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PERSISTENCE. DETERMINED. MOTIVATED. Have you ever had to work hard to achieve a goal? Have you ever had to balance multiple circumstances while working towards a dream? What happens when you’re pushed back 3 steps when barely making 1 step? Watch, relate, and enjoy!

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Mission Statement

This project increases representation for the under-represented individuals. Our stories follow the ups and downs of people of color pursuing their dreams at any age. Behind the cameras we have a woman and male director of color that gives various perspectives based on their experiences.

The Story

There was a nine-year old black girl



sitting in her room playing with a white Barbie doll in the left hand and a white Ken doll in the right hand. With both dolls in hand she imitates her voice to sound like them holding a conversation while motioning them between the red toy convertible car and tall doll house. She looks at her bookshelf across the room and it's filled with Goosebumps books and Sweet Valley High books and The Babysitters Club books also lined the shelf. With the world she would create with her dolls or read about in the novels were completely different and in many cases opposite then her reality. On the other hand, having watched her favorite television shows such as Sister, Sister, Moesha, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (to name a few) ignited a spark in her creative mind and provided hope that she too can live happily and accomplish goals in a world that sometimes subliminally tells you otherwise. She grew to write compelling stories of people of color through her novel, plays, and short stories. From my experience as a kid, one of my goals with this docuseries is to provide the same hope that certain shows provided for myself, that any goal is attainable for any individual.



This docuseries is being created



to captivate the voice of many people who will sometimes get drowned out if they do not have the adequate resources. By providing this platform for artists, entrepreneurs, etc.



we are building confidence not only in our interviewees but also in our audience. The ups and downs each interviewee has encountered produces a powerful story that will leave a positive impact on many communities and encourage dreamers that there are endless possibilities when you are persistent and dedicated to your dream/goal. Many of the interviewees will educate and inspire individuals but more importantly promote empowerment.


Today couldn't be a better time to support a project that will continuously build momentum in game-changers in this world. From the businesses that are being established by some of our interviewees we are looking to help increase small businesses.

We have strategically planned our expenses with the best cost effective method.

With your help these compelling stories will reach households throughout the nation!


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Covers: festival fees We're looking to register into at least 2 festivals in 2019


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Covers: food, props, etc. anything extra needed on Film days. We also accept in-kind donations.


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Covers: marketing and distribution fees.

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About This Team

This dynamic duo has partnered together to birth a millennial-inspired Docuseries!


Monica Mikell - Creator/Director 

Monica Mikell is a national playwright whose plays has been performed in Florida and New York City. Her love for writing started at the age of 9, where she wrote a 400 page play. Since she has written 1 web series, 2 screenplays, 5 full-length plays, 6 short-length plays, as well as numerous skits and spoken word pieces. Directing became apart of her passion after writing her debut novel Behind Closed Doors and adapting it into a Stage Play, which was performed in front of a sold out Theater.

Besides writing and directing, she is an active participant with various events and organizations within her community. She produces an annual Children’s Poetry Contest that promotes children’s literacy and creative thinking. 

She believes her passion will influence and inspire others to pursue their dreams.



Jamin Smith- Director of Photography

Jamin Smith is a visual designer from Lakeland, Fl. He specializes in creating high quality digital, print designs, and loves storytelling through film. His interest in design started as a way to express himself when he was a child. Now, he applies his design skills with photography and film to highlight unique projects that pleases the viewer's aesthetics.  To enhance his creativity, he started his own design & marketing company,  J. Elevate in 2015. He has worked with small and large businesses to develop and establish branding and marketing strategies. Having served on the executive board of Orlando's AIGA chapter he was appointed as their social media coordinator.  Jamin has won an array of awards for his designs but more importantly has possesed a passion for bettering his community through art and public speaking. He is apart of a nonprofit organization called PeaceMakers, whos purpose focuses on utilizing their creative gifts for the betterment of the community.


"Design is a powerful tool used to help the world operate more effeciently. Without these tools there would be no direction to help guide us along the way." - J. Smith

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