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Twin Peaks meets Supernatural meets Mallrats—In this pilot episode, dead trends and undead terrors are awoken when Erica goes shopping. Now she’s all the rage! Will she let her new popularity consume her, or can she be saved by the power of true acquaintance? What horrors lie in stores?

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Mission Statement

Paranormall is a love letter to horror, silliness, and surrealism. Our mission is to elevate diverse voices by telling a story about finding purpose, community, and family in the face of unrelenting absurdity and terror—that's also funny!

The Story

A traumatized, aimless 30 year old, a middle management dork desperate to impress his new step dad, a lady who just wants to go home, a spaz with no impulse control, and an actual, literal demon moonlighting as a security guard walk into a bar…er, a Mall. Oh! And the mall is haunted—super funny, right? 

Okay well maybe you need to see it to believe it, but that’s where you come in! 

Hi, we’re Bedtime Worldwide, five Denver based comedians from diverse backgrounds with decades of collective experience. We’ve been performing sketch comedy as a group since 2021. Paranormall is an absurdist comedy tv pilot that draws on the traditions of surrealism and horror paved by the likes of David Lynch, John Carpenter, and more. 

We’re telling a story about finding purpose, chosen family, and community in the face of unwavering dread induced by figurative (and literal) demons against the backdrop of the one thing everybody’s talking about these days — America’s dying shopping malls.

This pilot will be a proof of concept to submit to film festivals and eventually pitch to tv networks. If you were to support Paranormall you would be giving us the opportunity to reach new heights in our creative careers. You would be taking a chance on some Denver Latinx and queer filmmakers, which in turn would make you say, "Dang, I'm glad I did that cause this project rules!"

We're excited to share the first two minutes of the eventual final product, we invite you to watch it below so you can see for yourself the passion, craftsmanship, and fun we're hoping to bring to life with this project. With your support, we'll be able to finish this pilot, pay our expansive community of immensely talented artists, and bring to life something truly special

So come join us at Paranor Mall — Humans welcome! 

Erica buys an ancient choker (from the early 2000s!), setting free a spirit that feeds off of shopping sprees. Dead styles are revived and bridges are burned as Erica’s new-found popularity has her thinking She’s All That. Aba and Derek team up to stop Erica’s Extreme Makeover from becoming an Extreme Body Takeover.

Our creative vision for Paranormall intertwines our love for absurdism, cult classics, and our passion for a story that centers chosen family and community. The creativity of our project is guided by three key pillars:


Can't call it a comedy if you're not trying to be funny—and lord knows we are trying. The humor of Paranormall is a beautiful blend of our own sensibilities brought together by our biggest influences. We’re striving to capture the quick wit and spontaneity seen in shows like Community. PEN15 is also a big inspiration for us in the way that it revels in the awkwardness of daily mundanity. Fans of Wet Hot American Summer will fall in love with Paranormall, which at its core is an ensemble cast of ludicrous characters spoofing b-movie tropes who embrace overtly silly stakes with straight-faced earnestness.


Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned scary movie? Our FX Supervisor Jennifer Sutherland is an expert in cult fright classics. Paranormall is an ode to the gore, practical effects, and camp of 80’s horror, drawing influences from the set piece mastery of John Carpenter, the thrilling silly terror of Evil Dead, and the surrealism of House (1977)


Atmosphere, aesthetic, ~vibes~ call it what you want, we got it! As a group of freaks, gays, and philosophy majors, it goes without saying that we love David Lynch. We’re cultivating a synth driven surrealist atmosphere in the tradition of Twin Peaks. Cartoon humor brought to life in live action paired with dynamic camera work has always been a hallmark of our style, and it’s something we hope fans of Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs the World will appreciate. Lastly, our director Michael Isaacs adores Carrie (1976). In that same vein, we’re telling a story which captures the juxtaposition between the dreamy wash of Americana-tinged nostalgia and jarring spikes of bloody supernatural action — all told with heartbreaking empathy for the tragedy of its main character.


(Gabby Guttierez Reed) 

Erica is a true child of the 90s, spending nearly all of her free time at the mall. A loner listlessly entering her 30s without a life-plan, she longs to reclaim the carefree days of walking the thriving Paranor Mall as a child with her father—before he was brutally killed in a tragic escalator accident. Friendly with most of the mall’s personnel but friends with few, Erica is a dependable ally keeping the mall safe and drama-free (when she’s not the drama). 


(Kelsey T. Wood)

Aba is the head of security at Paranor Mall; however, unbeknownst to all, Aba is the ancient demonic entity known as [REDACTED]. Centuries ago, Aba defied the Demonic Order, who consequently punished and confined them within a glass prison. Over the centuries, the prison and Aba have assumed many different forms, most recently manifesting as a fully operational Mall and Galleria! Resigned to indefinite imprisonment and struggling to rectify a violent past, Aba is now dedicated to fighting the forces of evil and protecting innocents the only way they can, by taking up the mantle of security guard of a mid-sized city shopping mall.


(Evan Davis)

Derek is always the newest hire at one of Paranor Mall’s fine boutique outlets. A rolling stone (unable to hold a job down) due to his fierce independence (oppositional defiance) and boundless curiosity (poor impulse control), Derek’s hobbies include yelling and tracking down the entities that abducted him and robbed him of a normal life. Derek has a strong sense of justice and is willing to drop any-and-everything at the first sign of trouble if it means coming closer to answers about his past — or just getting to hit something/someone.


(Michael Isaacs)

Keith is the WORST. Do we really have to talk about Keith? Ugh, fine. Keith is the manager of T. FRIM’s, The Fanciest Restaurant In the Mall. Status-obsessed and endlessly boasting about his non-accomplishments, Keith would sell his soul for a promotion and modicum of authority. And he just might. Rumor has it (he won’t shut up about it) that Keith’s mom is engaged to the shadowy billionaire mall owner. What that means for Keith and the mall administration...well, Keith would love to know.


(Jennifer Sutherland)

Jenn is Derek’s boss. Roiling, raging demons aside—Jenn is the angriest person in the mall. Unwavering and assertive, she refuses to be questioned, and if you make her repeat herself? May God have mercy on your soul. Are her methods brutal? Yes, however, are they effective? No—but as long as the drawer is counted at the end of the day, nobody will say anything. Often left cleaning up the fallout of strange encounters, she mostly just wants to get off and have a drink.

The goal for our Seed & Spark campaign is to reach $18,000, which makes up for a substantial portion of our film’s total budget. What started as just the five of us, has quickly become an expansive network of some of the best artists in the city. Many talented folks have been inspired by Paranormall, and have made it their passion project which has been as exciting as it has been humbling for us. These are good folks, and we want to do right by them for taking the time out of their schedules to make this pilot happen. As you can see below, our immensely talented crew will make up the majority of our budget, with the rest of our funds going towards securing gear, locations, and of course, designing the world and bringing it to life!

We’re Bedtime Worldwide, a Denver-based comedy production group made up of 5 friends with decades of combined performing and film experience. Individually and collectively, we’ve appeared on Adult Swim, Austin Sketch Fest, Funny or Die, Limestone Comedy Fest, 10k Laughs Comedy Fest, Tubi, and have worked with the likes of Adam Cayton-Holland, Eddie Pepitone, Chris Estrada, Beth Stelling, Caroline Rhea, Kevin Bacon, and more.

We’re proud to be woman lead, we’re proud of our diversity (Evan’s disabled and Latinx (and gay!); Gabby’s Latinx and short (and gay!); Kelsey’s gay (and short!); Jenn is short, old, AND Latinx — and Michael refuses to be diagnosed!), and we’re proud to be from Denver. Everything we’ve done has always been about bringing diverse voices together in the pursuit of creating something that is as joyful as it is quality and exciting.

We’re very grateful for the opportunities that we've been given in our city and we hope to extend those opportunities to other Denver creatives. Our project will be a giant collaboration, connecting various artists of different mediums and backgrounds throughout the Denver community, whether that be highlighting professionals or giving aspiring artists a chance to hone their skills.

Which brings us to the all important question: why does this matter? Well, maybe it doesn’t. Not to say this project is meaningless, but really, looking for meaning that may not even be there to begin with is at the core of Paranormall and what we’re trying to accomplish. Erica is traumatized, Aba is haunted by their own nature, Keith wants success, Derek wants something to be angry at, and Jenn just wants to go home. This world may be absurd, but the hardships which burden these characters are very real and follow them everywhere they go. Our ensemble may never find the answers they so desperately want, but along the way, they may find something they need—each other—and within that, a new purpose, a community, a family, a reason to act. 

Maybe this project won’t solve the world’s problems, but maybe in the pursuit of making something absurd, funny, and fun, we’ll find purpose in the community which arises from that.

If that at all resonates with you, we'd love to invite you to be apart of this journey with us. As independent filmmakers, we've been able to break ground on this project and create the first two and a half minutes of the eventual 30 minute final pilot. As we've continued along this process, we've been humbled and eternally grateful in that every creative we've shared this vision with has wanted to sign on and make Pararnormall their passion project as well. Just as they're willing to give everything they've got to bring this world to life, we want to do right by them. With your donations, we'll be able to pay the immensely talented folks here in Denver, and from all over the country who are coming together to make this a reality.

There is an inherent community building aspect to this project, we've lived it, we've seen how it can move mountains first hand, and now we want to invite you to be apart of it as well. So please, share our project on social media, help us spread the word, and if you believe in what we're doing, donate! We'd love to have you on board.

We’re Bedtime Worldwide — Come sleep with us.


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Aba's Mustache

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Aba's sweet mustache

Erica's Vein Prosthetics

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Erica's worst possession symptom (we need multiples)

Erica's Vein Tattoos

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Erica's subtle possession symptom

Prosaide Adhesive

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We need to glue our prosthetics down

Airbrush Makeup

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Body painting

Derek's Wardrobe

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Derek needs duds!

Erica's Wardrobe

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Erica needs duds

Aba's Wardrobe

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Aba needs duds

Jenn's Wardrobe

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Jenn needs duds

Pay the Colorist

Costs $2,000

We need to pay the crew for their excellent work

Pay the Sound Engineer

Costs $2,000

We need to pay the crew for 5 production days

Pay the Director of Photography

Costs $3,000

We need to pay the crew for 5 production days

Pay the Gaffer

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We need to pay the crew for 5 production days

Pay the Grip

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We need to pay the crew for 5 production days

Pay the Assistant Camera

Costs $2,000

We need to pay the crew for 5 production days

Cash Pledge

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Costs $4,500

Filming in malls and restaurants is expensive

About This Team

Jennifer Sutherland

Like many comics, Jennifer was driven to comedy by unresolved childhood trauma. Her confessional style is “desperate to relate” but, like, in a cute way. She can be found performing with the sketch comedy group Bedtime Worldwide. She’s performed at Cowtown Comedy Festival, and breweries... so.many. breweries. Obsessed with the horror comedy genre, Jennifer has experience creating beauties and beasts for feature films, television, and live events as a special makeup effects artist and prop maker. A true killer on both sides of the camera. 

Gabby Gutierrez-Reed

Gabby Gutierrez-Reed is a comedian, writer, actor, and filmmaker in Denver, Colorado. She’s been in High Plains Comedy Festival, Beast Village Comedy Festival, Alaska B4UDie Festival, 10,000 Laughs Festival, and Limestone Comedy Fest. She just opened for Sofia Niño De Rivera at the Paramount Theater and featured for Chris Estrada in this year’s Cloudtop Comedy Festival. She co-hosts Firecracker Comedy which is notable for its high profile, and incredibly entertaining diverse lineups. Additionally, Gabby has been on Adult Swim, Funny or Die and in her spare time, she gets lost in bouts of existential dread. Things are looking up!

Kelsey Wood

Kelsey Wood is a video editor by day, comedian by night/ any time tension needs cutting. She has had over 10 years of experience as a video professional working in post-production with her story starting in New York and currently taking place in Colorado. Stranger than fiction's fiction, most of her comedy is inspired by her absurd existence but ultimately rooted in some kind of shared human experience.

Michael Isaacs

Michael Isaacs is a Denver-based comedian and writer. He is a regular at Comedy Works in Denver on their Almost Famous roster and has been a featured performer across the US on High Plains Comedy Festival, Altercation Festival, Savage Henry Festival, Denver’s Underground Music Showcase and 50 First Jokes. He has written and directed productions staged at Denver’s Bug Theatre, Denver’s Dangerous Theatre, The Jester’s Palace, and Denver Open Media Foundation.

Evan Davis

Evan Davis is a Denver-based comedian and writer who has been performing sketch, improv, and standup throughout the city for nine years. Known for his absurdism and confessional style, his comedy has been best described as leaving audiences feeling "seen" or "yelled at." With five years of theater and film production experience, Evan can often be found on set implementing expensive ideas that looked easier on paper.

Current Team