Porch Roof

Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania | Film Short

Drama, Romance

Sink Lindsay

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Porch Roof is a semi-autobiographical exploration of grief. Helmed by a 100% femme crew, this nostalgic short film subtly lays bare the shades of loss and longing unique to first love relationships.

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Mission Statement

We believe that we can tell a compelling story about the human experience on screen, and at the same time create opportunities for women in film. With the exception of the film's male lead, we plan to employ a 100% femme crew, from pre-production through post-production.

The Story

We are 435 Productions, a production company co-founded by Stephanie Rose, Sink Lindsay and Caprica Stanley.

After years of working in the commercial field, we’re itching to get back to what drew us to filmmaking in the first place: storytelling. Collectively, we bring over 20 years of industry experience and are bursting to bring our know-how to narrative mediums. 

In our initial planning phase, it became evident that we had a wide network of female-identifying talent in production and post-production. We believe that we can tell a compelling story, and at the same time create opportunities for the very talented women we've come to work with over the years. 

With the exception of the film's male lead, we plan to employ a 100% femme/non-binary crew, from pre-production through post-production.

We will allocate the majority of our budget to pay these women their full rate.

We have partnered with female-led production company Honey Head Films to ensure this project comes to life. Honey Head launched their brand in 2016 and have spent the last five years disrupting the industry’s male-dominated status quo. We hope to combine our efforts and continue filling the need for more desirable roles for women in media.

We believe this film’s nostalgic narrative will resonate with anyone who’s experienced first love, and especially those who want to empower female filmmakers.

Women are worth what they’re worth and it’s high time we bridged the pay gap. 

In 2016, women accounted for only 14% of creatives in the industry. Since then, despite post-MeToo  initiatives, we've been crawling at 1% per year. 

The gender pay gap is still a prevalent issue we face, with women in the US earning 84% as much as men in 2020. This means that a woman would have to work an estimated 42 extra days to make as much money as a man in the same position.

Most short film producers are forced to call in favors, utilize volunteers in exchange for exposure, and cut as many financial corners as possible. Porch Roof isn’t a passion project with the expectation that everyone will work for free. We’re committed to paying our crew their full, deserved rates.

We have a nest egg started and are leaning on YOU to help get us over the finish line.

Are you ready to rally with us?

Porch Roof is a nostalgic short film and exploration of loss. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Rachel "Sink" Lindsay temporarily returned to her childhood home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. A few years earlier, she had lost her former love—her first love—in a car accident. Living at home again brought memories back in new, visceral ways.

Sink created this film as a reaction to her ongoing grief.

The film will be textured and evocative in tone to convey the feeling of delving into your past. We were inspired by the spacious realism in Normal People, Moonlight and Premature, but with a touch of the charm and humor of shows like Insecure.

Through the lens of this slice-of-life short, our femme-led team will explore themes of grief and romantic love in a manner we feel is distinct. 

Porch Roof’s narrative delicately unearths fundamental questions about the human experience while providing women––the imperative forces behind our project––with deserved payment.

We've spent the last 14 months assembling a dynamite team of femme filmmakers we're lucky to have on board for this project. Each creative brings a unique essence to our film––learn more about every lovely lady on our team page.

(Without Cutting Corners)

The funds we raise through Seed&Spark will be used to provide our femme crew with full rates soup-to-nuts. 

We've been working tirelessly in the development process for this very special project; perfecting the narrative, assembling our A-team, refining our budget, and securing *fiscal sponsorship

Now, with the help of our community (YOU, sweet friend!), we're ready to launch into the production phase and bring this story to life the right way.  

Our campaign includes WISHLIST ITEMS such as provided meals, donated location, equipment loans etc. 

As a *fiscally sponsored* production, any contributions to our film will be automatically eligible for a 2022 tax write-off.

We will take utmost precaution to ensure everyone's safety on this shoot, especially when it comes to COVID protocol. We have pre-production/production timeline alternatives in place should we need to delay our slated shoot dates, but we're hoping our proactive safety measures will enable us to film at the optimal time of year for this narrative (late summer/early fall 2022).  

When you contribute to our campaign, you are supporting a film that: 

  • Is committed to paying femmes their full, deserved rates.
  • Increases representation for women on and off screen.
  • Values diversity behind the camera with women/non-binary folks fulfilling all roles at every level.
  • Sheds light on poignant themes and promotes personal healing. 

After months of grassroots momentum, we’re finally opening the door to the support of our COMMUNITY. 

Thank you for pitching into this project––and movement––you’re an imperative part of launching the next chapter for our community of women in film. 

THANK YOU from the bottom of our lady hearts.


You can support our film by making a monetary pledge and choosing an incentive that matches your budget. We MUST collect 80% of our crowdfunding goal in order to keep our funds.

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Website: porchrooffilm.com
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Femme Crew

Costs $24,850

It's imperative that we pay our femme crew their full, deserved rates + bridge the pay gap for womxn


Costs $1,500

Maintaining a safe working environment is key--especially on a roof!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Travel & Housing

Costs $5,000

We want our cast & crew to travel safely & have a comfortable place to rest their heads.


Costs $5,000

An absolute essential! Help serve this nostalgic piece with an authentic industry grade aesthetic.

Art Department

Costs $1,000

We're sourcing wardrobe + props exclusively from femme-owned brands.


Costs $1,200

Crucial for taking care of all team members as they make movie magic!


Costs $1,400

It's important to us to pay our actors what they deserve.

About This Team

Assembling Our A-Team

We've spent the last 14 months assembling a dynamite team of femme filmmakers we're lucky to have on board for this project. Each creative brings a unique essence to our film––learn more about them: 

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