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When Javi is unable to be with his family he must go to extreme lengths to deliver them a gift before a monster that lurks in the woods ensnares him. Oso genre blends the family drama and supernatural horror to create an emotionally tense storytelling experience.

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Mission Statement

As a latinX filmmaker it is important for me to see people like myself represented in stories that do not necessarily fit the stereotypical mold of being latinX. Oso, in its casting, seeks to find the balance between latinX culture and the humanity that connects us all.

The Story

The Story

Oso, at its core, is about the monsters within us that seek to dismantle ourselves and our families. It has been no secret in my filmography my fascination with the family dynamic. Oso is a continuation of that exploration and analysis through the lens of a young father who is unable to be with his family due to his own misgivings and demons. In spite of the legal barries withholding Javi from his family, he risks everything to give them a gift, that he hopes will instill a favorable portrayel of himself to his daughter and ex-wife. All while facing the constant fear of being consumed by a lurking monster.


Why this Story? Why now? Why Me?

Oso is a personal story passed down through friendship. It is a tale that embodies so much of who we are as people. Who are families really are. And the complexity of familial love v. the love we neglect in ourselves. In my own life I have seen the miracles that love from a parent can bestow upon a child's life, but I have also the immense devastation of how unresolved trauma in a parent can affect the stability of a family.

I believe Oso is that line between reality and fantasy that's within us all, where demons fight for our lives. Oso tackles these demons head on through use of supernatural horror. Through that lens it allows us to empathize with someone who normally would be easily labeled a menace. In a time where menaces pop up all over the news and social media feed; it is important to find the humanity. Oso creates that humanity without judgement or condemnation. Perhaps Oso can be the voice those who feels powerless from the demons in their heads. This is why this story is important now more than ever, in an age of violence and lonlieness much like our protagonist in Javi.

My hope for the film is that people will identify with extremely complex construct of love within a family. What we are willing to do for that love? When is it vital create a separation in order to live healthy lives? And are willing to face things we fear the most for the ones we love?


The BIG Goal

This crowdfunding effort will help propel the project into completion and ready to be submitted into the festival circuit. As you can see below in the pie chart, your contributions will help faciltate not only major portions of the production but also help complete the project in it's entirety. This will begin Oso's festvial run!

This however is not the ULTIMATE goal of the film. This is first and foremost a PROOF OF CONCEPT short film for an even BIGGER project in the near future. Your collaboration on this won't simply set up the success of this film on festival run, but also the bigger story in the feature version of the script. This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey that I invite you all to take with me and it starts with your contribution and support for OSO the short film. 

I know the goal is grand, the obstacles are many, but I am passionate about the script, I am confident in the artists/technicians involed, and with your help you can make this FIRST STEP towards my first ever feature film a reality. It takes a village with belief to create the shapings of an empire. You may not see it now, but Oso and the village around it are the beginning of a cinematic empire!

Character "Looks"

These are rough concepts of what we hope the characters will physically embody. We will update all our supporters as continue further into the casting process with behind the scenes footage and announcements!

Painting Our Canvas


Lens Testing to Achive "The Look"

Oso strives to achive a very specific look and texture to express our surrealist family drama. Here cinematographer Jacob Malin and I spent a day testing various lenses and equipment to ensure every aspect of the cinematography is considered.


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Cash Pledge

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Sound Design

Costs $1,500

Nothing takes an audience out of a film more than bad sound. This will be crucial to the film


Costs $900

The finishing touches that gives the film's picture its "look" and visual "feel"


Costs $900

There is only one location. This is the stage for this short film tale.

Art Department

Costs $1,800

This department will create the unique world of Oso


Costs $1,500

It will shed light on the story and create unseen monsters

Production Insurance

Costs $900

This is pivotal for rentals, locations, and overall security for anyone and anything on this film

About This Team

Mateo Márquez - (Director/Writer)

Mateo Márquez is an award winning American-Colombian director and writer from Queens, New York City. His body of work includes narrative fiction, non-fiction, and music video content that have garnered recognition throughout the U.S and abroad. He holds a Masters in Directing from the School of Visual Arts and a BA in Film from Hunter College. He was a 2015 BAFTA Scholarship recipient and a 2019 School of Visual Arts’ Alumni Scholarship Award winner.

His short films The Invaders and The Quiet have screened at over 30 festivals worldwide including the BFI London Film Festival, Fantasia, HBO NY Latino Film Festival, and Nantes Utopiales Festival International de Science Fiction. They have also been featured on the online horror channel ALTER as well as other prominent online platforms such as Film Shortage, Beyond the Short, and Retrospective of Jupiter. 

Mateo infuses his love of genre films and traditional dramas to create an intimate visceral storytelling experience.


Natasha Soto-Albors -  (Producer)

Natasha Soto-Albors is a producer and screenwriter based in New York. She is of Puerto Rican descent and was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Natasha is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts (B.F.A. Drama). Most recently she produced a series of three narrative short films for The Juilliard School's Drama Division. STAG, a feature film written and directed by Alexandra Spieth, and produced by Natasha, will premiere in summer 2022. Additional producing credits include the BRIC TV web series “86’d” (Creator - Alexandra Spieth) as well as numerous award-winning short films including "Funeral" (Director - Leah Shore), "Cambio" (Director - Bob Giraldi) and "Ship of Fools" (Director - Mike McGuirk). Natasha's work has screened at film festivals in the U.S. and abroad including The New Orleans Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Slamdance, Sidewalk Film Festival and Sarasota Film Festival. nightsparkpictures.com


Jacob Malin - (Director of Photography)

Jacob is a New York based Director of Photography that specializes in narrative cinematography. With a background in set lighting, he combines an extensive technical knowledge of lighting and camera tech with inspiration from a wide range of world cinema to find the right look for each project. In his free time he can be found in a nearby movie theater or working on his current photo project - taking street photography-styled 35mm film photos at a local bar.


Current Team