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You helped us bring the story of the modern pin up to film festivals. Now help us take the next step. We're looking for funding to bring the pin up to the WORLD - through a global tour and an interactive online documentary. Check out our Day 25 update for follower/backer bonuses!

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The Story

Pin Up! The Movie is a feature-length documentary - and so much more! We're the first ever film to tell the story of the modern pin up: women who live and breathe vintage style.



We've already made it to the festival circuit and are now looking for funding to help with:

  • a global screening tour
  • music licensing for distribution
  • post-production of our online interactive documentary, including adding features with 20+ new pin ups who we're casting via select pin up contests and a casting call on our Instagram


It's Always Been the Cat Eye

It was just two years ago when I started working on what would become Pin Up! The Movie. Easy peasy, I thought. A couple of women, a photographer, a rock star expert (Maria Elena Buszek), great images - mix it all up and out comes a documentary.


What I found was a story about empowerment, sisterhood, and, yes, feminism.

Prepping for a photo shoot.


Pin Up! The Movie draws viewers into the pin up subculture. We follow a group of women through their everyday lives, learning why they’re drawn to the retro style. There are two interrelated stories within the feature film. In one, a group of women compete for the title of Miss 1940s White Christmas Ball. In the other, established pin up photographer Mitzi Valenzuela and her crew seek a new fresh face for a magazine spread. Through it all we discover that the pin up, far from being a vision gazed upon by men, is actually a feminist icon: a symbol of the power, beauty, and solidarity found in womanhood.


This documentary NEEDED to happen, to show how the pinups of today have

changed the lives of others while changing their own lives for themselves.

The documentary's goal to capture it on film is far from over, and I hope

that one day I can be a part of such an important project!♡

Miss Mozzy Dee, Pin Up                                


The pin up, to borrow from art historian Buszek (a producer and academic consultant on the film), has a clear feminist lineage: starting with the independent Gibson Girl of the late 1800s continuing to the do-it-yourself pin up made by women for women during World War II and even manifesting in the pin up poster art of Gil Elvgren, who painted the traditional “girl with car” with a twist: his “girls” were winning race car drivers.



Our online interactive documentary goes a step further - introducing viewers to women from across the globe who are a part of the pin up scene. Between the feature film and online documentary, we're featuring more than fifty women who share their experiences with us in order to help vewiers understand their world.


At it's core, Modern Pin Up is about feminism and female empowerment, and

this film shows that very well through interviews with pin ups, photographers,

and authors. Very thought-provoking and entertaining,

"Pin Up! The Movie" is a definite must-see.

Freddie Premo, Fan                              


We Have a Look....

We're taking our inspiration from pin up style. The feature film uses contemporary music by mostly independent artists (think Postmodern Jukebox, Imelda May, the Barberettes, and others) to set our tone. The women tell their stories in their own words - no narration here! And we made ample use of both vintage and contemporary photographs, film and other images.


"Pin Up: The Movie!" is an inspirational film about the modern woman today.

Anyone can be a pin up, no matter what obstacles or how routine one's life is.

All women need to feel beautiful and enhance their confidence

within. A confident woman is a powerful one.

Leslie Rox, Pin Up                                   


For the gals and guys who aren't sure they want to go full vintage IRL (and for those who do), the i-doc offers a rich exploration of pin up style combining only online material with excerpts from the film. Viewers fill up a virtual "make-up case" with stories, photographs, and all sorts of other virtual goodies. It's almost like a pin up game - as users complete segments they'll get access to new elements of the film. And did we mention we plan to make it completely free?



On the red carpet with some of the gals you'll meet in our i-doc.


Our idea turns the "how" of the story over to viewers/users. We have interrelated story lines you can follow, but you don't have to go from A to B to C... you can go from M to D to K if you desire We're working with a platform called Racontr, that is cutting edge for this type of stuff.    


How Can I Help?


Even though we're already in festival release, we can still use your help! We're looking for funding for music licensing for distribution, travel and other costs for domestic and international screenings (we already have bookings in Boulder CO, San Diego CA, Australia, and Sweden), and post-production of the interactive documentary. And we have stretch goals we'll unlock if we reach our inital campaign goal. #fingerscrossed

A bit skint right now? No worries. We're also looking for in-kind donations, ranging from public relations help to arranging screenings to ??? You pick the category and tell us how you want to help!


Can't contribute anything at the moment? Just sign up for updates - simply following the project can help us win the Seed & Spark Project Greenlight Untold Stories Challenge and get up to $20,000 in matching funds plus distribution!




Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Music Licensing

Costs $7,000

Great music costs money. We're cool for the festival run. This goal gets us through distribution. Music vid shenanigans a plus.

I-Doc Production

Costs $5,225

We have the stories - these funds will help us produce our rich, interactive documentary experience.

Pin Up World Domination Tour

Costs $7,200

Bringing the story of the pin up to a theater near you. We already have screenings in Sweden and Australia scheduled.


Costs $2,500

Publicity, social media, and more. Helping us reach out to you.


Costs $1,500

Netflix. iTunes. Hulu. Amazon Direct. These are hard costs we need to prepare for distribution so you can watch from your own sofa.

G-Tecnology Wish List

Costs $800

HD production takes a LOT of storage. We need a selection of rugged drives so we can produce on the go. #BeOurHero

FilmTools Wish List

Costs $775

The Libec Tripod and Slider will take our i-doc production to the next level. Plus they're selling it at steep discount!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Director Kathleen M. Ryan came to pin-up via a mother who dreamed of drawing centerfolds (her idol was Alberto Vargas) and a love of red lipstick. Her last project Homefront Heroines: The WAVES of World War II screened at the Sarasota Film Festival and the San Pedro International Film Festival, and won an award of excellence from the Broadcast Education Association. She spent nearly twenty years in broadcast journalism before moving to long-format storytelling. She’s eternally grateful to Sheila Broderick and Helper Marcus of Sheila Broderick Photography for suggesting that she pose during a film shoot to take the photo featured here. There’s a plus side to working on projects with pin up photographers!


The first thing people ask Producer David Staton when they learn he owned a photography gallery in Santa Barbara, California: Do you take photographs? The answer: I take snapshots. Staton knows enough to leave photo expertise to the experts. He brings a love of art and aesthetics and a passion for storytelling to his work as a producer and co-founder of TaylorCatProductions. He spent two decades as an arts journalist and gallerist before exploring interactive documentary storytelling. This is his third long-format production. (Sheila helped him out with photography too!).


Craftivism. The Art of Noise. Pin-Up Grrrls. Producer Maria Elena Buszek is one busy woman. The author of Pin Up Grrls: Feminism, Sexuality and Popular Culture argues that the pin up historically isn’t just something for men to stare at – it’s also been a way for women to express and explore their sexuality. This is her first film project. Did we mention she’s also the mom of two, a full-time professor, and an a respected curator? Yeah, that’s girl power.


We're super excited to be teaming with the amazing pin up and hot rod photographer Mitzi Valenzuela of Mitzi and Co Photography on this project. Not only has she introduced us to some amazing people (and is a key part of the film), but she's also help us to cast and develop our interactive documentary.





Current Team