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'Now Hear This' is a snappy comedy about a group of besieged journalists at a small-time digital media company in possession of compromising material on the 45th President.

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Mission Statement

The Now Hear This team advocates for conscious casting and equal representation. We specifically sought out actors and crew of all ethnicities and gender expressions regardless of their age, race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, or ability. Cast, crew, and production is predominantly female.

The Story


"Now Hear This" is about a small time digital news company contending with the incoming Trump Administration. "Oh no!", you may be thinking, "I don't dabble in 'Political Films'". Well, if you've ever watched The Lion King, you do.



Comedy's made a comeback. (Who actually remembers laughing during the Obama Presidency?) It is born out of suffering, it seems. In this time and place, relentless alerts, breaking stories, tweet storms; humor seems to be the only levity. Humor and meditation. Okay, humor, meditation, and a 1.5L bottle of wine. 


'Now Hear This', I wrote, with a little of all three. Drinking while meditating, and most always, the need for laughter. It's been a master class in turning anger into motivation, sadness into joy, frustration into breakthroughs. And for the journalists! I always associated journalism with Democracy. And like all good things Democratic, it needs to be protected. So I thought, let's combine the two?


Journalism (the total urgency for it), and laughter. 

- Zach Stephens Writer


Making films are not cheap, but we carefully calculated the costs to help us meet the minimum requirements to get this baby made! We firmly believe that everyone be fairly and equally compensated for their time and work. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to contribute. All contributions will go directly into production costs. We could not make this is film with out you. 


Thank you,

Habitat Production Co.


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For principal actors, background actors and all associated fees for SAG-AFTRA and nonunion talent.


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We have found the perfect office space offered at a very low price!

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With 3 long days of filming we are going to have to keep that creative energy going!

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So we can share our story with a wide audience!

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Habitat Production Co. is a group of diverse, like-minded artists working to create high quality content that is utlimatley cathartic, entertaining and reflective of the world we live in.


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