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STRUGGLE. SISTERHOOD. STAND-UP. The show follows Jojo, an aspiring comedian, who traded in small town for South Central. However, when Jojo randomly quits her job to pursue comedy full-time she's forced to confront her roommate/best friend, her bank account, and her excuses.

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Mission Statement

The entire team in front of and behind the camera is made up of people of color. Our goal with this show is to portray authentic stories that will highlight real struggles for those pursuing their dreams in communities of color.

The Story


NO MORE COMICS IN LA is a think piece on which sacrifices are worthy of your dream and which just put you closer to a one-way ticket back to your Mama's couch. The show follows Jojo, an aspiring comedian, who traded in small town for South Central. However, when Jojo randomly quits her job to pursue comedy full-time she's forced to confront her roommate/best friend, her bank account and her excuses. As comedy forces Jojo to navigate through her truth, it brings her face to face with her sexuality, friendships, and finances.  She quickly learns living in Los Angeles as a comic isn't cute when you're broke and "making it" is an insane journey of trial and error...but she gets by with a little help from her friends.



Based off real and current events, Jojo navigates the new and unfamiliar comedy scene of L.A. and discovers who she is and who she wants to become in the process. 



We've been able to shoot two episodes out of pocket and although that's been an amazing feat, we need your help!  We have 8 more episodes to go in order to reach our goal of 10 for the first season and per our video below, we'd love for you to learn more and be a part of it.



Depending on the amount you pledge you are also able to receive merch as seen on



All the funds go strictly back into the things needed to continue production for the show: equipment, crew, post-production, set design, marketing, catering, and locations. In case we haven't said it enough, THANK YOU for checking us out.  We hope you take part in the journey!





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Costs $2,500

We need cool locations for our episodes.


Costs $6,000

We need the best camera equipment to create quality episodes.


Costs $5,000

To keep our cast and crew energized!


Costs $1,500

So we can get our cast, crew, and equipment to set! Plus gas!


Costs $2,500

To keep us covered in case of an accident.


Costs $2,500

An important aspect for all episodes!

Hair & Make Up

Costs $2,000

To get our cast camera ready!


Costs $2,000

Providing our cast with the necessary wardrobe for their part!


Costs $3,500

We need to put together the episodes once they are filmed!


Costs $5,500

Assistant directors, production design... We want to make sure our crew is equally paid


Costs $1,500

The most forgetful part of post production...Color grading. We don't forget!

Grip Truck

Costs $3,000

To make the show look great we need a bunch of stuff like lights and stands


Costs $1,500

No show is complete without a soundtrack to enhance the mood and the storyline.


Costs $4,400

We have to make it look right, and for that, we will need lights!

About This Team

With a little help from our friends, our seed got some water. We realized we all see a little bit of ourselves in this project, which fueled the passion.  But as our momentum grew, we began to recognize we can't do it alone.


Enter these guys:




My name is Jonica T Gibbs, however, most of my friends call me Jojo, so you too can call me JoJo. :) I was born and raised in the south, Gaffney, South Carolina to be exact. However, I had the audacity to bring my country ass to Los Angeles to pursue the unpredictable and often times scary journey to becoming a professional comedian and actress. Through faith, perseverance and the help of A LOT of family and friends I have made it this far, and am so excited to share my journey with you. Thank you for your support of No More Comics in LA. This is going to be a fun ride, and we're so grateful that you're coming along with us.




Rashonda Joplin is from the two up-two down--the one and only, Virginia.  She went to UNC-Chapel Hill for undergrad where she met Jojo Gibbs--she went on to room with Jojo in Savannah while she attended Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) for her Masters.  She's a development executive, but also one of the Co-Creators and Executive Producer of No More Comics in LA.  Her goal is to be an impactful part of the movement that's putting more people of color on screens, behind the camera, and in the writers' rooms--doing it for the culture. 



I'm Tristan Taylor, first I'd like to say "I AM THE BEYONCE OF THE GROUP." I'm from St. Louis. Mo (THE LOU). I attended Saint Louis University for marketing and business. After graduating I decided that a life in business would be wack, and attended Savannah College of Art and Design for film and tv instead. While there, I met Domo, RJ, and Jojo. After graduation, I moved to LA to pursue film. Finally being able to create something with my friends, that will be completely ours, and of our own merit is extremely exciting. 



Adam Simms is a writer/producer/director from Silver Spring, Maryland and a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University. Since moving to Los Angeles 4 years ago, I've covered many different levels of the production but never felt fulfilled until I picked up my camera.  As a visual storyteller, through photography and directing, I have been able to become express myself as an artist.  Life is amazing and even better when you have a creative force of friends on your side thus making this next phase of artistry even better.  I’m a director, producer, and photographer for NMCILA, SimmsCityActivity.




I’m Kiare Thompson, born and raised in Sacramento, Ca. Attended Grambling State University for undergrad and attended A&T for a semester of graduate school. Dropped out and decided to move to LA to chase something. Linked up with homies and began creating content. Professional lifer.



Kyle Leverett is from Detriot, Michigan. A graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technicals State University and alum of The Emma Bowen Foundation. He has worked for HBO, ABC and FOX animation. Currently an Executive Producer for No More Comics In LA.




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