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Penny's story is filled with love and laughter but it is missing one thing. We don't often look at the women that are "childless NOT by choice". What does it do to a nurturing soul to be without the thing she always wanted, always assumed would be, where does she fit, will she survive the grief.

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Mission Statement

This project will almost entirely be told by Women. Creating and storytelling is such a magical experience and when we can create more opportunities in front of or behind the lens for women to show the world what we already know we are made of it doesn't get better

The Story


“Lullabies and baby showers, knitting blankets and wrangling preschoolers. It’s what she does, and all these things fill Penny with immeasurable joy, but they are not equal to a baby of her own. This is Penny's story. Her story however, was informed by my own - Victoria Prescott.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Infertility is on the rise and being “childless not by choice" is a real thing. An immensely heartbreaking, disbelieving and emotional thing that affects both women and men. The story of ‘Penny’ offers an unapologetic and honest perspective about what it feels like to struggle with issues of infertility and how a person can keep going when all they ever wanted was to have a child. It aims to bring awareness and support to those on the same or a similar journey.

Why am I sharing my story? Why am I telling a story about something so personal? Because even with the tremendous love one gets from family and friends, and even though the hugs from your beloved nieces are wonderful, they not enough to replace the one you will never get from that curly haired, feisty little one that looks back at you with your same blue eyes. I tell this story because grief is a lonely thing and if as I put this out into the universe one woman…one man…one being sees themselves in this, then maybe they won't feel quite so alone.

During the process of bringing all the players together to create this project, an amazing thing occurred. The story I thought I was telling, the one about Penny, suddenly began to take on a life that moved beyond this short film. It became about expectation, the bond of women and men, choices and disbelief, wonder and healing. As I’ve been telling my story, women and men have turned around and told me theirs and that has been a gift.

Penny is in the pre-production stage and really needs your support to help bring this story to life! Here are some ways that you can support us. 

1. Make a contribution however big or small.
2. Share this with your friends and family who might also find reason to support us. 
3. Reach out to those within your circle who are struggling with infertility and make sure that they're ok. 



  One of the most essential things to our beings, especialy for childless       women, is to have a sense of community, to feel that we are not so       alone. Well, Jody Day of Gateway-Women has created just that, and we could not be more proud to have her support and partnership! Through her Ted talks, workshops, blog posts, articles and the information on her website, Jody has created a safe haven for women across the globe who are also childless not by choice. Team "Penny" encourages you to check out her site. We will be sending out links to her articles and talks throughout the stay tuned!


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Director and Asst. Director

Costs $2,000

Someone must tell us what to do! And someone else must keep her sane.

Line Producer & Unit Production Manager

Costs $1,950

Our Line Producer and UPM will keep the ship sailing!

Director of Photography

Costs $1,500

So the camera can tell a story.


Costs $1,000

This creative being will shape the look of the piece

Gaffe, Grip and Sound

Costs $2,550

We must be lit well, safe and sound great!

Location, location, location

Costs $1,500

There's a place for us, somewhere a place for us.......

Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $1,000

A professional must be had for the good, bad and continuity.


Costs $1,500

We won't make it through the day if we don't eat.

Equipment, Permits, Transport & Insurance

Costs $2,550

We need the stuff, we must be legal and we certainly have to get there.

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We are a group of amazing creators. We are actors and writers. Singers and painters. Bakers and dancers. We are mothers and daughters, sons and brothers. We are everything and anything we want to be. 





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