Murder Camp

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Comedy, Horror

Clara Aranovich

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An absurdist comedy set in the world of a grounded slasher horror. You'll laugh, you'll scream, you may even shed a tear at... MURDER CAMP.

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Mission Statement

How often do you see film/TV starring fat characters? How often is their body size *not* the punch line? And how often do you see a horror Final Girl played by a Latina? Directed by a Latina? While MURDER CAMP's artistic merits got us excited... its potential impact is what truly motivates us.

The Story

On a hot summer night... Camp Creek River counselor Becky finds herself bored (as usual) with her fellow counselors. She peels off from the campfire to go read while fellow counselor Johnny pesters her to make out. "FINE," she concedes. "Under shirt, over bra, twenty minutes."

As they go at it in a cabin, an eerie quiet befalls the woods. Then:

... as a masked SERIAL KILLER lurks outside their window.

Just as he's about to make his move:


Our masked killer looks up to find – ANOTHER masked KILLER stands on the roof.

Our first killer (Kevin) looks up at the second killer (Greg) puzzled... pissed.

(loud whisper)
What are you doing here!?

(loud whisper)
What are you doing here?!

This is my night!

What are you talking about?

It's the first Thursday after the full moon, it's my night.

Tonight is the Crow Sabbath.

Dude, that's not for three weeks.

Greg is mortified. What's gotten into him? He's always been "Mr. Structure," the (derranged/sociopathic) "Man with a Plan." And here he is... mixing up the Crow Sabbath? That's like slasher 101.

What ensues is a comedic, character-driven come-to-jesus conversation between two monsters, two men, two... friends.

Playing with the tropes of horror and the self-help world, we watch Kevin and Greg wrestle with how they're moving in different directions... 

... until Becky steps up in an unexpected way.

Hey! Clara (director), Jeremy (co-writer, "Greg"), and Will (co-writer, "Kevin") here!

We f*cking love what we do... so much so that we've been collaborating in a not-for-profit theater company, Public Assembly, for 5 years, pro bono. We share an extreme dedication to our craft... and while we've all had some wins along the way, it's been impossible to get past certain gate-keepers. 

Despite the exciting progress being made in diversity and representation, it's still rare for women to direct TV pilots. It's still close to impossible for larger-bodied and fat actors to get cast in major roles (and for those roles not to make the characters' bodies a punchline). And Latin women are still woefully underrepresented (according to Forbes, in 2021 only 2.9% of leading TV roles were played by Latinxs). 

Frankly, we'd love it if we could just "let the work speak for itself" and not bother y'all with these representation issues. But these truths dictate our circumstnaces... and rather than compalin about them, we're here to do something about it:

MURDER CAMP is our attempt to show the world what we're capable of instead of waiting for it to fall in our laps.

As stated above, this piece isn't simply a short film... it's also a proof of concept. Our intention is to develop MURDER CAMP into a full-blown TV series. And we need YOUR help!

Will Lagos is KEVIN.














Jeremy Radin is GREG.

Olivia Holguín is BECKY. 

Absurdist comedy encased in the cinematic style and manner of grounded horror.

We're inspired by how the genres of horror and comedy have always seemed to be reaching toward one another ever since the rise of the slasher in the 70s and 80s. Our intention is to elicit both fear and belly laughs as you watch MURDER CAMP, all while you identify with the characters' journeys.

Throughout our crowdfunding campaign we'll share more specific tidbits about the creative vision and execution of MURDER CAMP, like this collage from our treatment:

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The "Wishlist" shows our broad budget. And while $25,170 sounds like a lot of money, it runs out shockingly quickly... so these are some stretch goals:

  • + $2000 pays for production overages!
  • + $3000 pays for sound mix + music!
  • + $4000 pays for color correction!
  • + $5000 pays for festival submissions!
  • + $6500 pays for festival travel!


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Our film:

Our creatives:

Director Clara

Writer/Actor Jeremy

Writer/Actor Will

Producer Lilly



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Grip & Lighting package

Costs $2,200

Filming at night in the woods requires some creative (and expansive!) lighting.

Actors Rates

Costs $2,200

We're passionate about paying our actors for their time and talents!

SAG Pension & Health

Costs $370

Our actors' wellbeing matters.

Location + Permit

Costs $2,800

For the perfect cabin/woods that is both accessible and safe for our crew.

Camera + Lenses

Costs $1,900

We've discovered it's pretty hard to make a movie without 'em.

Special Effects (Blood'n'gore)

Costs $1,900

It's a horror film, after all! We need our gun shots and machete-hacks to look A-One, baby!

Crew Wages

Costs $5,900

We love 'em! We need 'em! We can't live without 'em!


Costs $600

When you're filming in the woods at night, you need electricity!

Hard Drives

Costs $400

Replacing actual reels of film on the modern set are data storage drives.

COVID Safety

Costs $650

We're not sure if you heard, but something crazy happened in 2020 and it's still kind of a *thing*?


Costs $600

Our two serial killer/creature leads will need extra cool lewks.


Costs $950

Meals and snacks and water (oh my!)

Sound Design / Mixing

Costs $400

Sound is just as important as picture when it comes to horror.

Production Support

Costs $650

Chairs, tables, trash bags, PAs, all the gritty bits to get it done.

Production Sound

Costs $1,900

We need an on-set mixer, boom-op, and their equipment.


Costs $300

Lots of things can go sideways on a film shoot, it's important to have insurance!


Costs $650

Generators and trucks require gas! And with gas prices being what they are, we definitely need help!

Production Design

Costs $800

For our set/location to look our best and work in union with our cinematography.

About This Team


Clara is a third culture kid (the daughter of an Argentine physicist and a Chilean market researcher) who grew up utterly obsessed with cinema. She loves dark absurdist humor, grounded sci-fi, and pretty much every dog she's ever met. Her TV work includes "In The Dark" (CW/CBS/Netflix), "Tentacles" (Blumhouse/Hulu), "Nancy Drew" (CW/Amazon), "Promised Land" (ABC/Hulu), "Tom Swift" (CW), and will be directing an episode of the new "Walker: Independence" soon after wrapping this short film you're totally donating to :D Her short form work has screened at SXSW, Tribeca Film Festival,, the Hammer Museum, Cannes Lion, among others. She is the recipient of several Vimeo Staff Picks and is a Sundance Screenwriters Intensive Alumna. She also co-founded and co-creative directs Public Assembly, a theater company of which both Will and Jeremy are members. Clara detests cilantro. She is represented by ICM/CAA.


Co-Writer, "Greg"

Jeremy Radin is a writer, actor, and creative consultant. He’s appeared on television shows (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, CSI, Criminal Minds) and in films, most recently co-starring in the WB film The Way Back (dir. Gavin O’Connor, 2020). He is a founding member of Public Assembly, a Los Angeles-based theater company. His poetry has been published widely and he is the author of two full-length collections: Slow Dance with Sasquatch (Write Bloody Publishing, 2012) and Dear Sal (Not A Cult Press, 2022). He is the owner and operator of Lanternist Creative Consulting, through which he coaches writers and performers. Follow him @germyradin


Co-Writer, "Kevin"

Will Lagos is an actor, writer, musician, and arts educator. He’s appeared on television shows (Law & Order: SVU, The Rookie, Community), motion pictures (Sky High, Shot In The Dark, No Man Of God), and in regional theaters in Los Angeles and the United Kingdom. He is a founding member of Public Assembly, an LA-based theater company and arts collective. Will is also the performance director of The Westminster Chorus, a male singing ensemble based in Southern California, and enjoys traveling throughout the United States as a sought-after singing and vocal performance coach in classical, commercial, and close harmony music. Will is also a member of the Musical Theater Conservatory faculty at the California School of the Arts, San Gabriel Valley. Cilantro fucking rules. Will is represented by Mavrick Artists.



Lillian Campbell is a producer based in Los Angeles. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she began her career in the industry as part of the production team at PICROW, the production company behind Amazon Studios original series including Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent. After PICROW, she worked at NBCUniversal in Studio Operations before moving on as an independent producer. She has produced a variety of projects in the commercial and short film space and is currently in development on two feature films.


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