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Jane Doe'e, a middle-aged CIA trainer wants back out in the field. She was condemned to train the untrainable. She was accused of killing an important diplomat. Her boss known as GMOM recruits a team of international misfits as the last hope to protect the world's leaders from chaos and mayhem.

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Mission Statement

If you loved shows like Get Smart, Austin Powers and The Heat. We want to bring that feeling back. That one show that takes you on a quirky ride and makes you laugh out loud. Imagine what it would be like if the wrong women were responsible for the safety of the world.

The Story

I love comedy! M.O.M. SQUAD is a concept that I came up with years ago.


Jane Doe'e

 is a middle-aged CIA trainer who dreams of being back in the field. She finds herself stuck in Las Vegas training the untrainable. Behind her back, the Agency calls her MOM, Mother of Misfits. In her heyday, Jane was the most respected sought-after agent. She was highly skilled in every aspect of the agency. One day she was offered a simple assignment to watch over the Chinese ambassador's son. Li Chang. Unfortunately, she was drugged and when they found her she was passed out with her hand clutching a knife in Li Chang's chest.


Forward 25 years later Jane has created a suburban life as a wife to a hunky handyman John (Who has no idea what she does or who she works for because he's so wrapped up in his ego.) A troubled teenage son Johnny. And a rambunctious daughter Piper. Jane had thought she was doing ok with the work-life balance until


Jane's superior officer believes it a great idea to have a slew of international women to bring into the agency. Gmom offers Jane a chance to head back into fieldwork as long as she trains these discarded misfits from every nook and cranny of the world.

Misfit Spy's

Jane has her work cut out for her. The team stumbles upon a new enemy that is set to take over all the world's governments by controlling its leaders. They are M.O.M. SQUAD. Mama's got your back!

We are crowdfunding now so that we can use this uncertain time for good. I personally have been a 9 to 5 employee all my life. I am taking this time to follow a passion and a dream. You can help us that dream and share a few laughs along the way.

We are writing the last few episodes and casting characters along the way. Production is ongoing as we speak. We have taken precautions with our cast and crew to make sure we are keeping a safe set. We keep up with the current safety guide from our Governor and the local film office. 

Covid 19 and Safety

We are filming the episodes that we can now. Keeping cast and crew small to protect us all.  We have to wait to do the stunt work and other locations till we raise this money. We will work hard to make sure we keep a safe set. The plan is to place each episode one at a time on our Youtube channel but we are going to explore other options due to the fact that we have been contacted by some private hosting sites interested in our concept. We do have episodes in the can but we need to do more. Thank you all for everything!!!


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Costs $200

We could really use access to an Adult Bookstore! LOL. Auto Mechanic Shop An Office Building

Insurance and Permits

Costs $2,000

We need this to make sure everyone is safe.


Costs $1,000

We need to keep our people feed and happy. They need to keep thier energy up.


Costs $4,790

We need this money for extra props, locations and help with editing.

Cast and Crew

Costs $2,000

We need to provide some sort of compensation for their time and effort.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

 Hello, my name is

Brenda Daly

I am a woman with a big dream. I have produced and written two short films and have been in and around the entertainment industry all my life. Both my parents had the love of theater and dragged my siblings and me to every rehearsal and show with them. I even got a role or two. I have been performing and writing ever since. This project is my ultimate love. I have been working on the idea for five years and can't wait to share it with the masses.  I have the greatest team! They love the project and have been working tirelessly on it. We all collaborate on every aspect of this production. We are committed to keeping a safe set and following the guideline for Covid 19 safety. It is strange times and in this, we have decided to use it to make people laugh when it is needed more than ever.  I had a concept for this project but when I met

Tanya Petro  https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm10589369?s=96bbb51d-2d34-9958-3040-9023a9d6b1ed&site_preference=normal it changed for the better. She adds a quirky element that is unexpected. She has been working toward being an actress all her life. Her talent has been untapped.

Mike Makenna https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm12038352?s=88bbb51c-4863-992e-3bb7-36bd204cc308&site_preference=normal  is a theatrical actor from New York. He was a playwright turned screenwriter. I love his style and commitment to keeping the momentum going. He is a true artist.

Stephen Cibo our DP is from actionshotproductions.com Stephen is a lover of the whole process. He is always at the ready with his gear working hard to get the perfect shot.

Donna Fischer ihttps://pro.imdb.com/name/nm8086059?s=0abbb51a-44d8-1ba9-55a2-72abab3a9409&site_preference=normal is amazing! Also hilarious! She signed up as a Producer after she got cast as GMOM and is killing it behind the scenes too!

Our team is ready! Mama's got your Back!


Current Team