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They're straight, they're queer, they're pretty. After the events of the first season, the Dudes deal with death, new loves, a kidnapping, and what it means to be friends in today's world. It seems their luck has finally changed...but for the better? Their drama is your comedy.

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Mission Statement

With this multicultural sitcom, we represent the world the way it truly is. Our abled and disabled cast and crew range across across the racial, gender and queer spectrums. We continue to express, in front of and behind the camera, that we see ourselves best when we dare to see each other.

The Story


A group of friends, one living space - it's been done before, but never like on "Pretty Dudes." A show willing to look at race, gender, sexuality, and all intersections of life, the web series broke boundaries with its depiction of millenial friendships in the era of Obama.

All nineteen episodes of our first season were self-funded with a mountain-moving, "let's put on a show, Kermit" mentality. Our cast was an amazing mix of show biz veterans (Yoshi Sudarso, a Power Ranger! Beau Sia, a Tony-winner!) and talents just breaking into the industry. And the best part of the story is that we did it. The miracle manifested, the dream became a reality. The NYPS Network awarded us "Show of the Year" and we are now streaming on REVRY TV.




photo: Adam Anderson



They're straight, they're queer, and they're all pretty. After the climactic events of the first season, the Dudes are in a new place, both literally and physically. As the Dudes decide to swear off sex by entering a celibacy pact, they find themselves processing a shocking death, surprise new romances, and an accidental celebrity kidnapping It seems their luck has indeed changed... but has it changed for the better?

Addressing topics such as religion, bigotry within marginalized communities, abilism, and what it means to be open-minded and empathetic in an increasingly close-minded and empathy-deficient world, Season Two is going to take the Dudes to hilarious places no other show would dare. In other words, their drama is your comedy.


photo: Daniel Villegas


The Execution

We can't count on another miracle, so we're looking to fund the basics we need to continue our story in the unparalleled way that we are telling it. For Season Two's twelve 20-minute episodes, we need the basics: video, sound, locations, and food. Additional money will go towards crafting costumes for our all-Prince Halloween episode, "Dearly Beloved." The funds raised in our "Butt Fund" will enable cast members to bare their booties in some of our more sexy sequences. Our amazing team has already been working for several months to create something unparraleled, hilarious, and full of diversity of thought (without the need to dehumanize) and inclusive representation. By raising 12K, we will be able to create a series where the quality of the viewing will match the quality we put in front of and behind the camera.


photo: Jomar Miranda




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Butt Fund

Costs $1,000

We dare to bare in season two, and we must to pay our actors to do so.


Costs $1,500

A well fed cast and crew is a happy cast and crew. #facts


Costs $2,500

We want to upgrade our sound quality for Season Two, and that requires a fantastic sound crew.

Camera Equipment

Costs $3,000

With a new camera and lenses, we will have a consistent visual look for Season Two.


Costs $1,000

We're doing a Halloween episode this season. Gotta get the proper drag.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

House & Additional Locations

Costs $3,000

We need to find a house, an art gallery, and an escape room (among others spots).

About This Team


Award-winning director Chance Calloway is the creator and showrunner of "Pretty Dudes." His "Winter" and "Straight Up" and his books Peculiar, INC and Lost: a Never novella continue his mission (a "melanin mission") of creating and exploring stories for all people about individuals from marginalized communities.


JOMAR MIRANDA, executive producer

Jomar executive produced Season One of "Pretty Dudes" and returns in the same role for the new season. An accomplished writer, director and photographer, his artistic eye has elevated projects by Jenyi and Jessica Louise among others.


KAT NGUYEN, producer

Kat is an advocate for diverse stories and storytellers. She produces a female driven comedic variety web series titled “Girls Gone Mild.” When she’s not supporting visionaries with fresh perspectives, Kat writes and produces short films with a social message. She is a member of the Lady Parts Collective, an all-female theater company that creates works about issues that impact our community - the most recent project being The Gray, which tackles sexual assault in college campuses.


TONY GARBANZOS, associate producer

Tony worked on the first season of "Pretty Dudes" as a producer and co-writer, as well as recurring in the role of "Patrick." For our current season, he returns both onscreen and off, producing and acting once again. Outside of this web series, Tony also produces "Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival" in Little Tokyo, serves as a host for "Happy Hour with Miss Golightly" at the UCB Sunset Inner Sanctum, and makes appearances in front of sold out crowds as a part of "Asian AF" (Asian As F***), the premier Asian American comedy variety show at the UCB Theatre in LA and NY.


MATTHEW ELAM, associate producer

Matthew runs Movie-Feens, a hub for film lovers to discuss the newest films as well as their favorites. A creator since childhood, he joins our show with his considerable understanding of social media and storytelling.



Chris is an author, poet & writer of anotherno(te) comics. His works have been featured in FORTH magazine and Poetry Leaves.


ANDREA LEE, writer

Andrea is best known on Twitter as @_maleficentt and (most famously) on YouTube as "Patti LaHelle" - the creative mind and force (and voices) behind mega-hit and culture influencer “Got 2B Real.” Andrea joins our team as a co-writer and genius extraordinairre. Yes, she has the range.


DOULOS KUN, director of photography
Doulos is a cinematographer whose work has taken him around various parts of the world. He has worked with companies such as Ferrari, Microsoft, and Complex Magazine just to name a few. His short film, SOMETIMES, shot in Hong Kong, was released this year.


DANTE FERNANDEZ, marketing and fundraising assistant

Having worked on several films and movies in various capacities, Dante brings his artistry and understanding of the industry to the "Pretty Dudes" set. He'll also shar even more as a performer on the series this season.


T H E • M A I N • C A S T


As the gay Latinx Zario, Bryan brought a new perspective to the televised queer experience. Also appearing on "American Vandal" and "K.C. Undercover," we're happy to have Bryan back as the man who gets everything he wants, even when it's not good for him.



Xavier's performance as playboy Ellington has already garnered a "Best Performance" accolade by the NYPS Network Awards. His charismatic blend of humor and heartbreak is a welcome return to our series.



Kyle has been quite the vixen in music videos for artists like Lindsey Stirling, Emma Sameth and loren north. On our series he was the fish out of water as gamer Alexander, and we're estatic to have him return to the role.



Garnering huge laughs as the Dude without much brain power, Yoshi returns as the soul of the Dudes. Best known as Koda the Blue Ranger on "Power Rangers: Dino Charge," Yoshi can also be seen on the hit seriess "Agents of SHIELD," "Glow," and the upcoming feature film Buffalo Boys.



With an impossibly atmospheric body of music (and an impossibly atmospheric Instagram), Tanerélle continues her conquering of all forms of creation by joining our cast as the new housemate who has several surprises to reveal.



Joshuah stole hearts and imaginations as a special guest in a few episodes of our series, so it was a necessity to bring him back with an arc of his own with our upcoming episodes as a lead character.



Also returning from a recurring role in Season One, Aria steps into a leading position as the thoughtful and intense art critic with a love life on life support.



As the rascally new man in Zario's life, Manny joins us after several amazing appearances on "Apt. 210" and JustKidding Films.



A phenomenal model who has worked with many of the greats, Christian has been stepping into the world of film with roles on "Insecure" and "American Crime: Versace." He expands his body of work with "Pretty Dudes."


Current Team