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Jim Picariello

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Two middle-aged dads just want to spend a quiet day with their daughters at the park. But when an obnoxious group of teens drive by, too fast and too loud, it spurs these aging, disgruntled dads into a self-righteous act of passive-aggression.

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Mission Statement

This female-produced short film exclusively employs local, Maine actors, of which more than half will be female. Our film is a comedic take on the dilemma of embodying our personal power as we age, and the desire to take life’s frustrations out on those who innocently revel in their youth.

The Story

When All You Have Left is Passive Aggression

My wife and I moved to rural-Maine to raise a family in a quiet and safe environment. 


And week after week, at our playground by the ocean, I would push my girls on the swings for about an hour ("Just one more minute, Papa!!") as knuckleheaded teens sped through the entrance in their shitty cars and trucks over and over again...



When I was a teenager, people would walk right up and tell us to be quiet or slow the fuck down. I hated those people.


So, with aching shoulders (pushing two kids on the swings is surprisingly taxing after 15 minutes) my mind would wander to Dirty-Harry-style revenge scenes to teach all those teenagers a lesson.



And when these punks would congregate in the parking lot to wrestle each other, show off, and make the teen-girls cackle-laugh, I stewed in anger at their unbridled joy.



So what's a sensitive guy who resists confrontation to do but engage in a passive-aggressive act, so well thought out, it took over five years of weekly fantasizing to develop...


This film is a darkly comic revenge-fantasy for all of us who just want to take our life's frustrations out on the young who mock our most basic social conventions with their happy ignorance. 


In PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE DADS we put an end to all that.


Please join us.

-- Jim Picariello, Writer/Director 


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About This Team

Our team is a ragtag group of misfits, mostly living in rural, coastal, Maine, on the Blue Hill peninsula.


Kyle Lamont (Producer)

Kyle was raised by parents who fell in love while working together at HBO. Call it genetics or just plain passion, but Kyle lives for video production. She kicks ass at creating concepts and directing them all the way through, and shines when hosting, editing and producing.



Jim Picariello (Screenwriter/Director/Actor/Editor)

Jim lives in Downeast Maine with his wife and two daughters.

His first short, This Time It's Shopping, has been selected by 17 film festival and won awards from 5.

His romantic comedy screenplay, The Cult of Us -- about two people falling in love as they try to rescue each other from their respective cult -- was a Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinal script.



Luke Carquillat (Director of Photography)

Luke has been a filmmaker ever since he can remember, always picking up the camera for any crazy idea he had. Behind the camera creating not just beautiful images but ones to enhance the overall story. He’s been given great opportunities to work with clients such as Menuez Pictures for Dignity Health Care,, recent work with Matador Network, and Leica Camera USA. Along with a long list of personal projects to hone his craft and experiment with new techniques.


Shayne Bither (Actor)

Shayne Bither is the Vice President of the Board for Some Theatre Company, which was hailed as "the best amateur group in Greater Bangor" by Bangor Daily News. He also won the Maine Broadway World award for Best Actor in a Play for STC's production of The Boys Next Door in 2017. He also is really, really good at MarioKart. He also loves to use the phrase "he also."





Kyle Chick (First Assistant Camera)

Kyle's a documentarian from the Blue Hill Peninsula in DownEast Maine. He spends his year based out of the north east and the CA Bay area, traveling as projects dictate. His fascination with the documentary arts started when he was 16 and since then it has been his sole purpose in life to create a lifetime of images and video for future generations to utilize and learn from. He works in many diverse fields of photography and videography: weddings, politics, cultural, life milestones, gatherings, contractors, craftsmen, theatrical, conservation, fine art, nature, portraiture, lifestyle, travel, and adventure sports and he enjoys creative projects of all kinds. He believes that to be a true documentarian he should be capable and ready to capture high-quality, meaningful photographs of any and all subjects he comes in contact with.

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