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Through the lives of three friends, Outlandish explores identity, relationships, and the random hangups and bangups life throws at us all. Season one garnered over 180,000 views with no marketing budget, making it a hit among LGBTQ audiences.

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Mission Statement

We believe representation goes further than just seeing yourself on screen. We want to create real, human stories for people of color and the LGBT community that are both geniune, flawed and funny, because life is a mixture of all three.

The Story

It's crazy, actually. We managed to complete a 7-episode season, plus a bonus episode, with no budget. But it wasn't easy. It took us close to a year and a half to complete everything because we didn't always have the funds or the time (and we all know that time is money).


We borrowed equipment and practically begged people to come to set. We worked tirelessly with an extremely small crew of just two people. But our amazing cast believed in the project, and our audience loved our content, so we knew it was all worth it.



It's hard to ask people to work for free -- especially twice. For season two, we want to not only improve the quality of our show, but produce it right this time. We want to pay our principal actors and feed our crew, pay for marketing, up our camera game, secure nicer locations, and make the show more aesthetically pleasing overall. 


So many people binge-watched our first season (most likely when they were bored). This time around, we want to create a season that'll make you want to binge-watch it in the middle of the day at your cubicle with a desk full of paperwork, or in a study room at the student library during midterms. (The key is 'want to'; please don't do this.) We want it to be that good. And with your help, it will be.



Season 2 will feature an ensemble cast; we will explore the romantic and platonic relationships presented in the show in a deeper, longer format. Conversely, with a team of writers onboard, we plan to make the show even funnier -- because it is called 'Outlandish', afterall. 



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Production Costs

Costs $5,000

We need money for production costs, such as locations, crew, and camera equipment.

Cast & Crew

Costs $5,000

We need to be able to pay our actors and crew! Even if it's just a little!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $1,000

The secret to getting 8 episodes done? Food on set.

Festival Fees

Costs $2,000

We want to showcase all of our hard work (not just on YouTube)! :)

About This Team

We are just a bunch of 20-somethings living in Atlanta, GA trying to make our dreams happen.

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