The film follows Amanda, as she is approaching one of the most important days of her professional life. A goal she's been working towards for 10 years.

But as she's about to reach the brass ring, Amanda falls short.

And she falls apart.

But as she comes to grips, the coping mechanisms Amanda has used in the past aren't working now.

In a moment of confusion, desperation, and sheer loss, Amanda must confront the father that left her all those years ago.

Because sometimes, in order to go forward, we have to go back.

We're currently in pre-production and raising funds for the whole kit and caboodle, so every penny, nickel, dime, and dollar will be used for production costs for NYC locations, paying our cast, crew, and equipment.

Oh and food...I'm Southern so I have to feed people well.

I'm thrilled to make this new project. It means everything to me. I know there is an audience here because pain and loss escape no one. If the pandemic taught us anything, it taught us that.

My first short film, "The Unclosed Door" won best short film at the Milan International Filmmaker Festival and was also seen at the Coronado Island Film Festival as well as the Silicon Beach Film Festival.

And everything I have learned while shooting that film - good and bad - I plan to use to make "A Moment in Time" - this film about family, forgiveness, and love - real.

"A Moment In Time" is a naturalistic slice of life exploring family, parental loss, self-forgiveness, and reconciliation. Echoing the heart of Good Will Hunting, the heartbreak of Fences, the complex familial relationships of In Her Shoes, and the determination of love in Fatherhood. "A Moment In Time" is about how love can endure all, even through the complex pain of familial bonds. "A Moment In Time" poses the question, "If you want something different, are you willing to do something different?" 

Amanda (late 30s, beautiful and confident) - On the cusp of losing her greatest professional accomplishment, Amanda realizes she has lost pieces of herself, and doesn't know where to begin to find them. As her world crumbles, is she brave enough to put the pieces back together?

Hank (late 50s - early 60s) - Hank has been absent from Amanda's life and that absence has traumatized Amanda. Hank and Amanda reunite for one powerful conversation. Hank holds the missing pieces for Amanda, can he put her back together?

Alex (late 30s – early 40s) - Alex loves Amanda more than anything but how long can one person endure the transgressions of another?

Sarah (early 60s, beautiful, strong with a commanding presence) - Sarah, Amanda's mentor, has invested time and provided her with all the tools necessary but is it enough?

The characters of Amanda, Hank, Alex, and Sarah are not written to be experts on life or people who have all the answers. These people are messy, real...and I pray relatable. I, as Tara, can see a bit of myself in all of these characters. My prayer is that each person in the audience, after watching the film, feels the same.

Rich tones of dark blue and deep red will evolve into lighter tonalities as Amanda's journey of awakening and self -forgiveness unfold. Colors open up in the film as Amanda's eyes are opened to her inner truth.

Every dollar counts in this low-budget independent film. We are raising funds for the following:

  • Equipment
  • Location and Fees
  • Paying Cast + Crew
  • Feeding everyone with catering!
  • Production Design
  • Insurance
  • Post-Production Costs, including Editing, Sound Design, and Score
  • Film Festival Application Fees
  • Seed and Spark Fees

Upon completion of "A Moment in Time", the film is aimed for international film festival release in 2024. Some (not all) of our target film festivals include St. John's International Women's Film Festival, Women's International Film and Arts Festival, Reel Sisters of the Diaspora, Films De Femmes, American Black Film Festival, Newark Black Film Festival, Montreal International Black Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, New York Film Festival and Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, among others.

We will happily keep all donors appraised of festival showings. Please come out, watch, and SUPPORT!!! Say HI!!! Tara would love nothing more than to personally thank everyone who contributed to this campaign and its success.


Growing up in Athens, Georgia, my world was small. But film and television provided a window to a world I might not ever have known - knowledge, adventure, possibility...it broadened my horizons and gave me an escape. But why didn’t anyone on the screen look like me?


They showed the lights and energy of New York City, the beauty of Los Angeles, and that a person could be anything and everything he/she wanted to be but something about this amazing world didn’t feel quite right. Where were the women? The people of color? Hold it, Earth Shattering, the women of color?!?!? Weren’t those stories important? Weren’t those people beautiful enough, smart enough, and valuable enough to be on the screen also? 


As a child, I acted, sang, wrote stories and plays, and played various instruments. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do but I knew whatever I did would get me one step closer to the Big Apple and LaLa Land. I just loved expressing my creative side but always heard my parent’s voice in the back of my head saying, “[h]ave something to fall back on.” 


When my father passed away, that seemed to be the only voice that remained. Being the ultimate Daddy’s girl, I thought it was my duty to ensure that my family would always be taken care of so my “fallback” became my main focus. 


I didn’t do too shabby. After graduating with my Master in Business Administration, I moved to New York City, graduated from law school, and started a prestigious career as a real estate attorney. Everyone was proud and happy…


Except me.


One night as I sat in my Park Avenue corner office at midnight crying, I realized how truly miserable I was. Practicing law allowed me to be highly productive, command an incredible salary and exist totally void of feeling. I wasn’t invested in my deals. I realized I wasn’t truly invested in my career at all. I wondered what happened to me. I wondered what happened to that little girl who wanted so desperately to tell the stories of those unheard voices – the stories of those people who were missing from all those screens I watched growing up. 

As Eleonora Duse said, “[w]hen we grow old, there can only be one regret - not to have given enough of ourselves.” 

From that moment, I knew things had to change.


Through much reflection, therapy, and prayer, my steps eventually became clear. Go back to ground zero – back to what truly makes me feel alive – creating. It’s a huge gift to be able to share yourself in so many ways – acting, writing, producing, and directing. Vulnerability is the ultimate act of service. To create, that is my privilege.

If you're still reading, WE ARE DEFINITELY FAMILY NOW!!!


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Cash Pledge

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Permits and Locations

Costs $2,500

Shooting locations are key to telling this story. We need permits so shooting isn't shut down.

Equipment (Cameras/Sound)

Costs $2,500

Production equipment makes all the difference to how the story is received.

Talent Fees

Costs $3,500

No one will get rich doing this film but we do want to handle some costs for our valuable talent.


Costs $2,000

How many times have you met someone and their wardrobe told you a story?

Meals for Cast and Crew

Costs $1,000

I'm Southern. People have to eat!

Festival Fees

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We want to share this story with the world!

Post Production

Costs $3,000

The film is created in post. They are the true geniuses.

Press Release Distribution

Costs $500

This fee will cover the cost of reaching media and distributing the press release.

Music Composition

Costs $1,000

In this world, music are constant. It's not appreciated until it's gone. We want a film full of it.

Production Design

Costs $3,000

To make the film feel like real life, some things must be created, altered and manipulated.

About This Team

Tara Troy is an actor, award winning filmmaker and a graduate of Columbia College Chicago. As an actor, Tara is known for appearances in Dungeon, The Mels and Peri Street, where she brings down the house as Dr. Cervani, a world-renowned Uterus Reader.

The Unclosed Door, Tara’s debut short film about a woman facing a crossroads of pursuing creativity or convention, won Best Short Film at Milan International Filmmaker Festival. It went onto many festivals including Silicon Beach Film Festival, Coronado Island FIlm Festival and Toronto Shorts International Film Festival.

Tara is passionate about creating heartfelt women-centric stories that explore the dilemma of choosing what you want versus what others want for you. Tara’s stories look at characters who fight to live their divine purpose.


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