Normally Mormon

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Jordan Van Clief

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NM is a witty dramedy about a woman who’s taught that life is giving everything for her husband & community. What happens if it’s taken away; what do you have for yourself? We hope to spark productive conversation about loss, women, religion & queer visibility. A relatable, adult coming of age.

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Mission Statement

NM is about a woman finding her voice in a male dominated world. A man coming to terms with his sexuality after a life of believing it to be a sin. It’s about isolation & where we find community. Female-helmed, this picture will reflect equality in cast & crew, w/o disrespect to the LDS religion.

The Story



As a woman who grew up in a loving, albeit more strict, LDS community Abby had her whole life planned for her. As a girl she sang songs about her future children. As a teen she named them. As an adult she, well... 

Now, in what's been described as “the better part of her 20’s,” Abby's life and marriage to Braxton are starting to feel extremely late. She’s filled her time with youth group activities and being the perfect member of the community, but her lack of children seems to have sparked something in her. 

On the night of her 6th wedding anniversary, it seems like the mood is set to go for the gold plates, only to have a confession from Braxton upheaval the world around her and send her down a much needed path of inner, outer & higher, reflection. 

Normally Mormon is about seeing things through a new lens, even when forced. An adult coming of age gripped with the poignant message of owning oneself.



Women have received the raw end of the deal. Through history and right up to now; but we are starting to see powerful, strong women rightfully demanding opportunity to show they are entirely equal to other genders. This is and has been a long and challenging road, but also an incredible one for people are starting to finally see just a sliver of what women have had to offer this entire time, had society let them. 

This film is a part of this journey as the lead character Abby, starts to discover her own path and position in this world.  Visibility is important. And it doesn’t stop with women in this film, but also queer visibility.  Braxton is a man struggling with his sexuality, faith and beliefs since childhood. Now more than ever we need to continue these discussions.


We choose the background of the LDS community, not as an attack but as a chance to open the doors to conversation. Religion is a big part of a majority of peoples lives and it has some wonderful pros. But it also has its cons.  Cons that can be discussed in an open manner to hopefully reach a more understanding, equal and visible society.  

In the more stark percentage of this community it is patriarchal, predominately white, and reletively unsupportive of its LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. We hope to continue and encourage the type of work like the LoveLoud Foundation who’s message is “Ignite the vital conversation about what it means to unconditionally love, understand, support, accept and celebrate our LGBTQ+ friends and family.”


This is in no way meant to be an attack or disrepect to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints or any religion.                 



Currently in Pre-Production, with a registered script. In the people department has its two leads cast, a talented editor locked and discussions started with a few directors and directors of photography. With locations being scouted, and production moving along, they are set to finish up preproduction meetings in April and on the road to production, and post. 


After the hardwork of post production, the final product - the finished film, will be ready to hit the festival circuit pavement beginning next year! We hope to join it along the way, opening up discussion along the way. 





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Locations & Permits

Costs $1,700

It's not cheap to film in a church and outside a temple, so praise be.

Props & Wardrobe

Costs $400

Keeping the film cohesive in tone and styling are props and wardrobe.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Original Posters & Logo; Publicity

Costs $400

To start buzz about the film is publicity. Hiring professionals to make visuals is key.

Director of Photography & Equipment

Costs $1,500

The eye of the film, getting a good DP & the proper equipment to do their job is a top priority.

Cast & Crew

Costs $1,000

Camera Operator, Gaffer, 1st AD, Sound, Hair/Make up, Wardrobe, Script Supervisor, & thats not all!

Craft Services

Costs $500

Hard working people need to replenish for long working days. No one deserves to be hangry!

Editor & Colorist

Costs $1,500

A film is only as good as its editor and for that, we need to hire one worth their weight in gold.

Composer & Sound Mixing

Costs $500

Music makes the film go round! Mixing it properly with sound effects, dialogue, etc; is important.

Film Festivals

Costs $500

To spread this message and get to the film's discussions, film festivals are the way.

About This Team

Tyler and Jordan have been acting together since 2016 after connecting in a Lesly Kahn acting intensive. Finding chemistry in career and friendship led to writing and producing together shortly there after. They've colaborated on countless project together, including: 


The Tooth Fairies (an award winning web series)

Failure is an Option (an award winning short)

Helter-Sheltered (a sitcom pilot currently in development)


Normally Mormon is the most ambitious project they are tackling to date, hoping to create and spread this beautiful short; with the potential to show as proof of concept for funding to make into an independent feature dramedy. 

Current Team