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OBJECTS is the story of a talented young actress and her abusive acting teacher, a former child star. Written for our leads, Zachary Guttman & Hui-Shurn Yong, this film was made to showcase the talents of immigrant actors.

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Mission Statement

Both of our leads & several supporting cast are immigrant actors fighting for/ having just gotten an 01 Artist Visa. Our team wrote, developed, and produced this film out of pocket to celebrate & share the talents of these artists. "Objects" is the first in a hopeful series for immigrant actors.

The Story

"Now I'm being ridiculous. I'm the idiot.

I'm the idiot for believing him again.

I'm the one making his words come true."



A promising young actress, Jenny, incurs the ire of her acting teacher, a former child star with "three Emmy nominations before 18" and a big chip on his shoulder. 





In class, Matty's abusive tactics chip away at her confidence, but her resolve to learn and grow as an artist keep her unwavering... for now. 




"A world where his words are true? You know, this is just not a world worth living in."




At home, Matty's personal life highlights just how much of an influence his career-making turn on "Boy of the House" had on his relationships and psyche. 




Meanwhile, Jenny struggles with an internal battle between her dedication to her craft and the bubbling anger in Matty's class. 





When unwanted advances have Jenny reaching a boiling point, she can't stand to be powerless any longer. 







Producer's Note: 




Thank you for visiting our project page!


While we love the story of Objects (and who doesn't love a gender-driven thriller?!), we wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the backstory of Objects


This film is a passion project made to celebrate and showcase the talents of immigrant actors. 

Our cast members represent pockets of the world from Malaysia to Canada and Brazil to South Africa!

And they are some of our dearest friends and collaborators.





What you may not know about actors working for or with an 01 Artist Visa is that the visa is only half the battle! Hiring immigrant actors requires slightly (truly only slightly) more paperwork that many people want to avoid, leaving these performers without the opportunities to book professional work that showcases their abilities.


That's where Objects comes in. Our cast and crew come from prestigious institutions such as Sarah Lawrence University, Columbia University, and Atlantic Acting School. We have wonderful credits and are growing as a community of artists. And that is why we come together to make the films that matter to us. 


Objects is currently in post-production, seeking funds for color correction, sound design, festival fees, marketing, and, importantly, paying our artists for their work!




We see the talents of these performers on a daily basis, and now it's time to share their work with you!


As filmmakers, we hope Objects is only the first of many films we make that showcase similarly underrepresented actors. 




The Objects Team


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Cash Pledge

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Sound Design and Mixing

Costs $2,500

Sound design is a key element in telling this story!

Talent and Crew Rates

Costs $2,000

"Objects" has been a lovingly pro-bono effort on all parts thus far; we'd like to pay our artists!

Color and Picture

Costs $2,500

As Will Smith says in "Men In Black:" "I make this look good" Thanks, Color Correction!

Festival Costs- Fees and Applications

Costs $1,000

We've got to get this film out there! Before the festivals come the application and festival fees!

About This Team

Why this team?

Objects was written specifically for our lead actors, Hui-Shurn Yong and Zac Guttman after writer/producer Gabriel Barreto saw them in an Atlantic Acting School production of A Perfect Wedding . 

What's more, they are both immigrant actors working in New York on 01 Artist Visas, as are two other members of the cast.


A community of supportive and inclusive artists fills out the rest of this team. Having worked together on several other projects, we came together for Objects on almost no budget and as a labor of love. 


Hire These People!


Hui-Shurn Yong (Actor) is a proud Malaysian living in New York! She began her journey in the theater world as a stage manager and quickly realized that acting was and always has been her ultimate passion.

She dreams of opening a production company in Malaysia that contributes to the arts industry and supports local talent. 


Zac Guttman (Actor/Producer)  moved to New York City in 2013 from the far and exotic land of ...Montreal, Canada. Zach graduated from The Dome Theatre program in Montreal as well as from Atlantic Acting School,  founded by William H. Macy and David Mamet. Zach spends his time teaching kickboxing and trying to recreate the perfect poutine to share with his American friends. 



Rob Leo Roy (Actor)

Shay Bares (Actor)

Yarin Brosh (Actor)


Rohil Aniruth (Actor)

Ace Reyes (Actor)
Cooper Hall (Actor)
Nicole Cortolano (Actor)


Gabriel Barreto (Writer, Producer, Editor, Composer) graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a BA in Screenwriting and Film Theory. He met Eliot Routh, his partner on this film (and others) while studying at FAMU in Prague, CZ. The son of a Brazilian filmmaker and an American actress, Gabriel has developed a smattering of projects ranging from shorts and music videos to his first feature film. He is dedicated to this community of artists and to nurturing the work of his international friends and family. 


Eliot Routh (Director)  studied filmmaking at Sarah Lawrence College, Prague’s FAMU academy, and currently attends the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College. He has collaborated on numerous short, narrative, and experimental films.


Hannah Kloepfer (Producer) is a Buffalo-born, NYC-based producer, actor, and writer. Having recently wrapped as Michelle in Cinestone Pictures’ upcoming Noise and Color, she is currently co-producing a feature My Cricket and Me with many of the wonderful talents found here on Objects! A graduate of Columbia University, Hannah currently works as a writer's assistant and producer of digital content as well as various concert and cabaret series around New York.

Hannah has continued her training at HB Studio, Atlantic Acting School, and with Bob Krakower.

Kevin Dynia  (Director of Photography)

Andrew Jiang (Set Sound)

Al Holm (Set Sound)

Evelyn Ziropoulos (Makeup)

Janicza Bravo and Brett Gelman for their film LEMON that inspired OBJECTS.


Current Team