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PhenomX is a superhero from the lower east side. With this project, we will inspire Latin teens to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and we will celebrate the contributions of our artists to comics. Let's create our own superhero together!

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Mission Statement

Everyone involved with this project is Latin, from the writers to the illustrators. We deserve to have our own superheroes too.

The Story


The Story

Sometimes, when the powers that be knock you down, you have to transform and bring the system down with you. Years ago, the Metamorphosis Project was an illegal experimental drug trial done by the US government to try to "rehabilitate criminals." It was a failure... or so everyone thought. In present-day New York City, radiation levels are on the rise, and police reports of super-powered humans running through the streets are hard to ignore.


Meanwhile, Max Gomez has a second chance at life and fatherhood. He was wrongfully incarcerated after being racially profiled.  But with growing concerns about re-entering the outside world as an ex-con, Max doesn't know where to turn. That is until he's approached by Agent Potter, a former partner of Max's deceased brother Mark. Potter presents him with an opportunity: a chance to become something greater than he thought possible. He hopes to be exonerated by the FBI by joining this program. Max is enlisted to join a new and improved government trial, to fight fire with fire, and capture the "failed experiments" running free in New York.


Max gains fantastic abilities, but he still feels like a prisoner. Secrets are still being kept from him, and his target grows stronger every moment. Watch Max as he learns that he's more than just a statistic... he's more than just an ex-convict... he's more than a phenomenon... he's PhenomX.




What We Need

Comic books are a powerful way to spread my message of Latino empowerment; however, it's also an expensive one. I need to pay for things like drawing, editing, printing, the list goes on and on. This is where you come in, your contributions will help me get this important project made.




What You Get

Every little bit counts, and I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your contributions. When you support this campaign you have the opportunity to receive a wide variety of perks to show our sincere appreciation. Some of the perks include a personal shout out on the official Facebook page for PhenomX, a signed copy of the comic, or even your name in the back of the comic!




The Impact

In today's world, it's incredibly important to support Latin artists. I hope to use this project to not only inspire the Latin youth community but also celebrate the contributions of Latin artists to the comic book world. There is a lack of Latin representation in Hollywood, and it's important to showcase Latin superheroes. Now, you can help me by supporting this comic book series to inspire Latinx teens. I've dedicated my life to telling Latin stories. You and me, let's do this together. Let's show Hollywood that our stories matter.




Other Ways You Can Help

In order to reach my goal, I will need help from as many of you as possible. In addition to contributing to the campaign, sharing the link to the campaign via social media will help to spread the word about this important story.









Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $9,000

We want to hire the best artists in the industry to bring our story and PhenomX to life!


Costs $7,500

We want to ensure that our comic has clean lines and matches the style we want for PhenomX.


Costs $6,000

Producing a comic book takes a lot of time and money, we want to make sure it's done right!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $15,000

We want our comic to pop on the page, so we need to hire someone talented to color each frame.


Costs $11,250

Creating our first outline of the comic is where our story and characters start to come together!


Costs $6,750

We need all the text and graphics in PhenomX to be reviewed by a professional editor.


Costs $5,250

Comics have a unique lettering style. We want to create a font that fits our story and style!


Costs $14,250

After the comic is written and drawn, it's time to print. Help us create a high-quality look!

About This Team


John Leguizamo


Fast-talking and feisty-looking John Leguizamo has continued to impress movie audiences with his versatility: he can play sensitive and naive young men, such as Johnny in Hangin' with the Homeboys (1991); cold-blooded killers like Benny Blanco in Carlito's Way (1993); a heroic Army Green Beret, stopping aerial terrorists in Executive Decision (1996); and drag queen Chi-Chi Rodriguez in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995). Arguably, not since ill-fated actor and comedian Freddie Prinze starred in the smash TV series Chico and the Man (1974) has a youthful Latino personality had such a powerful impact on critics and fans alike.


Leguizamo was born July 22, 1964, in Bogotá, Colombia, to Luz and Alberto Leguizamo. He was four when his family emigrated to the United States. He was raised in Queens, New York, attended New York University and studied under legendary acting coach Lee Strasberg for only one day before Strasberg passed away. The extroverted Leguizamo started working the comedy club circuit in New York and first appeared in front of the cameras in an episode of Miami Vice (1984). His first film appearance was a small part in Mixed Blood (1984), and he had minor roles in Casualties of War (1989) and Die Hard 2 (1990) before playing a liquor store thief who shoots Harrison Ford in Regarding Henry (1991). His career really started to soar after his first-rate performance in the independent film Hangin' with the Homeboys (1991) as a nervous young teenager from the Bronx out for a night in brightly lit Manhattan with his buddies, facing the career choice of staying in a supermarket or heading off to college and finding out that the girl he loves from afar isn't quite what he thought she was.


The year 1991 was also memorable for other reasons, as he hit the stage with his show John Leguizamo: Mambo Mouth (1991), in which he portrayed seven different Latino characters. The witty and incisive show was a smash hit and won the Obie and Outer Circle Critics Award, and later was filmed for HBO, where it picked up a CableACE Award. He returned to the stage two years later with another satirical production poking fun at Latino stereotypes titled John Leguizamo: Spic-O-Rama (1993). It played in Chicago and New York, and won the Drama Desk Award and four CableACE Awards.


In 1995 he created and starred in the short-lived TV series House of Buggin' (1995), an all-Latino-cast comedy variety show featuring hilarious sketches and comedic routines. The show scored two Emmy nominations and received positive reviews from critics, but it was canceled after only one season. The gifted Leguizamo was still keeping busy in films, with key appearances in Super Mario Bros. (1993), Romeo + Juliet (1996) and Spawn (1997). In 1998 he made his Broadway debut in John Leguizamo: Freak (1998), a "demi-semi-quasi-pseudo-autobiographical" one-man show, which was filmed for HBO by Spike Lee.


Utilizing his distinctive vocal talents, he next voiced a pesky rat in Doctor Dolittle (1998) before appearing in the dynamic Spike Lee-directed Summer of Sam (1999) as a guilt-ridden womanizer, as the Genie of The Lamp in the exciting Arabian Nights (2000) and as Henri DE Toulouse Lautrec in the visually spectacular Moulin Rouge! (2001). He also voiced Sid in the animated Ice Age (2002), co-starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Collateral Damage (2002) and directed and starred in the boxing film Undefeated (2003). Afterward, Leguizamo starred in the remake of the John Carpenter hit Assault on Precinct 13 (2005) and George A. Romero's long-awaited fourth "Dead" film, Land of the Dead (2005). There can be no doubt that the remarkably talented Leguizamo has been a breakthrough performer for the Latino community in mainstream Hollywood, in much the same way that Sidney Poitier crashed through celluloid barriers for African-Americans in the early 1960s. Among his many strengths lies his ability to not take his ethnic background too seriously but also to take pride in his Latino heritage. He has opened many doors for his countrymen. A masterly and accomplished performer, movie audiences await Leguizamo's next exciting performance. Most recently he is known for his broadway play "Latin History for Morons."




Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez


Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is a graphic novelist most notably recognized as the writer and creator of the critically acclaimed and bestselling superhero series La Borinqueña. In addition, he is the recipient of the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award for his philanthropic efforts via the benefit anthology Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico featuring La Borinqueña teaming up with Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and other DC Comics heroes. He self-published this anthology under his own studio Somos Arte and to date Edgardo has raised close to a quarter of a million dollars for grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico via the La Borinqueña Grants Program. As the Creative Director and owner of Somos Arte, a Brooklyn-based creative services studio he has worked with such notable clients as Atlantic Records, Columbia University, Sony Pictures and Marvel. In addition, Edgardo is a curator of art exhibitions having already produced three original Marvel comic book art exhibitions and his very own La Borinqueña for the Smithsonian Museum.


Edgardo continues to be recognized widely for his work on NBC, CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR and numerous other media outlets for having already produced in addition to his own series La Borinqueña, graphic novels under the Darryl Makes Comics imprint which he co-owns with Darryl DMC McDaniels (from RUN DMC), and the comic book series Freak written by Emmy and Tony award winning writer John Leguizamo. He has also written for Marvel Comics critically acclaimed anthology, Guardians of the Galaxy: Tales of the Cosmos.

As part of his national tour he continues to speak on such topics as diversity in comic books and current socio-political issues related to Puerto Rico. The Smithsonian, The American Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Princeton University, Colgate University, Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, New York Comic Con, Rhode Island School of Design, Viacom, Hasbro and many other institutions, libraries and events invite him to deliver keynote presentations and talks to audiences that range from elementary school children to graduate students .

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