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Thomas Macias

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Immigrants from Latin America make their way to the United States only to be confronted by discriminatory remarks and policies that make them feel unwelcome. But Latinos only come to the U.S. for one reason: to search for a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

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Mission Statement

We hope to interrupt the cycle of racism with this film by empowering descendants of immigrants through the lens of a Latino family by revealing their physical and internal struggles. We strive for inclusion with our main crew consisting of people & women of color.

The Story


In 1969, Alejandro and Severa Mercado decided that in order to have a better life, they have to leave Mexico and head to the United States. In 1971, Alejandro acquired fake passports to cross the border in Tijuana. As they voyage toward their new home, the family is broken up and separated the moment they cross the border. It is up to Alejandro to journey back and rescue the two people who matter the most in his life.


My grandparent’s journey to the United States is a story I’ve become dedicately passionate about. I care deeply about my grandparents as they have always been supportive of my choices in life. My grandfather always tells me to never give up and to always keep on pushing because if I do, I’ll get to where I want to be. That is Nuestro Camino. A story about a man who never gave up. He wanted to reunite with his family and did with all the obstacles he faced. Nothing stopped him from reaching his goal and being reunited with his loved ones. Nuestro Camino is an anthem to all people, past and present who follow their dreams and reach their goals.

Latinos are present and we’re here to stay.



Creating a film takes dedication, passion, and funds. Your contribution gives us the ability to make our film by funding the location permits, feeding the crew, in renting the camera, lights, insurance, transportation, and much more. You give us the ability to make our unique vision come true on the big screen. Your contribution will help craft a genuine, unique, and timeless film.




It takes a village to make a film and we can't do it without your help! There are many things we need in order to make this film, if you don’t have the financial ability to contribute there are many other ways to help support our film. Please share our page through social media or talk to your friends and family about this project. If you’d like to donate any service or good, it’ll help us out in the long run as well. We have a lot we need to do in order for this project to become successful. We can’t do it without you.



We want to show our appreciation for your support and by contributing to our film, you have the opportunity to recieve a variety of perks. Some of the special perks include a personalized social media Shout Out, a special "Thank You" in the credits, an inviation to the premiere, to come enjoy a wonderful home-cooked meal by the lovely Severa herself, whom the film is based upon, to be an Executive Producer, and to even act in the film itself! 



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We need location and insurance money to ensure our crew and equipment are safe.


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Our project is made up of a diverse group of talented people. We need funds to support them.


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Can't have the film crew working on an empty stomach.


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We need to publicize our project so that more people could see the story we are trying to tell.

Hard Drives

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We need space to capture the stories being told.


Costs $2,000

We need to license music to compliment our authentic stories with music from the culture.


Costs $2,000

We want to ensure we capture the scenery accurately and with quality.


Costs $2,500

We need to edit the picture together to produce the final product!

Camera Rentals

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We need to rent high quality cameras from a professional studio to present best image of our story.

About This Team

Thomas Macias was born and raised in Perris, California. In high school he knew that in order to pursue his passion of filmmaking he was going to need to leave the small city of Perris and head towards the big city of Los Angeles. Thomas will be earning his B.A. in Film Production from California State University, Northridge in May 2019.


One of his short films: “A Tiempo” did very well in the film festival circuit. A couple of the festivals it screened at were Burbank International Film Festival, Pasadena International Film Festival, Long Beach Indie, Oklahoma Cine Latino, and Premios Latino in Marbella, Spain where Thomas took home the prize for Best Director in a short film.


Thomas is drawn to tell stories about characters the media doesn’t pay attention to. He is not afraid to showcase diversity in his films.


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