Please Be Love

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Sydney Harris

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As a female voice in the film industry, I am striving to create strong characters. Nelly, faces many challenges but triumphs in the end as the master of her own adventure. I hope that you will join me in this journey of creating female-centric empowering stories with impact.

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The Story




Set in present day California, Please Be Love, is a Dramady Short written, directed and produced by Sydney Harris.  The story follows Nelly, a washed up dancer who falls in love with Lauren, a flower of a man and ends up taking a life changing journey. A national disaster pushes up an old family feud between Lauren and his half brother Earl. All three find themselves scrambling for their lives as the world around them is falling apart.





As a young girl, I grew up making movies with my family on our farm in Alabama. Birthed out of the brilliant brain of my uncle Buddy Perry, each holiday we got to play new characters in his scripts, whether we were missionaries, canibles or searching for a talking pig, every time we started to make a film I knew it was like extended PLAY TIME and I was all in. Knowing that there is a piece of land that so deeply units a family has always given me sence of home. I graduated from Tulane University the year following Hurricane Katrina. At the time, I was teaching dance to the New Orleans community. Watching what such loss of land and property did to families, watching how communities can build or further destroy thier lives after such sudden devastation is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. When I sat down to write this story I wanted to draw from some of the beautiful broken stories I have witnessed and experienced in my life.  Some of them funny and some of them become funny with time. My hope is that PLEASE BE LOVE is the beginning of a budding relationship of a team of filmmakers telling stories about humanity with a focus on the female perspective: for women and written by women. And ENTERTAINING for all!





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Costs $800

Not only do we want to look good but to sound good. Having the right sound person and equipment on set makes a world of difference.


Costs $2,000

Dancers' Make-up, Flashdance/Burlesque Costumes, Feather Fans, Old Clothes for Lauren, Medical, Gas Station, Diner Outfits and Fake Blood


Costs $800

My favorite part of the shoot. As a Southern Woman, I just have to make sure there are full bellies on set. In Kind would be divine.


Costs $2,000

Jumbo's Clown Room or the like, Hospital/Hospital Room, Classic Car, Gas Station and Diner, Private Beachfront, Charming L.A


Costs $2,000

Camera, Booms, Mics, Monitors, Lights, Dolly, Apple Boxes for Megan Cullen. We are looking at a 4 day shoot and we're sweet on borrowing.


Costs $3,000

Campaign Team-Coaching, Graphics, and Social Media. This would not be possible without the help of PLEASE BE LOVE'S team-they're not free:)


Costs $4,400

Director of Photography, Her Assistant, Assistant for Tommy on set, Actors. etc. There are a lot of favors happening....but not all.

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