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Romantic Comedy

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A New York Pair is an evening in the lives of Molly and Charles. Whilst the couple walks home after a celebratory dinner, we see them try to align their desires as it soon becomes clear they may not want the same thing. Can a relationship survive just because you love someone deeply? Should it?

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The Story

Oscar Wilde once said: “The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray.” As collaborators we wanted to explore how a couple navigates love and work and how emotions and ambitions guide us in a city as intoxicating and inhospitable 
as New York. Can love ever justify sacrifice? How do our emotions inform and affect our decision making? A New York Pair is an exploration of these questions. Ultimately we hope it makes you think about the choices you have made, right or wrong, and where these choices have taken you. Love? Career? Happiness? Loneliness?


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Costs $560

Crew needs to eat, otherwise they get cranky.

Festival Fees

Costs $600

We want to reach as many people with this film as possible.

Location Rental Fee

Costs $1,400

The beginning of the film opens in a cool location in downtown Manhattan.

Make Up Artist

Costs $200

Takes a pro to keep us camera ready

Boom Operator

Costs $400

Our expert sound mixer needs a helping hand.


Costs $220

Gas and parking for production vehicle. If only we could ride our bikes EVERYWHERE!


Costs $160

We need DVD's to send out the finished product!


Costs $400

A gaffer is a key part of any crew!

First Assistant Director

Costs $400

From time management to artistic input, an AD insures the day runs smoothly.

Hair Artist

Costs $200

4 days of shooting in the summer in NYC, our clothes need special care!


Costs $100

In the first scene we have hired an actress to play an important instigator!


Costs $120

Charles or Molly - who do you think needs the coffee?

Printer Ink

Costs $20

Everyone needs a copy of the script

Set Designer

Costs $250

We have two days of inside shooting, that special eye keeping the set sharp helps a lot!

Sound Designer

Costs $800

Sound Mixer is one of the most difficult and important jobs on a film set.

Key Grip

Costs $300

It is all those little things that Grips do!


Costs $1,200

We have hired an amazingly talented cinematographer that will ensure every shot is beautiful!

Hard Drive

Costs $500

Used to store data and back ups!


Costs $1,400

Ours is french..and just had his film in Cannes. Help us get him here from Paris!


Costs $300

We got an amazing deal with an editor!

Script Supervisor

Costs $200

Even though we wrote the lines we still need someone to make sure we are saying them correctly!

Production Assistants

Costs $200

A PA is kinda like a magician on set. They make things appear and disappear on command.


Costs $70

This will buy us 250 postcards to pass out and build buzz!

About This Team

Actress & Co-Writer-
Molly Montgomery was born and raised in Bryan, Texas. At the age of 16 
she relocated to New York City to study acting. Molly graduated from Michael 
Howard’s Two-Year conservatory in 2009 and began writing her first play, a one-
woman show, Snakes I Have Known. It premiered at Theatre Row in the United 
Solo Festival and was subsequently published. The following summer Snakes 
I Have Known opened to a sold out theatre in the International Fringe Festival. 
Molly has co-starred on Law & Order SVU in Theatre Tricks. As well as multiple 
independent films such as “Preoccupied” directed by Brendan Gibbons that 
recently premiered at Brooklyn Film Festival. 
Actor & Co-Writer-
Charles was born in central London and grew up in the windswept English 
seaside town of Worthing. He has been involved in theatre and music all of his 
life and moved to NYC 4 years ago. Charles has been working professionally 
as an actor for the last 2 years with many Voiceover and commercials to his 
name he has recently been a part of several independent films, the latest; "God's Favor" premiering at 
Cannes Film festival. He began writing short stories and screenplays to expand 
his artistic fulfilment and after seeing Molly's one-woman show, he knew that they could combine their writing to produce something unique.
Christophe Averlan is a French director and playwright based out of Paris. He
has written six plays for theater since 1997. Christophe has received funding 
from the DMDTS and support from the Foundation Beaumarchais and the 
SACD. ‘Billy Budd’, based on a Herman Melville novel was published by Les 
éditions de la Librairie Théâtrale. He has written 90 monologues for men and 
women, also published by Les éditions de la Librairie Théâtrale. Christophe has 
directed 10 short films, talking about love, unexpected first dates, impossible or 
sudden break-ups, all selected for various film festivals, including The Short Film 
Corner in Cannes. Also known as a coach in Paris, he works with actors located 
all around the world. As a director, writer or coach, in everything he does, he tries 
to find the connection between characters and reality, and how each of us can 
manage his or her own feelings of loneliness.
Director of Photography-
Adrian Roberto Centoni is an aspiring filmmaker with influences in the realm of 
dramatic naturalism and bare truth. Born in Arizona and raised in Washington 
state, he is also enamoured by the natural world and how environment shapes 
the actions and lives of characters. His most recent projects include "White Flag" 
and "The Briny". 


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