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Shelby Wyant

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We're a team of horror super fans ready to bring a Stephen King gem to life. Our film will juxtapose modern SFX effects and film techniques with the essence of the America King wrote about. We're committed to pushing the envelope and providing quality scares for our viewers!

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Mission Statement

For the last two years, many of our cast and crew dealt with immense loss. Without stability, our cast and crew were unable to create their art. Our vision is that 13th Floor Productions will be more than a production company, but a vessel to allow creators to heal and begin creating art again.

The Story

Join us as we adapt a hidden gem from the master of horror, Stephen King! 

After escaping his rural hometown, a man finds himself confronted with the stark realization that history always repeats itself. 

Adam, a down-on-his-luck college professor, is hitchhiking through Maine when he is forced to find shelter from a summer downpour. When he takes a seat at a roadhouse bar, an eerily familiar woman entices Adam to accompany her on her path for vengeance. 

Adapted from Stephen King's short story "Nona", October Roses explores the strength of the ties that bind. 

The look for this film is inspired by other dark, gritty thrillers including Dan Gilroy's Nightcrawler, David Fincher's Gone Girl and Denis Villeneuve's Prisoners

We are excited to be filming all scenes in the Mansfield, OH area! 

Stephen King began the Dollar Baby program in the late 1970's. Under this program, student and independent filmmakers can apply for the rights to adapt a King story. For more information, please visit: https://stephenking.com/dollar-baby/

We combed through each available story offered through the Dollar Baby program and despite being inspired by many, "Nona" was a clear favorite. It was almost as if we knew Adam by the end of the story, and we felt confident in our ability to bring him to life on screen. We urge you to check out "Nona", first published in King's anthology Shadows and later published in the 1985 collection Skeleton Key

While it was important for us to capture the essence of King's writing - you know the one we search for everytime we crack open a new horror novel - we needed to make this film our own. Our film expands on King's Nona character by constructing her backstory and investigating her motives. In addition, our film makes full use of multiple timelines - allowing viewers to know Adam as he was before Nona and as he is after. 

Our team is made of life-long horror fanatics and Constant Readers (if you know, you know!). We've spent much of the last two years cooped up reading, watching, writing and dreaming of being back on set. We are incredibly excited to finally be back together bringing you disgusting, disturbing and badass content. 

We consider it a lifelong dream to adapt a work written by the master of horror, and we are thrilled to be joined by another horror icon - Robert Kurtzman

For over three decades, Robert Kurtzman has been a staple in the world of genre filmmaking - through writing, directing, producing and most notably - absolutely terrifying special effects make-up. 

Kurtzman's portfolio is vast, ranging from Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, franchises and television series. Recently Kurtzman's work can be seen in The Haunting of Hill House, Dr. Sleep, Cherry, Secret Headquarters, The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey and the brand new Netflix series First Kill. 

Our team is led by director Brandon Lazenko. Lazenko is carving a name for himself in the horror/thriller genre. His latest film, A Serpent by the Nest, is a gritty thriller/noir exploring the horrific reality of human trafficking. This film was honored as Best Thriller at Paris Film Festival and has earned Lazenko numerous directorial awards.  

Adam will be played by Matthew Weitz, an up-and-coming actor and filmmaker. For insight on Weitz's talent, please check out Tyler Pina's 88 Cents. Weitz earned 9 Best Lead Actor awards for his performance in 88 cents (and had ZERO lines of dialogue!). 

Please visit our team page to meet the rest of our amazing cast and crew!

As a horror fan, we're sure you've watched a myriad of Stephen King adaptations - from the blockbusters to the made-for-TV versions. We're also willing to bet you've been a little starved for new horror after the slowdown in production due to the pandemic. We are beyond ready to be back on set and bringing fresh horror to your screens!

We've all seen the devastation caused by the pandemic over the past two years and we recognize that many local artists, filmmakers and students have not had the opportunity to create. We are committed to collaborating with as many filmmakers in our community to provide the opportunity for budding artists to have the opportunity to be back on set and gaining experience with industry professionals. 

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 in our community and will take all precautions recommended by health authorities. 

One of the stipulations of the Dollar Baby program is that we are unable to profit from this film. We considered this a small price to pay for the opportunity of a lifetime. Although our cast and crew are joining the film because they love the artistic vision and want to tell this story, we firmly believe in adequately compensating our team. 

Our final budget for the film is $60,000. This budget allows us to rent what we can, purchase what we can't and take care of our crew. We will apply stretch goals once our Seed and Spark goal is met, so please share and continue to join our campaign as we reach our goals! 

October Roses will act as a competition piece for some of the biggest genre festivals in the world such as Shriekfest, Fantasia International Film Festival, and the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Festivals are incredibly important to us - not only to share our film with a wider audience, but to allow us to network with other filmmakers and spread the word about the Dollar Baby program. 

We love festivals so much, we want to offer our higher tier sponsors the chance to attend festivals with us and earn trophies! Walk down the red carpet like you always dreamed of and top it off with dinner with us! Don't be deterred by our main characters, we are great dinner guests! 


We are wrapping up pre-production and will begin filming late summer 2022. We have a badass story, an awesome crew, a clear vision - the missing piece is YOU!

By joining our campaign, you're ensuring we are able to provide necessities for our cast and crew to make production as seamless as possible. Additionally, you are helping us provide career building and potentially life-changing opportunities for local filmmakers! 

We are excited for you to join us on this journey and to work together toward creating a terrifying film! Please join our Seed & Spark campaign. Once our goals are met, we will institute stretch goals. Our stretch goals will allow us to expand our team, add extra days of filming, and cover additional festival submissions. 

If you love horror movies and are excited to be involved in the making of this film, PLEASE SHARE! Tell your friends, tell your coworkers, tell everyone you know - even share it in that really annoying group chat you somehow got added to! 

Our social media accounts are a great way to stay updated on the progress of the film. Stop by and say hi and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Don't forget to hit the follow button on this page as well - it helps us expand our audience!

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About This Team

Meet our team! 

Our crew consists of Ohio-based filmmakers who love horror! Most of our team are graduates of Kent State University where we collaborated on student films. We are excited to be back together as professional filmmakers to fill your screens with screams! 

October Roses is executively produced by horror icon and fellow Ohio native, Robert Kurtzman. Kurtzman is known for his terrifying work on films and shows such as "From Dusk till Dawn", "Wishmaster", and "The Haunting of Hill House". This is not Kurtzman's first time working with a Stephen King story; he has worked on "Misery", "Gerald's Game", "Doctor Sleep" and "Children of the Corn". Kurtzman will also be makeup and special effects artist for "October Roses". 

We are also very excited to be joined by director, Brandon Lazenko, and director of photography, Matthew Petrunak. The two have collaborated on numerous projects including "The Servant", currently in post-production and award-winning short film "A Serpent by the Nest".

Meet our cast!

Current Team