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"Picked" is a short film that explores the pressures of communal influence and the bravery required to maintain individuality.

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The Story

Picked was written for anybody who has ever been asked to apologize for the things or the people they love.


From a young age, we are shaped into behaving only as our communities deem permissible. This expectation of assimilation follows us into adulthood, where we make larger and more impactful choices. When our main character is asked to pick a pumpkin on a school field trip, she is met with confusion and reprimand from her peers and teacher--under the guise that this admonishment is in her best interest. Her process and eventual selection is a great indication of how she will make more important decisions later in her life, for the rest of her life. 


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Crew Pay

Costs $2,855

20 crew members, 3 months of prep, 2 days of shooting, 1 movie.


Costs $250

Our actor's need love, too!

BlackMagic Camera Package

Costs $250

Without it, our movie becomes a play...that only a bunch of pumpkins will see.

Grip and Electric Gear

Costs $200

They paint with light!


Costs $225

Electricity doesn't just come out of the air!! (When it does, our shoot gets cancelled.)

Props and Set Dec

Costs $600

School busses, pumpkins, paint, furniture, and a ton of hay.

Production Expendables

Costs $50

Sunblock, trash bags, and staples. Oh my.

Insurance: General Liability

Costs $350

Don't you want us to be safe?

Insurance: Equipment

Costs $450

Because equipment tends to be more expensive than a human life.


Costs $250

Or we'll be sleeping in the fields.


Costs $850

We've got crew coming in from all over the country!

Craft Services Food

Costs $950

20 crew, 20 cast (plus 20 parents) will all be hungry during those 12-hour production days!

Marketing and Festivals

Costs $900

What's the point of shooting a movie if no one sees it?

Emergency Funds

Costs $435

About five percent of our budget.


Costs $1,740

Ye who tackles the taxes is a truly shining star.

Extra Compensation

Costs $395

For our crew members who insist that they don't need to be paid....let's please disagree!

G-Technology® Hard Drive ($300)

Costs $300

G-Technology® is the gold standard for storage solutions specifically designed for content creators. We’ll get a storage grant from them when we get the Green Light!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

This project is a collaboration of Hollow Tree Films LLC in New York City and Los Angeles filmmakers Kelsey Snelling and Jenell Manzi.

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