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Do you want to see a story about a woman wandering into Portland who has been around since the dawn of humankind? Want to take a ride through historical fiction and discussions that deal with the unbearable weight of human existence? Then throw your dollas this way, henny!

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Mission Statement

Oniphron features a Black female lead. Mykee also represents his own bisexuality in Connor as well as other LGBTQI characters within the story. With a diverse cast, the film's subjects naturally are led to thoughtful discussions regarding race, sex, and history.

The Story


My name is Mykee Steen. I'm an actor turned auteur. After auditioning for several projects that didn't inspire me to create art, I decided to create art to get inspired. Where I once looked to the Film Industry for the films I wanted to see, I now am working hard to be the filmmaker I was looking for all along.
Since childhood, random characters and stories would pop into my head. I used to act them out on the playground as my first draft (And I still do sometimes, but only at night when no children are around). As soon as I picked up a writing utensil, I began filling notebooks with ideas. One such idea was about a woman named Oniphron.



Oniphron is a unique character that has experienced the most decadent of pleasures and the most calamitous of pains. While witnessing the peak of empires and the disappearance of entire cultures, Oniphron has done it all, except die. This film explores the strain of a woman's spirit who knows everything there is to know, save for a way to find peace.


We are raising these funds to make a film, plain and simple. However, making this film helps prove that, with enough effort and resources, artists anywhere can bring their visions to life—not just those living in industry hot-spots. We seek to support the global artistic community with our own contributions, and we hope that you will join us.



So far about half of the budget has been raised from private donors, which is why this campaign is only asking for $7,500 to meet the overall budget of $13,400. We have a great cast and crew that are willing to work diligently on this project. The funds raised will ensure they are compensated and the project is produced successfully.

Your contribution will employ artists to craft a film you won't want to miss. They will be paid for their long days on set and they will be fed. The actors won’t have to wear their own clothes as costumes, and the production will be able to shoot in locations that are pivotal to the storytelling.

Any funds that exceed the goal will expedite the editing process and help cover submission fees for festivals (which really add up). Along with the satisfaction that you helped us pour undivided love and attention into this film, you will receive some fantastic perks.


This film is a deep look into the psyche of a human who keeps trying to distance herself from being human, from living in reality, because the weight of the world has bore down on her for so long. This film is about uplifting a person that has every reason to give up, to not feel, to not care. Try as we might to use escapism to exist in a vacuum, our bodies remain in the world and affect it through action and inaction. If you want to see a superhuman film like none before where the heroine battles the villains of self-doubt, guilt and nihilism, then come through Mama!


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Costs $3,170

Help create an environment where our actors can focus on their craft and bring Oniphron life!

Chinese Garden Rental

Costs $400

This location rental is important for a scene pivotal to the story.


Costs $3,930

With the proper funds our crew can commit themselves to crafting this film for you!

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About This Team

Zee Tompkins


Zee has over 10 years of professional experience and has spent the last three and half of her career in the Portland scene. Zee spent the summer of 2017 studying at the Manhattan Film Institute under heavy-hitters such as Joe Pantaliano.

When Zee first read the script for Oniphron, her heart began to race and she knew she was meant for this role. From Oni's strong presence to her guarded heart, Zee could relate. Zee was elated to be chosen to bring Oniphron to life, and she is ready to plunge into this character's story.





Akiva Henig


Akiva did cinematography/lighting design for the concept trailer of Oniphron. He is an active cinematographer/director in the Portland scene.




Betty Alcaraz

Sound Design

Betty worked with Mykee on the set of Dizzy Pursuit, a film executive produced by the Russo Brothers. She also did sound for the concept trailer of Oniphron.





Travis Brown


Travis worked with Mykee on Dizzy Pursuit as well. He is a fellow auteur working to create quality film in the Portland scene. Travis was gaffer for the concept trailer for Oniphron.






Adam Badlotto


Adam filmed/edited Mykee's short film Ghostwriter. He is a multi-faceted/award-winning filmmaker. He has offered to score Oniphron upon its completion.




Mykee Steen


Mykee has been working in film in positions from actor to script supervisor for several years now. His time on set, including the production of his own projects, has prepared him for the endeavor of his first feature film.



Current Team