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With a unique take on coming to terms with reality, Oopsie Daisy is a universal story that we can’t wait to share! Through the eyes of a young Jewish man in 2007, Oopsie Daisy tackles the themes of loss, anxiety, the importance of having a support system and finding friendship in unexpected places.

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Mission Statement

We are a passionate group of film students eager to show this heartfelt and bittersweet story. Set in 2007, Oopsie Daisy showcases the experience of dealing with loss. This story illustrates the importance of having a support system when dealing with the complex emotions of grief.

The Story

The Story

Oopsie Daisy follows Noah, a young Jewish man who is grieving the loss of his mother and finds comfort in bringing mistakenly stolen painted stones to her grave, but little does he know the importance these rocks hold to a young woman, Elizabeth, caring for her sick grandmother, May. Noah struggles with coming to terms with the sudden death and as a result, struggles with severe anxiety and loneliness. Similarly, Elizabeth struggles with her problems- spending time with what’s left of the grandmother she once knew through their only connection to the past: art. When Noah and Elizabeth meet unusually, they learn more about each other and form a new connection.

With this story being set in 2007, we won’t only be telling this story in a different era, but at a time before the world changed. This is a time before smartphones and social media when things were simpler. We wanted to go back to this era because it was during our youth, which was such an important part of who we are today. We are confident that we can recreate this look and hope to bring our audience members back to this period from our younger lives.

The Message

This film is about the importance of having a support system, especially when dealing with loss. Our intent for this film is to convey to our audience the complex emotions that our characters face, just like us. This story has a universal experience, which we can all relate to: loss. With this film, we want to signify these themes and immerse our audience into an experience that feels like a slice of life. Through Oopsie Daisy, we are conveying that in one of the hardest life experiences that anyone could go through, having a support system is needed, especially for one’s mental health.

The Characters

Noah (22) - An innocent and wholesome but emotionally damaged young man. Recently orphaned, he struggles to come to terms with the death of his mother on his own. As a vulnerable and guarded introvert, he keeps to himself but the feelings from his past have intensified, having become harder to hide, and are hindering his healing.

Elizabeth (22) - A lifelong people pleaser, now a workaholic who is taking personal time off, causing her anxiety. With her parents out of the picture since she was born, she was raised by her grandparents. Since taking time off, her worries about her grandmother have turned her into a feisty individual, especially when it comes to the stones that sit so close to her.

May (70) - Elizabeth’s grandmother. A sweet, older woman who enjoys the simple things of life. Selfless, gentle, and considerate she took care of her granddaughter growing up, who now takes care of her. Although she is aging rapidly she is still the same person underneath. Once an art teacher, she has a special place for creating beautiful things a bond that ties her close to Elizabeth and keeps her young if only for brief moments.

Director's Note

Dealing with grief is something we can all relate to, though each person’s story is different. For example, a sudden and unexpected loss or a slow and painful one. Sometimes we feel guilt or anger, or sometimes we feel a sense of relief when dealing with grief. Losing a loved one or an entire support system is hard, but we don’t have to cope alone. 

Oopsie Daisy explores the universality of this concept and more specifically the importance of a support system. Our characters Noah and Elizabeth come from completely different walks of life, and yet they are both feeling the same difficult emotions. They are two young adults navigating the real world for the first time, and dealing with large amounts of grief on top of that. Our inspirations for Oopsie Daisy come from works that depict these emotions and situations, such as Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird and Stephen Chbosky’s Perks of Being A Wallflower

Our Look

Through our Director of Photography:

I thought long and hard about how I wanted to capture the story of Oopsie Daisy. I ended up drawing the most inspiration from these four films as they all bring different aspects to our overall look. I feel soft lighting that can blend into the scene will amplify our story as we can focus on our deep and complex characters. Along with that, I want the film to have a certain texture to it that I think Portrait of a Lady on Fire has, along with its beautiful subdued colors that are accompanied by magnificent locations and production design. I love Manchester by the Sea for its personal camera work that highlights the actors rather than where the actors are and I feel similarly about First Reformed except it prioritized wide shots that captured both sides of a conversation while still not being afraid to have fantastic close-ups. Additionally, it used its 4:3 aspect ratio to its advantage, which is what I plan on doing too. Finally, even though it came out recently, The Holdovers had incredible winter lighting, which is what I will need to make this film look the best it possibly can. I think this blend of different film looks, along with my unique style, will make Oopsie Daisy look more than just a typical short film.

The Holdovers (2023) / Manchester by the Sea (2016) / Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) / First Reformed (2017)

Our Look

Through our Production Designer:

Our Timeline


As of November 2023, Oopsie Daisy is in the pre-production phase. We’re aiming to raise $14,000 through our crowdfunding efforts and begin moving through our production timeline. The film will be cast by January 2024, and we are currently set to start filming in late February 2024. After filming is complete and the post-production process is underway, we are pursuing a Summer 2024 release and submission of Oopsie Daisy to various film festivals. 

This campaign helps us afford the necessary things for this project to be made. It is important because crowdfunding helps us with not just production, but also pre-production, post-production, and distribution. We’re hoping to reach our crowdfunding goal and all contributions will bring us closer to that target. We need to be able to get props, professional actors, film equipment, a proper color grade, a sound mix, locations, safety equipment, and contingency in case anything goes wrong.


Oopsie Daisy’s script was originally written in the fall of 2022 by Julia, our screenwriter. From then, it has gone through many drafts and revisions to become the strong story it is now. Around the same time that the script was being written, our team was coming together. All of us have come from many different areas of filmmaking and are all dedicated to having Oopsie Daisy come to life.


Now with a solid script and a team excited to begin, we have been working day and night to fine-tune the film to be as good as it can be! In the pre-production phase, our director Kira has been working closely with Julia, who is also the film’s producer, to create a vision for the story and bring out the most important themes. Julia and our assistant director, Ryan, have been hard at work organizing this crowdfunding campaign, creating a budget for the project, and creating a timeline of production including an initial shooting schedule. Ari, our director of photography, has been brainstorming how he wants to visually portray the themes of the film, and creating his shot list for the production. Our production designer, Lexi, has been tirelessly creating a vision for how the characters, locations, and props should look and fit right into the film’s 2007 aesthetic. Nick, our sound designer, has been working hard planning how to record clean audio in the various locations we will need to be shooting in. Last but not least, our editor, Holly, has been meticulously honing her skills and deciding the style and techniques she wants to use with the final film, as well as editing projects like our test drive and crowdfunding video. Every member of the team has been giving their all to the project’s pre-production and cannot wait to scout locations, begin the audition process, and bring the project to life!


All of our pre-production has led towards our film shoot, which will be in February of 2024. Here, everything will come to life as we get our locations and design them to look like the year 2007. We’ve worked on films together to become more confident in our abilities as filmmakers by working on films such as our test drive film and our promotional video, as shown above. These films have helped and have prepared us for Oopsie Daisy, which is going to turn out amazing. If you’d like to see the behind-the-scenes of our production, some incentives will give you special access to see everything during filming!


Holly, our editor, and Ari, our assistant editor as well as Nick, our sound designer, will be going through the footage and sound to create a cut of the film. This process is very important as it requires working with a sound mixer, a professional color grader, as well as a composer for the soundtrack of our film. Around this time, Ryan and Julia will be working to make sure that supporters can receive their incentives!


Lastly, we have set aside a part of our budget to help with film festival fees. These are important because we want to establish ourselves within the industry with our film. We are planning to submit to many well-known festivals such as Sundance, SXSW, and many more. Additionally, supporters who contributed $75+ will receive a digital copy of the film.

Your Contributions

Oopsie Daisy has many crucial elements, from its 2007 production design to taking in an actual cemetery location. We are grateful for all the support that we will get. With your support, we will be able to directly cover important production costs at all stages, like locations, professional talent, festival entry fees, and many more. Your contributions will truly be what brings Oopsie Daisy to its fullest potential, and wouldn’t be possible without your help. For more info on how you can help us, check out the incentives list to see how we can show our thanks to you for contributing to this project that we care so deeply about. There you can receive movie posters, stickers, behind-the-scenes footage, custom Oopsie Daisy merch, and more!

How You Can Support

This page will fund our project from pre-production through distribution. We are confident in our abilities as filmmakers and students to bring this story to life. We appreciate all of the support that we get and with your help, we will be able to share this film with the world!

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Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $4,500

We want locations such as the cemetery and Elizabeth’s house to immerse the audience in our story!


Costs $2,800

We need to cast professional actors to bring Noah, Elizabeth, and May to life!


Costs $2,000

In order for our film to have the best visual and audio quality, we need to hire a professional colorist and sound mixer.


Costs $1,000

In case any issues arise, we are prepared with our emergency funds!

Equipment Rentals

Costs $800

We need to rent both camera and audio equipment to provide the highest quality for our film.

Production Design

Costs $900

Our scenes need to be accurate to 2007 with wardrobe and props!

Hard Drives

Costs $500

Our footage must be safe and secure with proper hard drives!

Film Festival Fees

Costs $500

We will be submitting Oopsie Daisy to film festivals, which have entry fees.


Costs $500

We must ensure our cast and crew are fed during long shooting days.


Costs $400

Our cast and crew need to get to and from our set every day!


Costs $100

We need to keep everyone on set safe with the proper equipment!

About This Team

Kira Beckerman - Director

Kira Beckerman is a Film, Television, and Media Arts major and Theater Arts minor from Holliston, Massachusetts. She is graduating in 2024 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her lifelong passion for acting, performing, and directing to tell important stories has brought her here, directing her first funded short film. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside her talented peers and professional actors to bring her ideas to life. 

Julia Merolle - Producer & Screenwriter

Julia Merolle is a Film, Television, and Media Arts major in the 3+1 accelerated dual-degree program from Harrison, New York. She is graduating in 2024 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and in 2025 with a Masters in Cinematic Production Management. Julia is also one of the Co-Presidents of the Quinnipiac Film Society, the largest film organization on campus. At QFS, she has produced and executive produced several films, including one winning a Merit Award at the WRPN Women's International Film Festival and another being named a Semi-Finalist at Flicker's Rhode Island International Film Festival. She is excited to be writing and producing this film and can’t wait for the world to see it!

Ryan Agnello - Assistant Director

Ryan Agnello is a Film, Television, and Media Arts major from Fanwood, New Jersey. He will be completing his undergraduate degree in 2024 and will earn his master’s in Cinematic Production Management in 2025. He is delighted to be Assistant Director on such an extraordinary project and can’t wait to work with such a talented group of filmmakers to bring this film to its greatest potential.

Ari Menes - Director of Photography

Ari Menes is a Film, Television, and Media Arts major from Reading, Massachusetts. He will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2024. He is passionate about cinematography, editing, and film as a whole. He hopes to be a Director of Photography as a career. He has been making movies since he was nine years old and is always motivated to improve and learn. He is so excited to capture the story of Oopsie Daisy and is excited to bring his style to the film. 

Holly Parks - Editor

Holly Parks is a Film, Television, and Media Arts major and Advertising and Public Relations minor from Plymouth, Massachusetts. She will graduate in May 2024 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Holly has always been passionate about bringing stories to life on the screen. After developing her editing technique through years of collaboration with organizations and dedicated work on personal projects, she is thrilled to utilize her skills to captivate the audience with a profoundly moving narrative.

Lexi Given - Production Designer

Lexi Given is a Film, Television, and Media Arts major from Boston, Massachusetts. She is graduating in 2024 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She’s been passionate about filmmaking since she was little and is excited to use what she’s learned throughout the years to teleport the viewers back in time. She's very excited to bring the 2007 look of the film to life!

Nicholas Gregg - Sound Designer

Nicholas Gregg is a Film, Television, and Media Arts major with a minor in History from Plymouth, Massachusetts. He will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in 2024. Movies and their wonderfully intricate sounds and scores have always interested him, and even though he didn’t start to specialize in film until he was a senior in high school he always found that stories and ideas came to him easily. Nicholas is super excited to capture and bring the sounds for this film to life!

Current Team