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Michelle Leigh

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An LGBT, coming of age, romantic comedy. WWW.MORETHANONLY.COM

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Mission Statement

More Than Only achieves what every romantic comedy strives for, it celebrates the triumph of love and makes us realize we are worthy of love and believe with certainty that there is someone for all of us.

The Story



More Than Only is the story of Justin Johnson, an openly gay, young man.

When not under the watchful eye of his father,
Justin tries to find his place in this world and someone to share it with.

After meeting Michael Garner, Justin resolves to do whatever it takes to win Michael's heart.

While not impressed with Justin's antics, Michael is willing to give Justin a chance and a first date...


if he can complete three impossible tasks first.

While Justin courts Michael, he must contend with the looming disapproval of his father who only wants' two things from Justin: "straight A's and a straight son."




This story, for Michelle Leigh, a first time screenwriter, was about showing the normality of an LGBT relationship. 


Her wish is to produce a film that celebrates the beauty of a true and loving relationship in a fun and honest story.


 There is nothing more beautiful than two souls that reach out to each other and speak a language so clearly to one another that the connection is undeniable.





Principle photography was completed September 2016. 


A few 2nd unit shots are being arranged during summer 2017 with "Michael"


We have chosen to film a flash back sequence that involves 9 teenagers (One playing Young Michael), the DOP, AD & the action coordinator we used for a sequence with "Justin" already. This is set to film the end June 2017.




All aspects of the film up to date are paid for in full by private donations. We are down to the final $10 - $15K  it will take to finish post production and enter it into film festivals. 




Editing began shortly there after as funding became available and was culminated in the first full rough cut (130minutes) March 2017. Three more edits were completed by May 2016 with a final time of 107minutes. 




Two Twenty Two, a team of composers based in the UK, is taking on the task of finishing the original score.


The film is slated next to go through sound/sound mastering and color correction



I feel entirely blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing support system - I am forever grateful for all contributions to help bring this project to the finish line!









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Cash Pledge

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$4K total to finish

Costs $500

$500 goal takes steps toward Completion of the original score & secures music rights for a Katy Perry song.

$3K to finish

Costs $500

$500 goal starts Blancing dialogue (they did bother to memorize it) and background. We don't want an auditorily challenged film!

$3K to finish

Costs $500

$500 goal starts the process of Color correction for visual enjoyment - no one likes those types of surprises

About This Team


I have a very full and blessed life as the single mother of two and a sixteen year career in nursing. I am the founder and director of a children's theatre in my home town. I never set out to produce a film - it just kind of happened.


The story  literally started in a car ride home from a store where I had seen the name "Justin Johnson" on a name plate and thought to myself, "that name should be in a movie". By the time I was home the opening VO of the fiilm was written.


The writing process of More Than Only took just over two years - three re-writes - and four table reads before I logged it as "goal achieved, I wrote a screen play"


then came the NEED to do more - to find out what was possible - could this actually be made


Fate has played a role in the making of this film more times than I can count - and in retrospect I realized - Fate was NOT going to let me make this movie without the exact right people in the exact right place.



I had a crew, or so I thought - when it became clear that was not the case I decided to make one post - and was contacted that same day by Darren Hartman. He became my DOP, my film making sensei and by the end of filming, the visionary who gave me so much more visually than I realized I could have! He assembled a crew around him - a small 5 man crew who did the jobs of 20plus on a film of this scale. Most of them were film school friends - some traveled into Oregon to help and participate - the filming process was as spectacular as it was due to these hard working, dedicated and wonderful men; Brian Baker, Michael Mcinerney, Matt Bower & Isaiah Brown.





Portland based actors took on all leading and supporting roles


Most of the Children and adult roles in the minor characters were taken on by participants from the Oregon City Children's theatre (a Company that Michelle Leigh is the founder and director)


13 medical professionals (collegues of Michelle Leigh who is an RN) , including 5 Registered Nurses, 2 ER techs, a Transporter, A respiratory therapist, An ICU intensivist (MD), A nursing supervisor, a DO,  join the cast to participate in the hosptial scenes brining an element of nuances that can only be attained with years of practice.


Finally, a call for extras needed for 7 filming days. 75 total joined us all over the Portland Metro area.





14 on site locations to be exact - most of them given free of charge, many reduced fees to assist an independent film with a very small budget. Favors called in, contacts used resulted in very authentic backdrops and visuals. we were so blessed to be allowed the use of:

 2 restaurants (Mikes Drive in,Oregon City & Highrocks, Gladstone),

A Piano Bar (The Barrel Room, Portland),

3 homes (family freinds, Oregon City),

A wedding chapel (Abenethy Chapel, Oregon City),

A Church (Westminster Presbyterian), Portland),

A College Dorm, Library & Nursing Lab (WWCSON, Portland),

A Beach hotel,Cabin, Store and dock (Sunset Oceanfront, Bandon),

An antique store (DJ's Treasures on the hill,Oregon City),

Mini golf & Carnival (Oaks Park, Sellwood),

IFLY (Tigard),

A private field, parking lot & road (Oregon City)


The one I wasn't sure how it would go - was to locate an "upscale/fancy" car for Justin to drive - a family from the children's theatre granted the film the use of their Porsche for four days during filming.





With a cast in place and every aspect of film pre-production under way - music rights were sought.


In the end, I decided to only persue the katy Perry song "Teenage Dream". The song has a story arc in the film. It starts as a cheesy pick up line, that leads to a sweet sentiment and eventual a heartfelt truth.


I turned to a local Portland band (The Cabin Project)  who then wrote two original pieces of music that have been featured in BTS videos and the film


Since entering post production - my film was noticed on social media by the composers Two Twenty Two based out of the UK - after emails and long letters - they are now composing the remainder of the original music.





My very supportive hospital collegues worked with me so I could take off almost 40days from my regular job so I could be on set for the month of August, 2016.


It was one of the most amazing days of my life. I literally felt as thought I had entered into a vortex of a space/time continuium.  The cast and crew worked so seamlessly together producing take after take of incredible footage.


The leading cast were always prepared and spot on during takes and easy going in between with smiles, laughter and willingness to help whenever they could (even delivery coffee to the crew) 


In the end we remained on time every day, even having to overcome slight hitches along the way. Almost 20hours of incredible footage in the can.


More than Only has truly become a project of passion - with full determination to see it to fruition and achieve a Portland, Oregon premiere and hopefully submission into film festivals and electronic distribution.





Current Team