Nia On Vacation

Patras, Greece | Film Feature

Drama, Comedy

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Nia is a native New Yorker about to graduate college. Her brother Peter is a native Greek she hardly remembers. The plane ticket he sends will be a much needed escape from her reality - and a window into his.

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Mission Statement

Our crew was mostly female and half native Greek. Our cast was mostly local to the Peloponnese in Greece, where much of the film is set. For all of us it was our first feature film in our respective positions. Our script defies norms with its atypical arc and stars a female antihero.

The Story

Nia on Vacation is a narrative feature film in its fine cut stage. It is a true to life dramedy about a Nia, an unenthused young woman perpetually in a rut. When the chance to escape arrives in the form of a plane ticket from her estranged brother, she jumps at the chance. What follows is no vacation.


At its core, Nia On Vacation is about expectations unmet. It is about the uncanny experience of visiting paradise and simultaneously experiencing a kind of hell. To do this dichotomy justice, I had to write a script that felt like the experience itself; It had to be unpredictable and all too real. It had to be so funny it was sad.


We shot the Greek portion of the film in 16 days with a largely native Greek crew. We were always short on time and resources but never on talent and good humor. We forged lifelong friendships, not only with our principle crew, but with so many of the people we met along the way who extended themselves out of sheer love of cinema. It is for them as well as you that we are intent on finishing this film and getting it out there as soon as we can. Our experience in Greece was dear to all of us, and I think it shows in our finished film.


We have plans to complete the original score and color correction this year, and we've applied to many grants that we stand a great chance for – but we wouldn’t get that funding until 2018, which means we would have missed our top choice festival entries this year – which means we’d be keeping this film to ourselves until 2019. And that just won’t do. Completing our sound mix now means we can apply this summer.


I have always been drawn to stories about average people, the less than privileged. I find them few and far between, and I suspect it is because these people are less likely to be able to make films. In writing this script with a micro-budget in mind, I’m hoping to add to that lack of diversity. I’m proud of my team and what we were able to accomplish. Nia on Vacation is a film featuring a female antihero, made by female underdogs, that defies the expectations set for female protagonists. With Nia On Vacation the aim was to go beyond “niche issues” and express a more universal – albeit unconscious - experience. I want to finish this film this year so that I can make more films like it. I think we need them.


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Crucial to any film, a sound mix ensures that all sounds - from dialogue to footsteps, to the sound of an empty room - are clear and level.

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Because sometimes a plane flies overhead during the most important line of the best take. ADR makes sure all is crystal clear.


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About This Team


CAT PAPADIMITRIOU - Writer/Director/Producer

Cat is a Bronx born, Brooklyn based filmmaker, with a strong visual arts background. Since attending New York's School of Visual Arts as a Screenwriting major, Cat has made a living off of fashion video, commercial and documentary work as well as a number of odd jobs, to which she credits much of her writing inspiration. Her last adventure in filmmaking abroad was as second camera operator for the documentary Fire In Our Hearts. First camera was operated by a brilliant young tribal girl in northern India, whom Cat taught to shoot. Cat is devoted to telling stories about people who might not otherwise have a voice.

ELIZABETH CASINELLI - Director of Photography

Libby has lived and worked in New York City for the majority of her adult life, learning the craft of cinematography by working as a lighting technician and camera assistant for over ten years. She is very excited to be a part of Nia On Vacation. Not only will this be her first feature film as DP, but her first trip to Greece.

MORGAN SMITH - Assistant Camera/PA extraordinaire 

Brooklyn based, Morgan likes telling stories through drawing, writing and camera-ing. From pulling focus, to slating, capturing B-Roll and running various last minute emergency errands, Morgan has been vital to the success of our shoots in New York. 

TIFFANY ARMOUR-TEJADA - Digital Imaging Technician

Our faces would be green and our sights unsightly if not for the color correcting and technical genius of Denver born, Manhattan based Tiffany.



Nika is a California native who relocated to New York to pursue her MFA in Acting from Columbia University, which she completed in 2013. Most recent projects include a regional Sleepy's commercial, and joining the team of Roundabout for Bad Jews as the female understudy for both roles. Favorite roles include Clytemnestra, Joan, Daphna, and of course Nia.


Classically trained at NYU, Stacee is an actor, director, teaching artist, print model, jazz vocalist and entrepreneur. Jack of all trades, master of some, her most recent acting project was as the main villain in the award winning 48 hour film Once A Loser, slated to be screened at this years Cannes Film Festival. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of Red Leaf coaching, and has taught internationally at the corporate level to many Fortune 500 companies.


*HONORABLE MENTION - The script would never have left the tightly clenched hands of writer Cat Papadimitriou if not for the encouragement and shared talent of good friends:

BOBBY BERRY - Camera Operator -

ILYA SCHNITZER - Camera Operator - 

MIKE WILSON - Camera Operator/Boom Operator/Script Supervision -


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