Of A Grateful Nation

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Drama, War

Adam J Reeb

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We are making a dramatic/psychological short film that shows the often life-ending dilemma many veterans face everyday. If we can stop one from committing suicide, we have a chance to stop them all if we simply speak up and speak out together. Let our heroes know that they are not alone.

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The Story

Of A Grateful Nation...

You can only see so much when watching a documentary. We will be filming a narrative dramatic film inspired by stories and first hand accounts of living with PTSD. 


The pain and angst of demise, and the downward spiral of PTSD, is often dismissed by the masses because it is a path walked alone. No one is present to witness the internal battle. No one is there when it happens. No one is around to beg someone to stop.


Of a Grateful Nation... puts the reality of veteran suicides, and the throes of PTSD, to the forefront of the American mind. Of a Grateful Nation is about a man- once a hero, and now a broken spirit- spiral out of control. Self-medicating with prescription pills and alcohol, a young man- back from a world of war- is unable to cope with a time of peace. He is alone, drugged, drunk, and armed. No one is with him. No one is there to stop him. He is left feeling the abandonment and true separation from the people and the nation he served. This is the reality that an average of 22 veterans face every day; the reality that Of A Grateful Nation... forces the world to see.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Camera Drone

Costs $1,000

We will be able to better tell this story for you with the shots we will be able to get.

Monitors - External Monitors

Costs $1,000

With limited space on our set location, our director needs to be able to work from a distance. These monitors will help accomplish that.

Hard Drive

Costs $200

With the amount of footage we may and will collect, we need as much possible storage for it. With a large capacity hard drive, we will.

Travel to set.

Costs $800

We will need to be able to travel back a forth from our homes to the set. We estimate this will cost $80 a day over the course of 6-10 days.

Actor Rates

Costs $1,000

We wouldn't be able to make this film without our talent.

Production Insurance

Costs $2,500

We must protect what is dear to us. With production insurance we will be able to do just that.

Crew Daily Rates

Costs $1,500

Our crew is small but we would still like to be able to pay them something for their time and dedication.

Craft Services

Costs $600

We need sustenance!

Distribution Costs

Costs $400

We will need to be able to have the money to send you all your incentives.

Location Rental Fee

Costs $1,000

This rental cost will cover the duration of the entire shoot. There are scenes that will be shot in a job environment that we need to rent.


Costs $1,000

The film must be finished. Cant do it with out our editor.

Composer, Music Licensing

Costs $1,000

A good film must have a good score and music.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Jonathan Ball, Writer

Jon has been writing since he was 15 years old. He has published several novels. In 2003 Jon joined the Marine Corps. His writing is his muse and he loves it. He and Adam were introduced in 2011 through a mutual friend. Ever since then they have been bouncing ideas and stories off eachother.


Ryan Hamlin, Cinematographer

Ryan Hamlin is a cinematographer based in Raleigh NC, where he lives with his wife and daughter. He met Adam Reeb in film school, and they soon began working together. Ryan has worked on several films in various roles, and he is excited to bring his skills in cinematography, editing, and music to this important project.


Adam J. Reeb, Director

Adam has been into films and filmmaking since he was a child. Growing up in both, West Virginia and Texas, Adam has been exposed to a plethora of film settings and oppourtunities. Nothing makes him happier than watching a movie or planning one out. It has always been his dream to make films. He is a veteran of the US Navy.

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