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Makena Costlow

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Disclaimer: We are not promoting the use of cocaine! Cocaine = bad. Pick two: a social life, sleep, or success. No one can do it all. Finding a healthy balance in life is impossible, especially as a mom. Please support us, so that we can celebrate the craziness that is life and our cool moms!

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The Story

Sam, loving mother of two, is a hot mess. She can't seem to handle the chaos of her daughter's teenage rebellion and her son's over-involved schedule. When she disappoints those who matter most to her, her mother comes to the rescue. Slyly sliding a little clear bag across the table, she introduces Sam to a drug that might solve everything. It's powers convince Sam to volunteer herself to host the neighborhood block party. Thanks to her newly found addiction, Sam has no problem balancing her kids and her party planning.


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Camera Purchases

Costs $2,400

In order to tell this story, we need to be able to capture it! Help us get an Arri Alexa or a Red Epic!

Catering and Crafty

Costs $500

In order to do good work, we need food in our bellies! With a crew of 30 people, that doesn't come cheap!

Production Design

Costs $1,200

The most important scene in our project is a neighborhood block party! Help us decorate!


Costs $350

We want to make sure our cast gets safely to set! Help us raise money for their transportation!

Props and Costumes

Costs $550

The moms in our story love to get around on blades! Help us purchase them, and the outfits for these trendy moms.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

The Mother of the Year team is comprised of talented and dedicated college students, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. This is the most involved period of our lives and we understand the pain of balancing life and its chaos. However, we were lucky enough to learn balance from our mothers. For our senior thesis at Chapman University, we're devoting our time to Mother of the Year to show everyone that it is okay that you don't have it together all the time. You're trying your best!

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