Pearl Rain

Ashland, Massachusetts | Film Short

Fantasy, Romance

Jumai Yusuf

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PEARL RAIN is a fantasy/romance short film blending West African myth and European fairytale. Morayo, a spiritual Black woman, is stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship. When she meets a kindred soul who can appreciate her black girl magic, will she finally find the strength to leave?

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The Story

Pearl Rain is a 10-minute magical realism film created by writing team Jumange. Jumai Yusuf and Ange Clayton are college BFFs who first worked together on the multimedia theatrical production Shiver, and have extended their surrrel sensibilities into filmmaking. Jumai's previous film project lili[s], a sci-fi short film drawing from her Neurobiology background, was featured in 5 film festivals across the United States. 


Director's Note:


I am a huge fan of sci-fi, fantasy and genre filmmaking, but not a fan of the lack of representation of minorities in these genres (and in Hollywood as a whole). So for this film I wanted to tell a different type of fantasy story. I've drawn from the stories of my own people, the Yoruba people of Nigeria. My research led me to the Orishas, a traditional religion practiced in Nigeria and the African Diaspora. "Pearl Rain" is inspired by the love triangle between three Orishas, or gods: Oya, Shango and Ogun. As one would expect from an ancient religion, this story is universal. Morayo, the protagonist of the film, is stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship with Akin, the man she loves. When she spends a magical day with Maliq, she catches her first glimpes of what a healthy relationship could look like. This gives her the final boost of strength she needs to leave Akin behind.


I hope that any woman who is in a similar scenario can be inspired by Morayo and Oya, the warrior goddess of change, and unearth the strength to change their circumstances.




Our Fundraising Goal:


We are in production now in the beauitful forest landscapes of small town Massachusetts. We've worked on a "zero" budget so far with a wonderful team of volunteers, but now we need just $4,000 in order to finish the last stage of the filmmaking process. These funds will be used for post-production costs including color correction, sound mixing and visual effects, as well as film festival submission fees and marketing costs. We want to get this unique story to as many people as possible and can not wait to share this process with you all! Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] at any time!  


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $400

This step will enhance the colors of our New England forest landscape and give the film a surreal, fantasy look!

Sound Mixing

Costs $400

Another vital step in making a professional high quality film.

Visual Effects Artist

Costs $500

Visual effects (including an explosion!) that will put the "magic" in magical realism.

Marketing Expenses

Costs $500

For people to see the film they need to know about it! This includes the cost of a website and Vimeo account.

Hard Drive & Accesories

Costs $233

Storage for all of our footage!

Festival Fees & Travel

Costs $1,000

Submission fees and travel costs for festivals across the US and the World!

DCP & Deliverables

Costs $300

The cost to convert our film into a screenable format, and to make and ship all of your perks!


Costs $667

Standard 20% contingency, just in case!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

We could not have made it this far without our amazing crew of Boston area locals. It's not often you find a mix of people who are talented, extremely dedicated, and have awesome personalities. For many of us this is our second or third time working together, and it's clear why! 


Writers - Ange Clayton and Jumai Yusuf ("Jumange")

Director - Jumai Yusuf IMDB

Director of Photography - Denez McAdoo IMDB

Assistant Director - Vasco Diogo

Assistant Camera - Trevor Pendleton IMDB

Boom Operator - Miles Garnett

Production Designer - Madie Hays IMDB

Set Photographer - Marinda Horan IMDB

Composer - Marios Apostolakoulis IMDB

Executive Producer - Yinka Yusuf




Delinda Sales as Morayo


Koko Ekong as Maliq


Hosea DeMarzino as Akin IMDB

Current Team