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Park Slope Moms is a female-centric dramedy about a high-powered attorney plunged into a new world when she becomes a stay-at-home mom in an affluent, "PC" Brooklyn neighborhood. Things take a strange twist when three other moms have clashing agendas.

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Mission Statement

Park Slope Moms was written and created by women. The story is told through the lens of the women. The characters are eclectic in their ethnicity, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. Moreover, we are committed to being inclusive in addition to having women in front and behind the camera.

The Story


A high-powered attorney turned "stay-at-home" mom regains power when she becomes the PTA president, but ruling with an iron fist sparks a coup from her constituents... who make it their mission to take her down. 


What's happening now...

Park Slope Moms graduated from a web series to shooting a proof-of-concept for a TV series, thanks to the DGA director on board and the amazing production team! We've also added a Location Manager to our team whose work can be seen on Showtime's Billions and Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 


About the show...

Park Slope Moms is a female-centric dark comedy set in an affluent, progressive neighborhood in Brooklyn. When a high-powered lawyer, Carley Fuller-Fowler, becomes a stay-at-home mom, she’s plunged into a competitive world of PTA fundraisers, cupcakes, and neighborhood politics! Things take an ominous twist when the other moms feel bullied by Carley after she's elected PTA president. The moms will stop at nothing to bring Carley down.



Park Slope Moms asks the question,

"What are stay-at-home moms really up to when no one is watching?"



It's amazing the things you find at the farmers' market... 



What goes on inside these homes?



And sometimes it really is just about the kids... Just kidding! 


The ladies who lunch and spa...



Park Slope mom's self-portrait.




Our fearless team! 

















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Principle Cast and Background Talent

Costs $1,300

We want our actors to do what they love and get paid. They are worth it!

Production Team and Crew

Costs $4,100

Director, Director of Photography, Sound Designer, Lighting Designer

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Cupcakes Are Vital

Costs $150

Cupcakes are an integral part of the PSM. With each episode, they become more and more ornate!


Costs $1,000

Food...The Production Team, Crew and Actors will be working 12 hours days.

Locations and holding

Costs $3,000

We need a townhouse (bedroom, walk-in closet and kitchen), apartment and school.


Costs $1,800

Light and electric is a must to shoot.

Transportation & Drivers

Costs $1,000

We need a van and driver to transport our equipment

Post Production

Costs $2,000

We need a talented editor, sound engineer, color corrector, musical score, etc.

About This Team





Creator, Executive Producer, Writer


Alexandra Foucard is a Grammy-nominated, Broadway actor, writer, producer with over 20 years experience in theatre, film and television. Alexandra is a member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, The Dramatist Guild, The FilmmakeHers, NYWIFT and Howard University Alumni Association. 






Linda Fiorella writes shorts (Eightballs), features (Dragon), indie TV shows (Offseason), and now with Park Slope Moms - web series. She is based in NYC and Provincetown and is a recovering Aquarius, aspiring ice cream maker, and Oxford comma aficionado.





Annetta Marion is an award-winning director and Primetime Emmy- nominated producer. She recently directed the television special Oprah Goes to Broadway: The Color Purple that premiered on OWN 12/19/2015. Annetta is currently the Co-Executive Producer and a Director on the acclaimed television series Oprah’s Master Class. She has also directed over 20 scripted projects including award-winning short films, a web series, commercials and numerous PSAs.Annetta is a graduate of AFI’s prestigious Directing Workshop for Women; and an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Director’s Guild of America, Producer’s Guild of America, and a NYWIFT board member. 






Veronique Doumbe a narrative and documentary storyteller who wears multiple hats as producer, director and editor.  Her first feature documentary Denis A. Charles: an interrupted conversation (2002) was screened around the world.  Luggage, which she wrote, directed, and edited, was screened at the Short Film Corner in Cannes in 2007. The Birthday Party, written by Sherry McGuinn, won the Best Micro mini Award at Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and the Dikalo Award for Best Short at the Pan African Film Festival in Cannes in 2009.  For the last two years she has been filming sequences for Raising Zuly, a feature-length documentary about a little girl growing up with Down Syndrome in Barcelona with her mother, tap dancer Roxane Butterfly.  




Line Producer


Stephanie Dawson is New York-based production professional with experience in long and short form narrative, commercial, and non-fiction content; Project management-oriented, highly organized and effective team leader who enjoys paperwork, engenders a pleasant environment and often breaks into song.




Associate Producer


Christine Shaw is a Brooklyn born DocumentaryFilmmaker and Associate Producer. She’s passionate about creating socially relevant documentaries that shine a positive light on the issues facing the African American and Caribbean community. Her documentary "From Prison to NYU" was featured in the 2012 African American Women in Cinema Festival. She recently directed and filmed the Ghost in the Shell PSA which was an official selection for the Women of the Lens festival in 2017. Christine is currently in post-production for a documentary about steel bands in Brooklyn and the journey they take to compete in the annual Panorama competition. 




Alexandra FoucardPSM Show Creator, PSM Writer and true life Park Slope Mom plays the uptight Carley Fuller-Fowler.



Monica Wyche - Uber-Talented Television, Film and Stage Actor, currently Recurring on Hulu's The Path plays the bohemian, spirited Paula Oseterberg. 



Zillah Glory - Multi-Talented Stage and Film Actor, Writer, Director plays earthly, maternal Angela Polo.



Irene Glezos - Force of Nature, Stage, Television and Film Actor plays the mysterious and unsettling "C.I.A." agent, Nina Stansfield. 














Current Team