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Alexandra, after being an accomplice to a crime she had no part in, is forced to carry out community service as a volunteer psychologist for a local support group. Though a comedy, we hope this opens dialogue in underprivileged communities to be receptive in seeking Professional Counseling.

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Mission Statement

With our lead being a woman of color, our goal is to continue to provide a platform for all those under represented in film and media and to fully display their talents in front of and behind the cameras. 85% of our entire staff is considered an under-represented person.

The Story

Alexandra is a comedienne. A dysfunctional, easily annoyed comedienne, who is barely able to tolerate the company of other humans for extended periods of time. She hates small talk and despised having to listen to others. This presents a problem as she is trapped in a generation of over sharers and social media. Luckily she is able to release her utter disgust with the world and the people that inhibit it during her comedy routines.



After assisting in the destruction of a strip club owner’s car, after he refused to pay her, Al who is already on probation for a minor traffic violation (it’s not her fault a prick cut her off), is charged with damage to property. This charge results in the judge sentencing her to complete 200 hours of community service. Since Alexandra has a minor in psychology she must carry out her sentence by volunteering at a small support group session each week to help build their morale. This is Alexandra’s own personal hell.



DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT by Philip H. Williamson Jr.


There is always that one thing you've always wanted to do and if you do not do it, you'll regret it.

In comparison, as a creator, there is always that one project that you have to complete. For years and years, it's just there, in the back of your mind, reminding you that it's there, and that you have to create it just to share with those around you. mor-ALe, is that project. This is that project that if I do not attempt to create, I feel incomplete.


As the son of a Doctor in Psychology, I have had the opportunity to be counseled one on one, sometimes voluntary, sometimes not. Friends have asked, 'how does it feel living with a Dr. who is capable of giving me the feedback and tools to survive social and emotional difficulties'. I usually give them my answer, but then I ask them the same question, and a overwhelming majority can't give me an answer. Reason is, most of them have never had the opportunity, resources or just simply attempted going to counseling. 


Growing up Black, that is a real thing. Growing up in a majority Black neighborhood, you are seen as weak and "lame" if you ever bring up being counseled. The truth is, that is the complete opposite. I am hoping that through comedy I am able to show that counseling is critical to our mental and emotional health. 



We simply just want to raise $5,000 to jump start something that could supply laughter and also reflection on mental and emotional health.




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About This Team

Philip Williamson Jr. is currently an Emmy and Edward R Murrow Award Winning Show Director with Fox Television Stations, specifically Fox 29 in Philadelphia. Most notably, he is a director and producer at the Colored Section, a creative agency and independent film production company based in New Orleans and Philadelphia. The Bahamas born Williamson relocated to the U.S. at the age of eight. In the states he quickly found a home in media, eventually graduating with a degree in Television Broadcast. Before moving to Philadelphia in 2017, he formed an alliance with Colored Section founder, Jonathan Isaac Jackson in New Orleans in 2012. Since their creative partnership began, Williamson has been played an integral role in the production of several acclaimed works including, Navigate Her: An Intergenerational Conversation Among African-American Women in New Orleans which played in the historic Joy Theater in New Orleans. He produced Neon Love in Pastel Colors, which was an Official Selection of The New Orleans Film Festival 2014, and Greenlight which was an Official Selection of The New Orleans Film Festival 2015 and placed third in the Annual PBS Online Film Festival held in 2016. In the fall of 2016, Williamson was the recipient of the Magnifying Glass Fellowship ,which granted him the funding to direct the short documentary, After Claudetteia, which screened in over a dozen film festivals around the globe. In 2017, he selected to be apart of the "Emerging Voices" program which were both sponsored by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the New Orleans Film Festival. He was closely mentored by Lisa Cortés who was Executive Producer of the numerous award winning film "Precious".


Jaime Blanson is currently a Graduate in MFA screenwriting at National University whose staff includes an Emmy winner, a Nicholl fellow, and several film producers and studio executives. In 2013 she was selected as a semifinalist in the National Association of Television Program Executives’ Pitch-con Hollywood Player Pitch Contest. A year later she began interning for the Comedy Ninja Film Festival where she assisted film directors, Charles Parello and Quentin Lee. In 2016 she co-wrote and produced After Claudetteia, a short documentary in which former teachers and students recount the 2015 Claudetteia Love incident.


Jonathan Isaac Jackson is an independent writer and director based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and co-founder of The Colored Section with Philip Williamson Jr. The company was founded as a creative agency with the objective of providing artistic assistance to area musicians and small businesses, due to the woeful lack of representation and opportunities for minorities in Hollywood and the film industry as a whole. The acclaimed Jackson has received several distinctions for his work as well as his artistry. In 2014, he was selected to participate in The New Orleans Film Festival’s inaugural “Emerging Voices” program that was sponsored by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In the program, he was mentored by the Emmy nominated director and producer Dawn Porter (Gideon’s Army and Spies of Mississippi). That same year he reached the top 200 of HBO’s Project Greenlight contest. In 2016, his short film Greenlight placed 3rd in the PBS Online Film Festival, and in 2017, Jonathan was a recipient of the Magnifying Glass Fellowship.


Debbie Jaffe recently moved back to Philly after working in Theatre, TV and Film in NYC and LA for many years. She's a member of Theatre of Note and Theatre Dybbuk in LA, and she produced and stars in the webseries Wingin' It ( She received her M.F.A. in Acting from the Actors Studio Drama School. Call her for your kid's bar or bat mitzvah lessons  -- she plays Rabbi on Saturdays ;). See more at


Kristi Woodard is a Shreveport native. A graduate of C. E. Byrd, Kristi has been in media most
of her life. She was a student journalist in both high school and college. After obtaining her B.A. in Mass Communication from LSU in Baton Rouge, Kristi moved back to Shreveport and put her degree to work, producing local TV news and radio, as well as doing event planning and promotions on the side. In 2009, Kristi branched out on her own and started freelancing, building her company,
Mahogani Media, through which she provides photography, videography and creative consulting
services. Even with all her media success, Kristi has secretly dreamed of working in film since she saw
"Malcolm X" at the age of 13. The film not only ignited her passion to become a filmmaker but
as made her a lifelong fan of Spike Lee, whom she considers her creative idol. Kristi's passion for filmmaking remained dormant until she was able to gain experience on the sets of independent and feature films when the industry set up shop in Shreveport. In 2014, eager to expand her creativity, Kristi decided to pursue an MFA and relocate to the East Coast, which is where she wrote her first script. The new scenery and newfound knowledge inspired her to write her directorial debut short film. Kristi is now living in Newark, NJ, has almost completed her Master's program. She continues to
provide services as Mahogani Media, while building er credits in filmmaking.


Vernon Smith is a filmmaker originally from Austin, Texas who moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of directing. Raised in a single parent household by his mother, he believes witnessing at a young age how strong his mother was while raising him and his sister alone is why he incorporates strong female characters into his films today. Vernon started making films at an early age as a hobby but didn’t pursue a career in the industry until after interning at the Austin Film Society and Richard Linklater’s production company, Detour, where being surrounded by other filmmakers inspired him to want to tell stories of his own. Forgoing film school, Vernon decided to learn filmmaking by working on film sets and learning from established filmmakers firsthand. While working as an assistant location manager on a number of television shows such as Friday Night Lights, Ray Donovan and Shameless and feature films such as Boyhood, Bumblebee and Transformers: Age of Extinction over the past eight years, Vernon has had an up close look at filmmaking. Using some of what he learned over the years, in 2014, Vernon wrote and directed his first feature film, Davis Farm, which is available on Amazon Video, with an astonishing budget of only $4,000.


Nicole Collins is a producer, writer, dorector, and actress  born and raised in Alexandria, La. Nicole worked with B.E.T. Networks, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (iHeart Radio), and The New Orleans Pelicans. In December 2011,  Nicole landed a recurring role in the 3rd season of the hit HBO series Treme; apperaing as Patrice Glover. In January 2014 Nicole portrayed the role of Rachel in Steve McQueen's Twelve Years a Slave. Nicole has written, produced, directed, and starred in short films based in New Orleans, and is now located in Los Angeles, where she continues to expand her career.

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