Pocket Change

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Action, Comedy

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A Comedic Heist Short Film, who doesn't like action and a laugh? A story that can provide both, along with a team of BIPOC creatives who are ready to make it happen!

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Mission Statement

Our team is primarily comprised of AAPI and BIPOC creatives, and telling stories from our perspectives, whether culturally tied or not, is important for representation from a grass roots movement. We create stories for entertainment, and with a heart at it's core.

The Story

Love makes us do things we never thought we would do.

It's also a heist film, and how far we would go for some... POCKET CHANGE! it is also a story about love, with why we change, and usually that involves matters of the heart.

We have a team of interesting personalities from recognizable heist archetypes after a gangload of money to pay for their own self-centered interests, and twists and turns along the way I wouldn't want to spoil here.


But why the heist genre? It's a popular and underrepresented genre, and given our times with news that seems to make the world a darker place, making it a comedy can help lighten the load for some remedial laughs and entertainment.

The world right now feels doom and gloom, so let's entertain! Hence, this film.

Why us? Our team has experience with genre films, and with our experience from what we have learned, we can build from that with strong execution. 

Covid has made making movies hard, so we are working with what we have at the moment financially to keep things safe with COVID supplies. With these funds, we can afford what we need to actually tell this story. Any extra money past our goal will go to our film festival submissions fund!


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Cash Pledge

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Makeup/Special FX

Costs $50

Blood capsules, makeup for scarring and wounds..


Costs $600

We want to eat and keep our team happy and energized for the shoot!


Costs $100

Items to help cover those used within the story of our film!

About This Team

Director - Javier Augusto Nunez

Javier is an independent filmmaker with over 10 years of experience writing, directing, and producing in Canada, Colombia and most recently in the United States. He is an enterprising professional, comfortable with all aspects of audiovisual creation and post-production, and is currently developing 3 narrative feature film projects, two in English and one in Spanish. Throughout his career, Javier has directed and produced short documentaries, narrative short films, corporate videos, as well as music and experimental video clips. He has demonstrated success through his participation in several film festivals in Latin America as well as in Canada and USA. Javier is currently focusing his directorial talents towards narrative feature films in development with socially relevant stories. His projects don't just tell stories but also make commentary on social and political realities of marginalized groups in society. He is especially interested in suspense, dystopian sci-fi, and dramatic psychological thrillers. His projects are planned as international co-productions with female lead protagonists.

Producer - Vincent Eclavea Jr.

Vincent Eclavea Jr. was born in Oakland, CA; raised in Salinas, CA; living in between the Bay Area and Los Angeles; and is thoroughly Californian. He hails from Filipino, Chinese, and Guamanian descent. Having discovered acting in his post high school days, Vincent has since performed in films, commercials, and classical/contemporary theatre. He has studied at various institutions such as Stella Adler LA, American Conservatory Theater, and the now defunct IO West. In addition to acting, he is no stranger to cultivating skills to broaden his experiences and is an acrobat of learning. His hobbies include Hip-hop dance, boxing, and the martial arts. In his belief in the power of the hero's journey, Vincent engages his imagination by frequently watching anime and considers it to be his nerdy obsession.

He is now getting into producing, creating stories that are connected to themes in line with his mission as an artist, and is a strong supporter for AAPI representation in the entertainment industry.

Screenwriter - Mark Labella

My name is Mark Labella. SAG/AFTRA actor – writer -producer. I was born in Cebu, Philippines and raised in San Diego, CA. I’m a very hospital corpsman of the US Navy. Though I graduated with a degree in medicine, saved some lives along the way, the calling to be a story teller has never escaped me.

I love to write and acting is one of the most exciting parts of storytelling because you get to truly live in the world of the story that you’re telling.

Line Producer - Kelly Chen

1st AD - Kai Perez

Current Team