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Elizabeth Tabish

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Mother's Day is a stylishly surreal short film that explores the ways in which women from various generations deal with pain according to the time's standards, while utilizing a vintage aesthetic from an award winning filmmaking team.

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Mission Statement

Written, directed and produced by women, Mother's Day is female-centric in its story and purpose. It examines the relationships among mothers and daughters, and explores the effect of gender roles and expectations on women during these specific eras.

The Story

Jane has the perfect life. A loving husband, a darling daughter and -hands down- the grooviest home in the neighborhood. But all that is no match for the painful memories of Jane's childhood as they emerge on the eve of Mother's Day. Booze and pills spiral Jane deeper into her hallucinatory nightmare, for as we all know, the only way out is through.


Mother's Day is written by Janet Travis, an actress in Austin, TX who has shared this story based on real life events. A funny thing happened when she began sharing this script with others: an overhwleming amount of female readers commented how closely this story hits home. And this is no easy story. 


We want to produce this film in an attempt to bring to light and ultimately heal the emotional wounds that reach an overwhelmingly large percentage of women. We explore the lasting effects of emotional and psychological abuse in this story, not to condemn but to comprehend why and how it happens in the first place. 


We have an incredible location to create an authentic backdrop to the 1940s and 1960s storylines. Additionally, we've got a talented cast and crew who are donating their time and talents to make this film happen.


But we do need your help to get it made. Our funding will take care of the location fees, wardrobe, props, catering and some equipment rental as well as festival submission fees when we finish. Every little bit helps and we look forward to sharing the experience with all of our contributors!


The location:


The wardrobe:



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Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $3,000

We're filming at the incredible Shag Palace, which meets literally every need of the film! <3


Costs $1,000

Wardrobe and hair/makeup are essential to recreating the 1940s and 1960s looks.


Costs $1,400

We believe in the power of a small but brilliant cast/crew to make a three day shoot successful!

Festival Submission Fees

Costs $700

Festival submission fees can add up! We'd love to send this to festivals around the world!


Costs $300

We've got some vintage classics we'll need to purchase to make the story realistic.


Costs $600

3 days straight of feeding a cast and crew of 14

About This Team

Written by Janet Travis, actress and writer based in Austin, TX whose work has appeared at SXSW.

Directed by Liz Tabish, award winning filmmaker known for her vintage aesthetic and focus on female-driven stories.

Director of Photography, James Burniston



Athena Wintle.........Young Jane
Addie Rose Travis.....Mary Anne

Ashley James.......................Jane

Claire Capek..........Preteen Jane

Adam Duncan......................Tom

Janet Travis.....................Mother

Zoe Kerr..................Teenage Girl

Les Best................................Man


Current Team