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Well, tinsel me Tuesdays! Do you love murder? Do you love comedy? Do you love creepy small towns with eccentric characters? Then you're going to LOVE Murderville. A female driven dark comedy where "Fargo" meets "The Office".

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Mission Statement

Murderville is a series that supports and incorporates women of all ages and races, in front of and behind the camera. Set in a mid-western town, this dark comedy delves into a colorful cast of characters from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds with a variety of sexual preferences.

The Story


Trapped in a sleepy small town two true crime obsessed retail employees see if they can beat the cops to track a serial killer...  


Bored at their mundane job, our serial killer aficionados, Darla and Maggie, relish in the excitement of having a camera crew documenting the towns recent troubling events. Another young woman has gone missing and the whole oddball community begins to wonder if there’s a connection between her and the previous girl who disappeared. The new case offers Darla and Maggie a sense of adventure and distraction as each of them struggle with their personal lives.

Friendships and marriages dissolve, romances and bodies are found all while Darla and Maggie navigate what it’s like to be friends and what happens when your dark passions and obsessions begin to take over your life. When the amateur sleuths start their own investigation to find out what’s happening to the missing girls, old time town feuds and relationships are tested as the women relentlessly harass their neighbors and the church going folks of their rural community. In true mid-west fashion everyone is considered a suspect and everyone is gifted a tray of Darla’s tantalizing lemon bars.

Some of the themes explored in the series are female friendships and women’s obsession with true crime. Most ladies are fascinated with murder and serial killers, we’re interested in examining why and how it affects each of us individually. Through various female identifying characters' perspectives we navigate different ends of the spectrum of women involved in true crime cases and obsession.

We are super excited about the series and have never seen anything that combined all of our favorite things in one place; dark comedy done through the lens of an overly friendly Midwestern constitution, mockumentaries that follow female driven characters and storylines, supportive female friendships, and of course murder. “Murderville” is written and drirected by three female immigrants (who are also friends - neat!) who moved to NYC and are pursuing their dreams while ABB (Always Be Breathing) and by staying sexy and not getting murdered. (Hellooooo Murderinos!)

(Please and thank you.


Chelsey, Nikki, Ginger

& instaMiniSeries)


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Editing and Color Correction

Costs $1,500

Hiring a professional colorist will make our series look like a real Hollywood film!

ADR/ Sound Design

Costs $1,300

Sound design and sound editing is one of the most vital aspects of post production!

Camera Package

Costs $1,000

We can't shoot our series without a camera!


Costs $1,300

Help us feed our cast and crew!

Lighting Package

Costs $1,000

Good lighting separates great shows from good shows!


Costs $3,000

It takes a village! Producer, AD, hair and makeup, music director, production assistants...

Rental van and cars

Costs $800

Transporting our team of 20+ to and from New Jersey. And tolls, gas, parking expenses...

Wardrobe and Props

Costs $300

We'll use a lot of our own, but we'll still need some specific pieces for these amazing lewks!

Seed & Spark fee

Costs $500

Seed & Spark takes 5% of our total amount raised!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team


Ginger Kearns - Creator/Writer/Actor (Darla Opperman)


Born and raised in western Canada, Ginger Kearns can currently be seen in the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway production of Sleep No More and the new immersive show The Unbrunch. Television: Broad City, Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos. Film: Hungry Hearts (2014 Official Pick of Venice International Film Festival, TIFF, Tribeca Film Festival) Theatre: Nick Cave’s The Let Go (Park Avenue Armory), Tennessee On Hudson: An Immersive Tennessee Williams Experience. Writing credits: Murderville (Finalist Sundance Episodic Lab 2019) Four (Official Selection TSIFF 2019) This is a Play About Artists (20 Best NYC Fringe Plays of 2013) Because of her extensive work in the immersive theatre world, Ginger has worked with many high profile companies to create live branded entertainment. (Jet Blue, Vogue, Target, A&E’s “Bonnie & Clyde”, TBS’s “Search Party”) The Manitoba native was an NBC and The PIT Diversity Finalist. She regularly writes and performs silly cabarets around NYC. (Club Cumming, The Box, Pangea, Manderley Bar).


Chelsey Ng - Creator/Writer/Actor (Maggie Matthews)


The Singapore native Chelsey Ng is an actor, writer and artist based in New York City. She can currently be seen slinking about the Mckittrick Hotel in the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway production of Sleep No More. Theater: Nick Cave's: The Let Go (Park Avenue Armory), Sleep No More (Punchdrunk), Noirtown (WITNESS immersive/Rave Theater Festival), Constellations (Ebb&Flow productions). Directing: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, D I S T O R T I O N: an experimental variety show. Writing: MURDERVILLE, Origins of an Unapologetic Body (Francesca Harper Project). She frequently hosts, writes and guest stars in the Mckittrick Follies, a bi-weekly cabaret at the Manderley Bar.


She is also deeply fond of terrible dad jokes, submissions welcome here.


Nikki Borges - Producer/Director


Nikki is the Co-Founder and Executive Producer of InstaMiniSeries. 
At the end of 2015, Nikki executive produced and directed "UNBOUND", a sixteen part Instaminiseries for David Bowie's final album, Blackstar.  Her collaboration with Bowie and Maverick Records was the first of its kind and featured prominently in the 2016 SXSW festival.  More recently, she’s directed Vice’s Desus & Mero, Tariq Trotter, Questlove and a series of commercials for their annual Roots Picnic. She has also directed a series of live events for Facebook, Google’s “Made with Code” and other branded content. 

Nikki wears many hats - actor, director, producer, photographer - but not a fedora. Never a fedora. 

Current Team