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Dani Reyes-Acosta

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COMMON gives voice to those who believe that connection blossoms from interdependence. Inviting viewers into the dreamlike space where natural phenomena illustrate the complex human experience, COMMON teaches us to navigate our humanity in a totally new way: together.

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Mission Statement

COMMON reframes how women—particularly women of color—are portrayed in action sports media. COMMON builds community, ignites connection, and sparks hope. While its visuals and stories seek to inspire, it also poses questions, challenging us to reframe our relationship with each other and the Earth.

The Story

Together, we summit.

When women’s voices rise together, the fate of our communities changes.

In this story, we follow athlete-scientist Nina Aragon, athlete-community builder Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada, and athlete-filmmaker Dani Reyes-Acosta as they embark on a three-part snow adventure. 

We’ll see the cast’s relationships with the mountains, each other, and themselves evolve and grow. We’ll get an inside look at the women’s personal lives including the balance of family life, motherhood and mental health, and the pressures of life and sport as a professional in the white, male-dominated snow industry. We’ll witness the personal sacrifices they have to make to reach new heights.

Yet their sisterhood grounds them through it all. Their love of snow, cultural connection, and community-oriented values create the camaraderie that guides their exploration of self and the world. These women are the boundary breakers on the horizon. 

Film Subjects & Athletes

Nina Aragon

As a climate scientist leader, snowboarder, and new mother, Nina Aragon asks herself: can she have it all? How will she approach new motherhood, pursuing her PhD and balancing it with her love of the sport? 

Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada

Vanessa is an activist and snow athlete who faces the realities of being a woman of color in the white, male-dominated ski industry. How will she confront the pressures of being a sponsored skier who doesn’t fit in the typical ‘box’?

Dani Reyes-Acosta

As a filmmaker and athlete, Dani faces the challenges of being a trailblazer whose family values center caretaking, self-sacrifice, and the normalized American Dream. But when a potentially terminal illness in her family again rears its ugly head, and she gives up a winter of epic proportions, what will she have to sacrifice? 

The Journey

As these women face their own personal crossroads, they find that Mother Nature mirrors their own experiences, threatening to shatter their spirits as they push toward their dreams.

These women’s storiestold directly to the camera and while traveling through majestic snowy mountains of North Americaare a roller coaster of emotions that provide lessons on tenacity, joy, and solidarity, even when it feels like the world is crumbling.

OUTLIER: COMMON explores critical social issues, tackling themes like women’s rights, justice, and climate change.

(And YOU are reading this because you believe at least one of these items is incredibly important!)

Amplify Women’s Voices 

Behind the camera, only 20 percent of directors are women. Only 3 percent of crew members are Latina. And only 24% of all news stories about sports are written by women in the U.S.

Women are an untapped force of nature. With a Latina-Filipina Director and all-Latina cast, COMMON will be groundbreaking.

Support Representation

Representation can motivate us to try new things, connect with others, challenge negative stereotypes, and live authentically.

But film and entertainment have an underrepresentation (and misrepresentation) problem, even though media that feature Latino and Hispanic leads have outperformed other productions: for example, “Encanto, about a young Latina who has to find her own identity within her magical family, was the most streamed film in 2022.” (Forbes

There’s a mismatch in representation, too:  Even though nearly 20 percent of the US population is Hispanic/Latino (and 26 percent of those under 18 are Latinx) only 5 percent of main cast members in TV and film are Latino. And, nearly one-quarter of Latino leads are portrayed in a negative light (i.e. as drug cartel leaders, impoverished maids, and undocumented farm laborers).

Given that Hispanic purchasing power is $2.6 trillion, and Latinos are also the largest movie-going demographic, it’s time for more representation of Latinos in front of—and behind—the camera.

Connect with Mother Nature

Weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable: extreme swings in precipitation type, flooding, wildfire, extreme heat, and vector-borne illnesses will affect more than half the American population. For many outdoor lovers, this often means challenges to their daily recreation plans, but the challenges go much deeper. Shorter winters means more than disappearing glaciers or less snow: they also translate to rising food and insurance costs, increased travel danger, and weather-related job loss.

COMMON shows our interdependent relationship with nature: what happens “out there” often happens to us, too (at least metaphorically). Yet for too long, nature has been portrayed as a playground from which to extract experiences, memories, and Instagram likes. COMMON challenges this narrative with a strong message of interconnection. With 3 Latina leads at the helm of this story, this is a story of rematriation and connection to self, kin, and land.

Why? Simple: the outdoors that host our connection to nature do more than serve as a purpose for joy. 

In a world of threatened women’s rights, rising hatred, and a dying home planet, this inspirational story offers hope for tomorrow.

An Afuera Productions film, COMMON is the second episode of the OUTLIER series—which questions the role identity, community, and belonging have in our survival as a species.

The OUTLIER Backstory

From Director Dani Reyes-Acosta:

Growing up in Los Angeles and later moving to Fresno, California, I never saw women like me—Latina, Asian, or mixed—in action sports media.

Now, as a professional mountain athlete and filmmaker, my goal is to show girls—and everyone else who’s ever felt caught in-between—that being an OUTLIER can be a joyous journey of self-love, connection to others, and reconnection to the Earth herself.


OUTLIER is an episodic documentary series that explores the role of identity, community, and belonging in our survival as a species.

OUTLIER: TRUST (2022) asks us who we want to be.

In this 16-minute short, two women face down the biggest of enemies in the mountains—themselves—as they discover who they are (and who they want to be) on a rugged backcountry ski trip to SE Utah.

Shown at 13 film festivals around the world and 3 tours, TRUST will become available to the public in Spring 2024.

Episode 2 of 3, OUTLIER: COMMON (2024) follows three Latina snow athletes as they navigate life in remote mountains alongside the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature.

Episode 3 of 3, OUTLIER: GOOD (2025) embodies the pursuit of good, in all its forms.

Our Team & Major Credits / Clients

  • Dani Reyes-Acosta: Executive Producer, Director / OUTLIER: Trust (2022) & WELL WORN LIFE (2022)
  • Monica Medellin: Story Consultant / SURF GIRLF HAWAI'I (2023); Nike, The Olympic Channel. McDonald’s, Disney, Red Bull, Vans, Patagonia
  • Corey Robinson: Creative Advisor / National Geographic, Netflix, PBS, NOVA, Red Bull
  • Sam Davies, Director of Photography / Subaru, Crate & Barrel, Clif Bar, and Outdoor Gear Exchange
  • Charlotte Percle: Cinematography / Red Bull, The North Face, Outside Online, Freeride Entertainment, Teton Gravity Research, the Freeride World Tour
  • Sophia Schwartz: Production Assistant /  BEYOND THE SUMMIT (2022), and JACK OF ALL TRADES (2020).
  • Charlie (Carlos) Hernández: Sound Design /  PEAK OBSESSION (2020) and BETWEEN THE LINES (2019).
  • Len Necefer, Cinematographer / SPIRIT OF THE PEAKS (2022); PBS, Patagonia

See the Team tab to learn more about our crew of rabble-rousers.

A Platform For Growth

COMMON is more than a film: it is a Once completed, this film will give us a platform from which we can organize community-building events that deepen cultural competence, ignite meaningful connection, and spark civic action.

In 2023/2024, we piloted impact programming with screenings, educational events, panel discussions, and on-snow learning with organizations like Latino Outdoors, Vámonos Outside, Mountain Dreamers, Oso Outdoors, SOS Outreach, Adventurus Women, the Silverton Powerhouse Collective, and more.

Funding this film will allow us to pursue future programming in a community near you.

Our goal of $26,100 covers production costs to bring this film to life

Any money you pledge will go directly to paying the team working on the movie (like camera people, photographers, and assistants) and covering production expenses (like permits, food, transportation, and travel). These funds will also ensure that our athletes get paid, so they don't have to use their own money to pay their filmers (which unfortunately happens too often).

This project isn’t just about creating a beautiful film.

We are 100% in the fight to:

  • Amplify women’s voices in outdoor media,
  • Honor the land upon which we roam;
  • Uplift underrepresented athletes and filmmakers; and
  • Support equitable pay in outdoor media.

This means that we are serious about making this campaign successful, and we want you to join us in this fight. Seed&Spark (this platform) requires us to raise 80% of our goalthat’s $20,880to keep the money we raise.

If we don’t meet the $20,880 threshold, we don’t keep ANY of the money we’ve raised.

And that’s why we need YOU to help make this possible. Let's send this, all the way, together!

Visual Style & Language

OUTLIER: COMMON is a documentary short film that unfolds in the mountains. With influence from FULL MOON, SPIRIT OF THE PEAKS, YO SOY ROJO, and CYCLE OF ANCESTRY, this film marries an expository style with visual metaphors from the action sports world to illustrate three core themes:

  • Individualism vs. Collectivism
  • Culture: Evolution & Co-Creation
  • Empowerment & Agency-building

Visual Style



We try new things, share knowledge, and frame the world around us slightly differently than the norm. We’re on a journey, and showing progress is important.


Shots draw you in while remaining respectful. Vulnerability is a captivating force, yet the tension of how that space is held and created must be delicately managed.


We’re a self-aware bunch, contemplative and reflective of our perspectives while also working to create space for others. In VO, on camera, and behind, this is a key tenet of how we operate.


Here’s the joy you want to see: we bring a communally-minded approach to this work, fostering a warm and fun-loving space that breathes fresh air into weighty (“brave”?) conversations.


At our core, we are non-conformist and quirky, yet adaptable. In our cinematography, this means employing devices that spark your own sense of play and imagination.

Together, we summit.

When you support OUTLIER: COMMON, you're not just contributing to a film: you’re helping to build a movement to promote pay equity, and uplift women and marginalized voices in outdoor filmmaking. YOU are spreading a message of hope! 

Other Ways to Help

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Share Our Story

You can help bring this story to life in a few different ways:

Request a Screening

Our screenings for OUTLIER: Trust are fundraisers all by themselves—and show your community the basis of what the OUTLIER team seeks to do: demonstrate that identity, community, and belonging all play a role in the way our society evolves and how humans navigate the climate (and everyday) crisis.

If you'd like to bring OUTLIER: TRUST to your community (accompanied by an in-person or digital panel, event, or experience), please send us your details here.


Smith, Dr. Stacy L., Pieper, Dr. Katherine, and Wheeler, Sam. Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. "Inequality in 1,600 Popular Films: Examining Portrayals of Gender, Race/Ethnicity, LGBTQ & Disability from 2007 to 2022." (2023)

Lauzen, Martha M., Ph.D. "The Celluloid Ceiling: Behind-the-Scenes Employment of Women on the Top U.S. Films of 2020." (2021)


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Crew Up: Pay Our Filmers

Costs $13,650

Our filmers bring the story to life: over 10 days, we'll hire up to 4 shooters with this gift.

Crew Up: Pay the Photographers

Costs $7,200

Our photographers capture key moments with their film stills: over 10 days, we'll hire up to 2 shooters with this gift.


Costs $800

Let's play by the rules and pay our permit fees.

Lodging In Jackson Hole, WY

Costs $1

We're looking to house 3 of our team members for our shoot in March 2024.

Cash Pledge

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Feed the Crew & Cast

Costs $850

Food is fuel: from snacks we eat while in the backcountry to the dinners we prepare during production, nourish us with your gift.

Get Us There: Travel

Costs $3,600

Travel costs include expenses to arrive at the same place and expenses incurred while on production.

About This Team


Dani Reyes-Acosta: Executive Producer, Director

Dani is the creator of the OUTLIER three-part documentary series. Her work includes creative story production for Nike and narrative strategy for The North Face and Vail Resorts.

With a background in change management and brand strategy, Dani’s work combines media with action to foster community-building.

Existing at the intersection of justice, climate, and community, her work has brought her to meeting rooms in the White House, panels with Woodwell Climate Research, and advocacy with Latino Outdoors and the Hispanic Access Foundation. She directed and produced OUTLIER: TRUST (2022), Creative Consulted on WELL WORN LIFE (2022), and has creative developed stories for Nike and Red Bull.

Monica Medellin: Story Consultant

Monica Medellin is a filmmaker dedicated to expanding narratives around women and people of color in sports through media, including ahead-of-the-trend film, TV and branded content.


Monica is the creator and executive producer of Surf Girls Hawai'i on Prime Video.


She has directed, produced, filmed and edited content for companies including Nike, The Olympic Channel, Prime Video, Hello Sunshine, TOGETHXR, McDonald’s, Disney, Red Bull, Vans, Patagonia and Women’s Health, and for nonprofit organizations including the ACLU.

Corey Robinson: Creative Advisor

Corey focuses on social justice, environmental, and science stes while freelancing as a director, cinematographer, and drone pilot. 

Work for clients like National Geographic and Netflix balance with non-profit conservation and social justice stories around the world He is also a member of the Empire Electric Association board of directors, helping to move the needle on the energy future of the Southwest.

Sam Davies, Director of Photography

Sam Davies is a Vermont-based action-sports videographer and editor. Off the clock, you'll find him mountain biking, skiing, or simply enjoying the outdoors with his partner and dogs. His work is fueled by his love for adventure, the natural world, and the craft of storytelling.

With a portfolio rich in stewardship and inclusivity, Sam's client roster includes names like Subaru, Crate & Barrel, Clif Bar, and Outdoor Gear Exchange.

Charlotte Percle: Cinematography

With a hand in some of the world’s biggest and best ski movies of late, Charlotte chases the thrill of a compelling story as an editor, cinematographer, and producer. 

Dancing between the world of action sports and documentaries, Charlotte has worked on everything from feature-length films to same-day event coverage with clients like Red Bull, The North Face, Outside Online, Freeride Entertainment, Teton Gravity Research, the Freeride World Tour, and more.

Sophia Schwartz: Production Assistant

Sophia is a big mountain skier with experience in some of the world’s most special places: from the Tetons to Denali to Pakistan to Antarctica to the World Cup, Sophia uses her technical, safety, and backcountry expertise to cultivate healthy, safe, and equitable dynamics both in front of and behind the camera. Based in Jackson, WY, she is a jack-of-all-trades, striving to build her skills as a skier, jumper, and mountaineer. Sophia spent 3 years on the US Freestyle Mogul Team. Her production experience includes BEYOND THE SUMMIT (2022), and JACK OF ALL TRADES (2020).

Carly Finke: Photographer

Carly Finke was raised in Minnesota and has spent over a decade living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. From co-founding local non-profit camps to building a career in digital media, she has proven herself a strong young entrepreneur. Over the past few years, the focus of her work has been in the outdoor industry. Carly lives for the thrill of adventure and strives to inspire others to embrace their own connection with nature.

Charlie (Carlos) Hernández: Sound Design

Carlos (aka Charlie) Hernandez is an Audio Post Engineer, composer, and musician based in the Alps. With a B.A. in Music Composition and Technology, he blends his experience in the mountains, on the field, and inside the sounds of inspiration to awaken and engage audiences. His client roster includes Netflix, Red Bull, Yeti, and Black Crows. His portfolio includes award-winning work on Cody Townsend’s PEAK OBSESSION (2020) and BETWEEN THE LINES (2019).

Guy Fattal: Photographer

Fascinated by nature and human exploration, Guy is dedicated to pursuing the art of outdoor sports and active lifestyle photography.

Based in Whistler but born in Israel, he documents athletes as they challenge themselves to reach new heights. 

His clients include Tourism Whistler, Whistler Blackcomb, Arc’teryx, Blizzard Skis, Spyder, Lululemon and others. 

Len Necefer, Cinematographer

Len (Diné), Tachii’nii born for Scottish lineage, is a storyteller and engineer with a background in energy policy, strategic planning, and tribal economic development. His films have been featured in over 40 film festivals worldwide including the Telluride Mountain Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, and the D.C. Environmental Film Festival.  

Megan Munley: PR/Media Lead

Originally from the beautiful rolling hills of the northeast and White Mountains of New Hampshire, Megan recently made the move across the country to Colorado. She has been exploring the beautiful Mountain West with her pup, Piper. In her spare time, you’ll find her skiing, hiking, reading, camping, climbing, or running somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Ryan Kenny: Cinematographer

Ryan Kenny is a Canadian director and cinematographer specializing in action sports and documentary series that fulfill his passion for nature and story telling. Through the years his talents have been recognized in the Banff film festival, Whistler film festival and nominations for other prestigious awards. Ryan’s direction in documentary series has earned him international work with The History Channel, Discovery, and National Geographic. 

Current Team