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Katie Patterson

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This film shows that anyone can become a victim of stalking and it can happen for any reason at all.

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Mission Statement

Our team consists of mainly women who have a deep love for the horror genre. When it comes to film genres, horror has some the lowest percentages when it comes to women working on the set. We want to prove that not only can women write/produce horror films, but we can rock at it as well.

The Story




Only You is a cautionary tale about the dynamics of stalking pulled from the experiences of thousands of men and women around the world.


Originally, only one scene was written for a demo reel. But when Katie Patterson showed it to her friend (and now producer) Savvy Jaye, she said: "It would make an interesting short film." For a year after that, Katie developed the simple scene into a "bat s**t crazy" short film. And now, we're so ready to bring this baby to life.

After we shoot in January, we plan on submitting Only You to film festivals such as Dances with Films, the Austin Film Festival, and Shriekfest Horror Film Festival.



Katie has seen first hand what stalking can do to a person. And with further research, online and watching the show Stalked: Someone’s Watching (a doc series where people tell their stories of being stalked) she realized that stalking is a very universal topic that can happen to anyone. Katie also discovered that a person didn’t have to have any kind of relationship. They could have met their stalker one time and that is what set them off. So, with this short film, we want to show that ANYONE could become a victim of stalking and it could happen for ANY reason at all.

For films to draw from, there were quite a few to choose from! Our biggest inspirations were Fatal Attraction, Misery, and just a taste of The Stepford Wives.



Katie is a former military brat who is a serious lover of all things spooky… And cats. From 2011 - 2013 she went to the New York Film Academy where she got her degree in acting. In 2014 she got her first associate producer gig working on the epic sci-fi short film, Outpost. Now she’s super excited to be producing her first horror short.


Savvy Jaye is a filmmaker, writer, and (occasionally intentional) comedian. A bi-coastal NYU Tisch graduate, she is a lifelong theater performer and lover, and creates darkly comic and surreal, live-action, and stop motion shorts. She currently makes memes (no, seriously) with America's Funniest Home Videos digital team, and continues to create and support independent, offbeat projects.


Angela is an actress/comedian and founder of JazzyAngel Productions. Angela wrote, starred and produced her short film Hidden Secrets and has been seen in HBO's Boardwalk Empire. She is excited to add Only You to her producer's belt.


William likes to consider himself someone of all trades. He's a theater actor, voice-over actor, singer, dancer, background actor; you name it, he's probably done it or at least tried it once. For at least a decade, he's done voice over for various online animations and audio dramas and he's always willing to expand his resume & repertoire. Husband to producer/writer/actor Katie Patterson, he is incredibly excited to help this horror short film come to life as an associate producer.


Making movies is NOT cheap, otherwise, we’d be doing it all by ourselves. XD


Below you can see a pie chart that breaks down where all the money we’re going to raise will be going. We also have a lovely array of perks that we totally intend to bribe you with as well. 




We are so excited and chomping at the bit to get this project up and rolling. We cannot thank you enough for, not only getting to the bottom of the page (XD), but for wanting to help bring this movie to life. You guys are truly and utterly awesome and rock our worlds in the best possible way!

See you on the other side!


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Grip and Electric

Costs $1,775

The lighting is very important to telling a story.

Sound Design

Costs $1,150

Sound is one of the 3 key qualities of doing a production.

Wardrobe, Hair, Make Up

Costs $2,090

Everyone needs to look their best.

Location, Travel, & Set Design

Costs $1,625

You know the saying. Location, location, location.

Food Services

Costs $2,500

Everyone's gotta eat.

Post Production Editing

Costs $1,250

The final stage of story telling is in the editors hands.

Sound Score

Costs $1,100

The music really helps tell the story you want to tell.

Production Insurance and other costs

Costs $3,982

We have to make sure everyone is safe on set.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Crew & Cast

Costs $6,553

In order to get a job done, you need the best people.


Costs $2,975

In order to get that perfect shot, the right camera and camera people are essential.

About This Team

The team  of awesome individuals who kick so much butt and love horror. 

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