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Propelled by a tenacious team of women, MY LEFT ARM is a slow burn horror short that will explore the notion of control, self sabotage and the nature of identity. It will be taut, beautiful and atmospheric; an introspective morality tale with an unreliable narrator and an exciting original twist.

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Mission Statement

This film is about a woman at war with her own body, and we want to try to dive into that concept, both emotionally & physically. Women are vastly underrepresented above-the-line in horror - 49% of horror audiences are female, while only 6% of horror films are directed by women. Let’s change that!

The Story

The Story


Malorie is used to being in control - she is artistic, precise, and confident - but in the wake of a devastating incident, Malorie finds herself literally at odds with her own body. Her body begins to rebel; to squelch aspects of her character and personality in ways that are... unsettling to say the least. As Malorie's private war continues to escalate, the conflict inevitably begins to bleed over into her closest relationships... until finally, in a viscerally powerful finale, Malorie comes face to face with the truth - and the cost - of her own identity. 



The Inspiration


Betrayal is terrifying - it happens all the time in real life, but it’s always a shock. Big betrayals, little betrayals, they all hurt. Often times, to make that "deep-cut" feeling worse, betrayal comes from those dearest to us. We just thought, what if we brought that concept even closer to home? What if the tables were turned on you, but from the inside out? What would that do to your identity and your sense of self? How would it affect your relationships? Think about the things that you feel define you as an individual - what if those things suddenly... weren’t yours anymore? They’re not gone, you didn’t lose them - they just… belong to someone else now. And that "someone else" isn't an external force, but something "other" that lives inside of you. What lengths would you be willing to go to in order to maintain your sense of self? Would you fight tooth and nail... or would you give in and choose to disappear? 




Tone & Style

Tonally, the film will be chock full of creeping psychological dread (think THE SHINING or THE BABADOOK), intentionally rationing its real scares for maximum impact. Stylistically the thought was - what if Wes Anderson made THE WITCH? This movie is going to feel moody, atmospheric, and at times viscerally painful to watch - but it’s also going to have this rich, beautiful and incredibly precise aesthetic. 



How You Can Help + Looking Towards The Future


Thank you so much for even considering a partnership with us and this film! 


This campaign will fund MY LEFT ARM's four-day production process. We already have a super talented crew on deck and some great gear on our wishlist (including an ARRI Alexa), but we need your help - we believe strongly in paying artists equally and fairly for their time and creativity. Join us!


We have also built some money into the budget for festival submissions after the film is shot and edited. We believe a tight, atmospheric horror film like this one could go far on the niche festival circuit and beyond!


If you'd like to be a part of bringing MY LEFT ARM to life and believe strongly in supporting women-driven horror films + more inclusion above-the-line (behind the camera), please consider financially partnering with us and supporting our campaign. 


We also love a good share! If this project resonates with you, please share our SEED & SPARK campaign via email, social media, word of mouth, etc.


Finally, don't forget to FOLLOW us here on SEED & SPARK and check back for updates!


Thank you again for your support - we are so excited to share this journey with you!




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Costs $3,000

Locations that reflect and inform the character of Malorie are vital to the quality/success of MLA.


Costs $1,400

An ARRI Alexa + a package of COOKE lenses help ensure beautiful footage in the vein of The Shining.


Costs $7,400

Film takes a ton of talented people to make it work - help us to pay everyone equally and fairly!


Costs $500

Blood gags and set dressing with the precision of a Wes Anderson picture? Let's do this!


Costs $800

Hungry people make collaborative art difficult. Help us keep everyone happy!


Costs $1,000

Film with any sort of body horror needs someone who knows what they're doing in the make-up chair!


Costs $400

Stunts that feel real are so important to the tone of MLA... also, we want everyone to be safe.


Costs $500

We need someone to sift through the hours of footage we’re going to shoot with love and purpose!

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About This Team

Melissa Vitello (Head Producer) is an award-winning screenwriter and producer having experience for over 15 years in filmmaking as a director/writer and producer. Melissa set roots in Los Angeles in 2006 to begin her venture into the filmmaking world. Since then, she has studied screenwriting and produced feature films under A-list talented directors and film veterans in the industry. Melissa continues her journey in filmmaking with, currently two other feature films at the very beginning of development for the year, she is a continual proud enthusiast for raising up talented female filmmakers into the spotlight and currently works as the head of studio production for a short form creative content production company. Melissa also has a smoking hot husband and a very lazy cat, both of whom she loves very much.


Stacy Snyder (Producer)


Ashley Gianni (Wardrobe/Production Design)


Elizabeth Alan (Lead Actress, Producer) is an actress, producer, graphic designer and bird mom who adores storytelling and is convinced that film is one of the most important mediums we can use in shaping today’s society for the better. Whether it be awareness, empathy or a momentary escape, film’s ability to make us feel is unparalleled. Elizabeth is easily frightened, and can count the number of horror films she has watched on both hands, but couldn’t turn away from this project after having the story concept come to her during a what turned out to be a less than relaxing shower. Armed with a bevy of talented friends and double-jointed fingers, Elizabeth is so excited to be a part of ‘My Left Arm’ and to share it with the world!

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