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Nice Tan is a groundbreaking series that empowers People of Color to challenge perspectives using the unique medium of sketch comedy. As Bay Area artists we’ve set our show locally because people flock here to grapple with identity and reinvent themselves, often with mortifying and hilarious results

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Mission Statement

We feature underrepresented perspectives in sketch comedy at every level of production and skewer the various identities we inhabit in a pointed, irreverent, and hilarious way. Our creative team is all POC and predominantly Queer, and our production team prioritizes women, POC, and LGBTQIA crew.

The Story



Nice Tan is a WOC and QPOC-led sketch comedy project about life and identity in a world that’s not as “woke” as it thinks it is. Our goal is to empower People of Color to challenge perspectives on identity and feature some of the best comedic actors and writers the Bay Area has to offer.

We've seen groundbreaking sketch series from other marginalized voices that have pushed the envelope for comedy — In Living Color, Chapelle’s Show, Key and Peele, Inside Amy Schumer. But it’s 2019 and we STILL haven’t seen a mainstream sketch series that centers women of color and queer people of color.

We’re ready to change things up in the sketch landscape. By bringing something fresh and unique that’s never been featured on tv. We’ve always wanted to see more people like us represented on screen, and we’re hoping you do too. Audiences of all kinds are hungry for unique stories, characters, and perspectives. Help us show the networks that the world is ready for a show like Nice Tan, and that there’s a demand for more diverse and representative sketch comedy content on mainstream platforms.



Nice Tan’s entire creative team of writers and actors are WOC / QPOC. We feature characters and scenarios from OUR experiences, and bring them to life in a way that resonates both for us and a broader audience looking for fresh and funny perspectives.


Our show is unique, but our experiences are all-to-common. We work in a variety of careers and disciplines. We are tired of waiting for people to cast us in reductive, stereotypical roles, and collaborate with other comedic artists and actors who feel similarly. We’ve given ourselves a platform to be funny and authentic on our own terms, and invite our audiences to laugh and think about issues that affect all of us!


Our sketches explore themes from getting mistaken for the nanny when you’re out with your own child, to constantly being “The Only” in a room, to code switching mishaps, to misgendering, to problematic aunties, to therapist drama, to misguided activism...and everything in between.


We have scripts, a incredible production team, and of course our fab team of actors and writers. Now all we need is to film our pilot episode! The only thing we need is funding, so we are turning to our audience for support.

We’re rallying our community to raise $48,000 to film Nice Tan’s pilot episode. If we hit our goal, it’ll go straight to producing our pilot and getting it through post production this fall.

Once we produce our pilot, we’ll have a fully fledged showcase of our series that will help us accomplish our next goal: to pitch our series for distribution and find a home on a mainstream platform or network.

Unique and diverse stories need to be told; however, we can't do it without your help.

Film and TV are powerful platforms because they reach a widespread audience. But production costs for a high quality show can be challenging. In order to bring our vision to life, we need to pay for things like costumes, sets, post production, camera equipment, editing software, permits for locations -- the list goes on and on. Our budget breakdown looks like this:

Every little bit counts, and we want to personally thank each and every one of you for your contributions. When you support our campaign you have the opportunity to receive a wide variety of perks, including: a personal shout out on the series' Facebook page, a private link to view the pilot as soon as it's released, or even an executive producer credit!



Help us spread the word about Nice Tan! Show networks that the world is ready for a sketch show that places WOC + QPOC at the forefront, and that there’s a demand for this type of content on mainstream platforms.


In addition to backing our pilot, sharing the link to the campaign via social media will help spread the word about this important project, and get Nice Tan out into the world.



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Hard Drives

Costs $700

All this greatness has to be stored somewhere!

Lighting Gear

Costs $2,500

Help us get this set LIT! Back a lighting package and keep our melanin poppin!

Sound Equipment

Costs $500

Help us capture all the hilarity with proper recording gear.

Production Supplies

Costs $1,000

From trash bags to pop up tents, tables & chairs, we need the bare necessities!

Art Props & Styling

Costs $3,000

It's what makes things like the Qween Qup come to life!


Costs $2,500

Team Tan is HUGE. That's a lot of bodies to clothe in the finest fabrics!


Costs $4,250

Location. Location. LOCATION! And permits... duh!

Production Truck

Costs $750

Someone's got to carry all of our supplies to set... and it's NOT gonna be Mickey.

Catering & Crafty

Costs $1,500

Have you ever tried working with a hANGRY actueur? Don't try this at home, kids.


Costs $2,500

We've got to make sure this pilot is looking TIGHT. Chopped and Scr... No... just perfectly edited.

Color Correction

Costs $1,500

You want to see a decent color grade, don't you?!

Audio Sweetening

Costs $750

Our Grammy-Award winning sound engineer is pretty bad ass. Let's make sure his paycheck is too!

Music Licensing

Costs $2,550

Music plays a huge role in how we relate to culture and define our own identities.


Costs $5,000

From paying our publicist, advertising the series & ensuring distribution, this one adds up QUICKLY.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Production Crew

Costs $12,000

We need Directors, ADs, Gaffers, Script Supervisors, Art Dept, HMU...Errbody!

Cast Fees

Costs $4,500

We're committed to paying our talent a stipend and your funds help us do that.

Camera Gear: Alexa Mini + Lens Package

Costs $2,500

A quality show needs her Queen... Queen Alexa that is!

About This Team

CREATOR - Carla Lee



In the bio of a 3rd grade book report, Carla Lee announced that she wanted to be a "Comedy Clown" and has been trying to make you laugh ever since. Throughout her youth, she seized every opportunity to act and sing in community plays and musicals and shot her own sketch comedy shows around her house and neighborhood. As an "adult," she is the Creator and Executive Producer of the sketch comedy series NICE TAN, and a writer and actor for the San Francisco sketch comedy troupe Killing My Lobster. You may also recognize her from the occasional advertisement, or as a performer/facilitator at corporate events throughout the SF Bay Area. She thrives on creating new, compelling personalities to share with the world and bringing fresh energy and perspective to classic characters. Her bucket list show is The Pirates of Penzance, and she knows every word to the "Major-General's Song." 

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