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Our feature documentary exposes the injustices done to our international Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain community. Long under-recognized and misunderstood, we face a dire lack of available & accessible treatments, which serve to offer many some small quality of life, helping us to live in dignity.

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Mission Statement

Our story brings to light a deadly suppression of facts & figures. Chronic Pain does not discriminate against age, sex, or race; suicides in all groups due to under managed pain are on the rise. We are, all of us, only one car accident or one surgery away - from a life of chronic pain.

The Story

PAIN WARRIORS ~ sets out to examine the invisible crisis of Chronic Pain in North America, and its devastating toll on society. Without proper and timely education of the masses this growing concern can and will reach a tipping point, beyond which there is no return.

​Society's lack of public information regarding Chronic Pain, has sadly forced this disease and its sufferers underground.
Not only are many denied adequate treatment , they are often looked upon by society as a whole as outcasts. We are , all of us, only one cancer or one car accident away from a life of chronic pain. As we age the numbers of chronic pain patients will only grow exponentially.

We intend to bring to light a deadly suppression of facts and figures. Without education and awareness, there can be no reform.

Compelling interviews showcase a broad cross section of pain patients, their loved ones and the doctors that treat them across North America. We share intimate, courageous and heart breaking 1st hand stories from pain patients in the trenches- the ongoing political and social issues they face and how they struggle to cope , just to get through another day.

In recent months, several American pain specialists have been targeted by the DEA and currently face loss of license and potential incarceration, for attempting to uphold their Hipprocratic Oath and serve the U.S. pain population. The lines between "pill mills" and  legitimate doctors have become blurred and in many cases, unrecognizable to the general public and society at large.

In recent decades groups including breast cancer and aids patients have banded together formally with runs marches, rallies -  telling their stories in the press.

Doing so has garnered more ambitious and imaginative solutions to treatment and health care reform. The best hope for pain patients,  is to become more vocal and active in their own pain management.

The needed response to pain, it would appear, is to encourage patients to stand up and speak up.

PAIN WARRIORS  plans to do just that - give voice to the voiceless.  #givepainavoice  #painwarriors






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Post- production involves the specialized services of sound and colour technicians & graphic artists

About This Team

Tina Petrova
Director, Producer​, Writer

Tina has been part of the film, television and theatre scene in Canada for more than 30 years as an award winning actress, producer, writer and director. She is a graduate of Ryerson University Film Studies and Alumni of Academy Award winning Norman Jewison's C.F.C. ( Canadian Film Centre).

Tina is an outspoken advocate & activist on the issue of Chronic Pain. She has spoken at TEDX YOUTH, CAMH, GILDA'S CLUB and the UNITED NATIONS among a variety of  international venues.
​Her current passion is to raise awareness regarding the lack of resources and research available for Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain.



Eugene Weis 
Director, Producer, Editor

Eugene Weis has been working as a Documentary feature film editor with top directors and industry professionals in the Canadian film business for the last 10 years.  His keen sense for storytelling has allowed him to craft films tackling important social issues, which have gone on to accrue numerous awards and accolades.  

Eugene sits on the Board of Directors for the prestigious AluCine Latin Film and Media Arts Festival, is a voting member of the Canadian Academy of Motion Pictures as well as a member of the Canadian Cinema Editors (C.C.E).



Tiffany Hsiung
Director Of Photography, Canada 

Tiffany Hsiung is an award-winning filmmaker
based in Toronto. Whether it is filmmaking
or teaching, Hsiung’s work has taken her
through and beyond the diverse communities of her hometown, and well across the globe.
Her socially conscious work and dynamic artistry sparks a unique energy in the stories of marginalized individuals and communities.

Hsiung’s work is fundamentally based on cross-cultural and intergenerational themes set to inspire younger generations and viewers to learn about their own cultures - and social responsibility in the global community.



Yanekah Jacobs
Researcher/ Pain Activist, Canada

​Yanekah graduated with honours from the Women & Gender Studies program at York University where she investigated and exposed various issues related to Chronic Pain. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in the Critical Disability Studies program, Yanekah's advocacy focuses on both the lived experience of people suffering with chronic pain and their caregivers. 

Her research evaluates the social, political and structural issues related to these experiences in an effort to increase education, ignite attitudinal reform and encourage better health care options and practice for those living with Chronic Illness.



Ryan McPherson D.P.
Zanskar, India / Montana Unit 

Ryan has honed his craft as a cinematographer over the past decade and is the epitome of a camera ninja: light on his feet, tactical, aware, and relentless. Ryan often shoots in stressful situations and in technical, dangerous and remote terrain. He possesses an acute attention to detail and captures emotion filled moments with a unique visual signature and a certain empathetic respect for those difficult scenarios.

When he is not in "the trenches" with his camera, you can find him paragliding high above the Sierra Nevada Mountains, driving cross-country in his 40-foot home on wheels with his wife or traveling the back roads of Nepal on a three-dollars a day.


Katie McPherson: Camera
Zanskar, India/ Montana Unit

A Montana native, Katie moved to California in 2005 and began producing documentary films from her pursuits as a professional whitewater kayaker.Katie worked in marketing and business development for non-profits and Silicon Valley start-ups before she returned to her home in film production. She currently works as a producer for major TV networks such as CBS, A&E, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and BBC Worldwide.  In January of 2017 Katie and her husband Ryan launched Good Blood Media, a documentary content company.


Bob Schubring
Executive Producer USA 


Bob is a Chemical Engineer by training. When Bob was six years old, his father,  a successful  inventor,  conceived the first nonvolatile computer memory
(a copper sheet with a thin-film ferroelectric surface) that stored one byte of information. It was to become the forerunner of multi-gigabyte memory sticks.

Bob founded Invisible Hand Films, an American Production Co. to produce documentaries that encourage independent thought.


David Chester
Pre - Production Editor 
David Chester is a multi-media producer, musician and owner of Chalet Studio.  He has worked with many of Canada’s top musicians and produced video for corporate clients such as Rouge Valley Health System Foundation, LeafGuard, Toronto Region Conservation, Markham/ Ajax Pickering Board of Trade, Visionary Media Inc. and Room 217.  


Shanay Egwuenu

Urban Communications Group (Crowdfunding)

Bringing her communications skills, social media savvy and passion to help reach communities around the world,over the course of her career, she's worked to successfully co-launch new and existing businesses and brands, as well as furthering the success of existing ventures, including aluCine film Festival (Toronto) and 83 Studio among many others.

Urban Communications Group's daily involvement with film production company Filmblanc brings an added asset to all Filmblanc ( properties ensuring that any film’s mission and vision are brought to the world. 

Her work as Community Manager in charge of all Filmblanc’s social media platforms has been instrumental in the massive outreach created for Filmblanc’s latest film MILK.Urban Communications Group tireless efforts continue as this company moves forward into the development of new and important social issues films on social media platforms as well as crowdfunding initiatives.







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