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NIGHT WAKING gives us a chance to explore a classic science fiction scenario from fresh angles and through fresh eyes. In a time of political tumult and environmental existential dread, we focus on a family grappling with crisis and relying on the enduring strength of love.

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Mission Statement

NIGHT WAKING puts women in the center of the frame and helps normalize how queer families are portrayed. The director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer of this project are all women. Our cast and crew is 75% women and includes LGBT members and people of color.

The Story

In addition to being a director, I'm a mom of three. Sometimes I joke that my films explore the “parenting anxiety” niche. When I feel something deeply, I like to turn over the rocks and see what kind of creepy-crawlies are underneath. Genre films -- especially supernatural horror and science fiction -- are my favorite ways to do this. My previous films, THE GOBLIN BABY (2014) and HIDE AND SEEK (2017) both explore parenting through a genre lens. 



                             THE GOBLIN BABY, 2014 (trailer)            HIDE AND SEEK, 2017 (trailer)


As any parent will tell you, once you have children, you are changed utterly. The world is a different place once they are in it -- more wonderful and more terrifying. On the one hand, you’re more at risk than ever before, because try as you might, you can’t control everything. On the other hand, a certain existential peace comes with the territory. You know what your purpose is, whatever the future holds.

I love disaster movies, and while I dig the Hollywood special effects, my favorite parts are always the small moments between characters, when everything inconsequential falls away and what’s left is what really matters. Which brings me to my latest film, NIGHT WAKING. The story of this film project begins with my very creative big brother, Ben Rosenbaum, a Hugo-nominated science fiction writer.


(This is Ben and me with two of my kids.)

Ben's short story, “Night Waking”, originally published in Flytrap in 2004, has always been one of my favorites. When my talented screenwriter friend Liz Maestri adapted the story into a screenplay, NIGHT WAKING the film project was born. One major change Liz made was that both parents (and therefore both leads) are now women – a key adjustment in a world in which we want to see more women’s stories and queer stories on screen. NIGHT WAKING is a female-forward science fiction short film, starring Marni Penning as ARI, Meghan McCall as MIRIAM, and Jesse Coleman as ELIJAH.




(Cast & Crew of HIDE AND SEEK)


To bring NIGHT WAKING to the screen we have brought together a talented team, many of whom worked together on my two previous films. Please read more about the talented women and men behind the camera under the "Team" tab.

We hope you come on the journey of making NIGHT WAKING with us. Please click "follow" to receive our updates along the way!




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Camera & gear

Costs $1,570

Rental: 4K camera kit w/anamorphic lens; a tripod, Dana Dolly, Movi Pro & Easy Rig.

Food for cast & crew

Costs $350

To feed our hard-working cast & crew healthy, nutritious food on set!


Costs $1,200

We're paying our cast under the SAG Short Film Agreement -- not deferring payment!


Costs $3,700

Cinematographer, 1st AC, gaffer, sound mixer, DIT, and production designer.


Costs $650

To protect our cast, crew, and equipment.


Costs $1,100

Editing, color correction and hard drives.

Sound design

Costs $300

To build the sonic world of NIGHT WAKING.

Film festival submissions

Costs $500

So our film can screen in the U.S. and abroad for live audiences.

Crowdfunding & credit card fees

Costs $450

To pay the fees associated with crowdfunding and contributions made via credit card.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

To bring NIGHT WAKING to the screen we have brought together a talented team. Women play four key creative roles: writer (Liz Maestri), director (Shoshana Rosenbaum), producer (Robin Noonan-Price) and director of photography (Nasreen Alkhateeb.)




The crew also includes collaborators from THE GOBLIN BABY and HIDE AND SEEK including Martha Karl (casting), Trystin Kier Francis (production design), Alison Bauer (art director), Nyles Lannon (composer), Kathi Overton (sound), Karen Rosenbaum (graphic design); as well as Brigid McCormick (1st AC), Anne Saul (gaffer), and Jason Lobe (DIT/editor). And let's not forget author of our source material and creative advisor Ben Rosenbaum. 





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