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With a fresh concept and a creative team behind it, Monstr is set to explore modern queer life through the lens of the monsters we've all grown up loving.

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Mission Statement

Written, directed and produced by an LGBT team, this series hopes to enlighten viewers to the plights of the modern gay male, while exploring other themes central to the wider LGBT community. By tapping into the monster genre also, Monstr recognizes that there is a queer audience for horror content.

The Story

MONSTR is a queer interest web series about Peter, a newly out gay man, making his way into the dating scene.  Trying to download his first hook up app at the behest of his best friend (T)Homas (he insists the T is silent), Peter finds himself lost in a world of intimidating names, and chooses one at random.




Little does he know that the app he has chosen (or chosen him?), MONSTR, is frequented by literal monsters; Vampire one night stands, Werewolf boyfriends, generous older daddies or rather Mummies, peeping tom Poltergeists, Leather Daddy Demons and more.



Relying on his trusty, if fabulous to the point of distraction, best friend Homas to help him come out and navigate a world full of creatures of the night, the pair find themselves in sexy spooky new adventures each week.




Fleshing out this wicked world we have an amazing team putting it all together!  From the creativity of writer/director Josh Shanklin, to the unique camera skills of cinematographer Philip Cornwall, and pulling it all together is Tracy Lundell, our experienced makeup and effects artist bringing us the movie monsters you've loved your whole life (and give us sexy monsters while she's at it).  Contribute to our campaign and help those monsters bring some love to Peter!  





We will use your contributions to finish Season 1.  We wanted to get the pilot episode under our belt, so that we could truly understand the scope of the project, and what bringing each monster to life really meant.  As a result, we've got a great plan to complete each episode, and keep us on a monthly release schedule during production.  Cast, crew, extras - we want to bring you the best talent Seattle has to offer, and take great care of them while we shoot.  




Join our MONSTR squad today! Your support will make Peter's dating nightmares come true.  


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Makeup Effects & Transformations

Costs $1,500

We're asking for this much to make sure our werewolf appliances are top quality.

Cast and Crew Food & Drink

Costs $1,500

With shoot days coming, we're hoping to feed our Monstrs the best we can, ensuring peak performance


Costs $800

This will help secure our locations for the full season, with permitting, parking and set dressing


Costs $1,000

Our Art Director, Pete Rush, has an amazing wardrobe planned for our monsters, let's make it happen!

Talent Travel

Costs $1,200

In talks with an L.A. actor to lend their talent to Monstr, this would pay for travel accommodations

Talent & Crew Compensation

Costs $1,000

This is the minimum portion set aside to ensure we can provide stipends for team members.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Joshua Shanklin - Creator, Writer, Director

Having previously worked as a crew member on the successful Capitol Hill Web Series, Josh was inspired to create his own LGBT-centric series, but focusing on his experiences and love for the horror genre.  An allumni of Seattle Film Institute, Josh has previously directed short films and worked as crew for other films.  


Tom Conquergood - Producer

With his first film making the festival rounds (SAFE PASSAGE), Tom saught to find another narrative production he could sink his teeth into, and met Josh during the TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival in 2016.  Quickly the two came up with a plan to get MONSTR into production. 


Phil Cornwall - Cinematographer

Phil comes to the team after recently completing his own feature, DUSK TO DUSK, having worked on that project with Josh and others.  Phil brings a unique eye to the series, a horror lens and an eye for creative shots - helping to highlight our amazing monster effects, gore and sexy scenes!  


Tracy Lundell - Make Up & Effects

Owner of Traceless Artistry, Tracy comes to Monstr with many years of theatrical and hollywood effects makeup experience.  That experience is vital to making sure each monster featured has the best in prosthetics and effects makeup.  



Pete Rush - Art Director

Pete serves as a scenic and costume designer, an educator for theatre, as well as a freelance visual artist based in Seattle, WA.  Pete previously worked with Josh on the CAPITOL HILL web series, winning Art Direction awards for the series.  





Peter - Michael Raimondi



Homas - Timmy Roghaar



Vlad - Tedd Saint James

Our ageless vampire (or at least, hasn't aged since the 1970s) is set to give Peter a thrilling first date in the premiere episode of Monstr.


Mature Man/Joe - Jack Hilovsky

We don't learn his name in the first episode, but we're pretty sure a chance encounter with this handsome character will lead to something more for Peter.  


Dominic - Judah Sklan

Set to film after we finish our campaign, Dominic (or DomDoc, on the app) is a sexy doctor that may have more in store for Peter than he bargained.


Yaalon - Amin Shams

Joining us later in Season 1 - Yaalon will appear in human and in mummy form!  We can't wait to see how much make up it will take to make Amin less sexy ;)   


Aqen - Mark Lanz

Quarreling through the ages, Aqen is a demon battling Yaalon for Peter's affections...and perhaps his Soul...we are very excited to put some horns on Mark and bring out his inner demon.  


Wendy - Isabella Price

Peter and Homas' co-worker with some sexy secrets, we think we'll see a lot of Wendy and her hunky hubby Tyree as the series goes on!   



Tyree - Jaspreet Matthu Singh 

The audience might find out some especially fun secrets about Wendy's husband when she drags him out for a night on the town with the guys.  


Clyde - Cameron Lee Price

Another of our impressive makeup transformations to come this season - rising star Cameron will don some crazy prosthetics for his scarecrow-like character.   


Missionary Richard - Craig Trolli

Missionary John - Dallin Robinson

This duo is on a "mission" to stir up trouble for Peter!  If you think these boys are hot now, wait 'til they're posessed.    




Poundcake - Buddy Todd

Every gay loves to make friends with the folks that work at the bar, Poundcake just works the pole instead of behind the stick.  Season 1 should give our "bearlesque" performer a chance to strut his stuff and show off some moves!  








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