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Jade Jenise Dixon

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In this coming of age film, Niecey pursues love in all the wrong places until she finally discovers it in a place she never knew to look: herself. This film strives to break the cycle of childhood trauma by creating a path to healing and forgiveness.

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Mission Statement

This film is based on a true story. We are a diverse team from many backgrounds and we hope that our story will empower those who have felt either lost or abandoned – by a past of childhood trauma or absent parental support – to feel whole again, through self-love.

The Story

Peony Park

An amusement park in Omaha, Nebraska  inspiring the title of this true story. Although film is not specifically about the park itself.

Founded in 1919 and closed in 1994, it was the largest park in Nebraska and, in the early days minority households either couldn't afford to or did not feel welcomed. The park also holds fond memories for later generations of all races. Therefore, this park entrances our driven protagonist, Niecey, and figuratively captures what Peony Park represented to her. 




Peony Park is based on a true, personal story of our writer/director, Jade Jenise Dixon. This film has two sides of the coin: the life she’s lead and of what her life would be like if she hadn't moved away with her mom.

This is a coming of age film, symbolizing how our lives continue to come full circle.



Today, we still fight many of the same problems in finding self-confidence, especially the lasting damages after childhood trauma. 

In particular, this film speaks on the absence of a relationship with her father and explores her relationship with her mother. We get a glimpse into the connection with her 17 siblings (or lack thereof), and the impact of feeling alone on an island.


This is a Universal story

Our lead character felt alone, even in the midst of a large family. There are many people in the world who have similar expereinces for different reasons. This film can bring awareness to these stories, and give people hope for finding love within themselves.



We want people to be empowered to create their own destiny. We hope people will see that it is possible to break the cycle of seeking validation from others by finding a pathway to self-love. This film aspires to transform the impact of trauma in the African American community, all women, and indivuduals of all minority backgrounds.



This story is going to be told in narrative format, so we need your help to get this project on its way! Film is an incredible way to communicate across states, cultures, and countries.


It also means that there are many physical costs in getting there. Things to get this story told may include things like: Actors, Crew, Locations, Catering, Set/Props, Film/Lighting Equipment, Editing costs and more!



No matter how much you can contribute, any amount will help us reach our goal! We intend to apply everything we earn in the campaign towards making this project as top-quality as we can afford.


For this, we thank every single one of you for your contribution! Take a look at our INCENTIVES section to find a list of the many things we're offering to show our thanks for your support of our mission.



To make it to our goal, we need support from as many of you as possible. I appreciate every effort to boost our film's crowdfunding campaign! Apart from contributing towards our goal, sharing our funding link via social media will help to spread the word about this meaningful story.


Thanks to everyone for your support!


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Development Services

Costs $3,500

We will be working with top development companies to bring Peony Park to the big screen!

Legal Team

Costs $5,700

Our legal team will help make sure we have proper agreements with everyone we do business with.

Artwork and Materials

Costs $2,500

Posters, Look books, business plans, investor packages, etc. to be designed and printed.

Fundraising events (venue, DJ, invitations)

Costs $2,600

We're going to be throwing fundraising parties at venues as well at private homes.

Pre-Production Costs/ Operations

Costs $4,050

We, like all films, should be prepared to deal with crises. It is almost a perfect guarantee.


Costs $800

We want people to hear about Peony Park in all stages of the project to insure a successful release.

Script Revisions

Costs $3,500

The script will need to be given professional notes or "coverage" to make it the best it can be.

Casting Director

Costs $4,500

We need to make sure we can get skilled talent on-camera for the film!

Business Compliance

Costs $850

Our business has to be ready for Uncle Sam and our Investors!!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Jade Jenise Dixon


Jade Jenise Dixon is a Writer/Director/ Producer living in Los Angeles, CA. Jade started her career as an actress but quickly found her calling in the world of writing and directing. Both of her feature films as Director, TRUTH HALL and Dog Park are award-winning and Jade accredits much of that with her time in front of the camera. “Being on set in all capacities has prepared me for the majesty now deep inside of me, directing,” says Jade.


Jade was born in Omaha, NE and performed in local talent shows, plays and church events. When her mother moved her to Atlanta at the age of 12, Jade was accepted into Northside School of the Arts where she directed her first project, a rendition of the hit Broadway hit, For Colored Girls…

Jade then attended the University of Miami where she was Miami Hurricane Cheerleader. And while at UM she directed a rendition of The Scarlet Letter.


Desiring to focus solely on the Arts, Jade transferred to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where again she directed two stage productions. Also while at NYU, Jade was voted Vice President of the Student Operations Board where she charted a bus to take students to the “March on Washington” to fight HIV/ AIDS, as well as put on several productions for Black History Month. For her efforts, Jade was presented NYU’s “Presidential Service Award” for Outstanding Achievement.


Once in Hollywood, Jade wrote, produced and directed her first feature film, TRUTH HALL, which won five film festival awards and was in heavy rotation on the BET, Centric and Bounce TV Networks.


Jade’s second feature film as writer, producer, director, Dog Park, also won awards and is now available on Cable on Demand, Amazon prime, iTunes and other digital outlets. Jade’s latest project, Sunrise, won a coveted screening spot at Harmony Gold theater as a part of a filmmaking contest.


Now Jade has written and is producing a deeply personal film about her life currently entitled, Peony Park and has several projects on deck that she is either writing, producing and/ or directing.



Raymond C. Reed


Raymond C. Reed, is an Executive Producer and Chief Executive of Global Media Village.  He was at the helm of Akasua Holdings, Ltd. and presided over its acquisition of the Harvey Comics Entertainment, the subsequent sale of a minority interest in Harvey to MCA [Universal]; and the formation of film production and distribution agreements with MCA [Universal] and Amblin Entertainment for Universal's feature film CASPER as well as with Warner Brothers for its feature film RICHIE RICH.


A Columbia University and Whittier Law School graduate with a UCLA M.B.A., he was Co-Producer of Disney's MAX KEEBLE’S BIG MOVE, from inception through its release in 2001; Producer of the comedy CUTTIN DA MUSTARD; and Executive Producer on the post-college “dramedy” TRUTH HALL.


Internationally, he served as advisor to the principals of Orbit Satellite TV Network from inception through formation--long prior to its merger with Showtime [Orbit-Showtime]--and its related production and broadcast facilities in Northern Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East; as well as for Silverbird Cinemas in West Africa; STV Networks India, US and UK; and with Barking Cow Distribution/SONY Home Entertainment on the North American release of Jackie Chan's THE MYTH in 2008; and the 2010 theatrical release of Jackie Chan's SHINJUKU INCIDENT as well as the BCMG March 7, 2014 theatrical release of the 3D animation film WAR OF THE WORLDS—GOLIATH.



Darlyn Gordon



Darlyn Gordon was born in Columbus Georgia and grew up in Phenix City, Alabama. After receiving her Bachelor of Science from Milligan College, a private sector Christian school, ranked number one academically in their division, She was hired as the Assistant Director of their Dare Drug-Free Program and was promoted to Director within 3 months. This program was designed for children ranging from 6 to 18 years old.  She implemented an educational and athletic program for each age group to keep them off the streets.


Darlyn recently retired from the US government and has been on the movie set of two of Jade’s projects. Darlyn finds film and television exciting and intriguing and is happy to spend much of retirement learning more about the industry.


Pablo De Leon


Pablo De Leon is an accomplished actor and producer. He worked with Jade on the film, Sunrise as Co-Executive Producer and as an associate producer in "The Ugly" and executive producer on "It's Complicated" and "Wrong Girl". Pablo has also added to his repertoire in the award-winning film "Natural Hair: The Movie," and "Ghost Note," which premiered at the Barebones International Film Festival in 2017.


As an actor, Pablo had his first on-screen debut on Fox's "The Good Guys". He then landed roles on NBC's "Chase" and "Friday Night Lights". He went on to have a supporting role in the independent short feature, "The Ugly". He then made his first independent full-length feature debut in "Crossing the Enemy" as Roma the hired hit-man. He also played a supporting role as Joe in the short independent feature "It's Complicated.”

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