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Mission Statement

Everyone will be included in the hiring process, all genders, all races, all levels of diversity, behind the lens & in front. This is not a time to be silent, to be idle, but a time for a community to work as one. From the ashes we'll lift each other up to once again see the light in this dark time.

The Story

Almost everyone in the world is impacted by the entertainment industry.

Actors. Writers. Directors. Cinematographers. Makeup Artists. Production Assistants. Caterers. Sound Mixers. Grip & Electric. VFX Artists. Audience Members . . . 

The credit list scrolls on virtually forever.

Just in the US alone, the entertainment industry is averaged to employ 2 million creative individuals a year.

Now imagine all of those people out of work before the movie title card has even made it onto the screen. During this pandemic, millions of creatives have lost their jobs, especially crew members, whether their current or future productions were cancelled, or they were laid off from their non-industry jobs that were allowing them to pursue their dreams.

Millions are hurting and I for one cannot sit idly by in my sweatpants for one more day.

While many are unsure if they can pay their rent, scared they can't afford their groceries, there are some fortunate enough to still be financially comfortable in this desolate time.

This plea for help, is aimed at you. 

Creatives around the world need your assistance, especially film crew members who were hit hard, and I've created just the plan to help move that forward.



✭ Project Phoenix is a fund created to equally employ forgotten freelancers recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic as we enter into the "new normal" of Hollywood. 


✭ This fund, raised through your generous pledges and loans, will allow us to give both financial and mental stability to crew members. Unlike traditional film sets, all positions hired through Project Phoenix will be paid equally, with our PAs making the same salaries as our directors. 


✭ This is much bigger than just making films together. This is about getting everyone back on their feet after struggling for months during the industry shutdown and pandemic quarantine. 



For every $250K raised, Project Phoenix can produce another feature film, employing roughly 30 more crew members at a fair and equal wage, in addition to cast.

**The more money raised, the more people in need we can help.**



**It is important to know that myself as project overseer with Mother & Daughter Entertainment will NOT be receiving a salary for any projects funded through Project Phoenix. All pledges will be strictly used to employ OTHER creatives.

★ Examples of fully written scripts (courtesy of Mother & Daughter Entertainment), ready to immediately begin virtual pre-production once funds are raised.


  1.  Kids’ Musical Comedy – “Girlband/Boyband”

Lemonade Mouth meets Camp Rock; Museical and Boys4U are in an ongoing competition to be the best band in the world - but they find they can make magic if they work together to make a new hit single.


    2.  Horror – (First film of a 5-film franchise) “Karma”

Carrie meets The Society; In this high school horror, Karmalina, your typical girl-next-door, brings justice to those who have been wronged.


    3.  Inspirational True Story – “The Girl with the Crooked Smile”

Soul Surfer meets The Miracle Season; The incredible true story of Sarah Tubert, the girl who defied all the odds and came out victorious.
(Sarah is on the US National Deaf Women’s Volleyball Team, this is her story)


    4.  LGBTQ Family Drama – “The Cabin”

Fighting Proud meets Big Fish; After his life has seemingly ended due to a scandal, James escapes to his family’s cabin where he presumes he could be alone. Once there, he is met by his estranged father, who has shocking news. However, James is unable to reconcile with his dad, before succumbing to pancreatic cancer.


    5.  Kids’ Adventure – (Sequel) “The League of Legend Keepers: Time Machine”

Jumanji meets The Goonies; A year after leaving the League of Legend Keepers and going their separate ways, Sophie and Edison must reunite in Guatemala to save the universe once again.


    6.  Kids' Animal Adventure – “Darcy Delane: Pet Psychic”

Doc McStuffins meets Dr. Doolittle; A 10-year-old girl, a militant animal rights activist, has a psychic ability to communicate with animals. She is recruited to help a police officer who has kidnapped the only living thing that has been a witness to an untouchable mob boss's every crime... his spoiled dog.


    7.  Sci-Fi – “Bolt From The Blue”

Arrival meets The Space Between Us; While navigating love and coming into adulthood, a young girl on a farm finds herself evading the law with a man who's truly out of this world.


    8.  Crime Drama – Untitled Spy Film

Taken meets Mission: Impossible; When her father is kidnapped, the daughter of a dead spy must use everything her mother taught her to get him back, even if it uncovers painful family secrets.



While Hollywood may still be getting back on its feet for production, there is one huge step in the filmmaking process that can begin immediately from the comfort of your couch. . .




As this fund grows, pre-production can immediately begin for another film, delivering paychecks to those struggling during this devasting time. I want to be very clear on two things: one, I will not be taking a salary for my work, all funds go to other creatives; and two, as long quarantine rules are still in effect, we will not be breaking protocol to work in person. Technology’s advancements these days allow us to virtually meet through video chats, where we can discuss casting, locations, mood boards, shot lists, and much more. We can do all of the prep NOW for multiple films and begin shooting once the quarantine has been safely lifted.

This fund will then help us continue to provide employment during Principal Photography and Post-Production for each film. 

Why am I doing this you might ask? Who am I?

I’m Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, a British award-winning filmmaker and philanthropist based in Los Angeles. I’ve just finished my 9th feature film, all having been high quality productions at Ultra Low Budget costs. My latest feature Evie Rose, starring Oscar-nominated actress Terry Moore, follows the heartwarming story of an unusual friendship during the final day of a 100-year-old woman’s life. I am the founder and resident director of entertainment company Mother & Daughter Entertainment, where our motto is “Making Content That Matters”, putting focus on each project starting a conversation amongst viewers.  (
Being a female director, I strive to make projects with at least a 50/50 female cast and crew.  A regular on panels at Sundance, Cannes and Toronto International Film Festival, I mentor wherever possible, ensuring to send the elevator back down to all other directors and filmmakers.
I am a dedicated creative who’s sets always feel like a family. We get the job done, but have a blast doing it. I have a fantastic support system of creatives who help me produce high quality content at low budgets, often letting me borrow equipment or donating their time.

But do not mistake the limited funds for poor production value. Filming on hgh quality cameras with a wealth of industry knowledge, I am constantly seeking out creatives who are as passionate as me about entertainment and thrive on being involved in a production.


Those dedicated, hungry dreamers, the crew members who tirelessly work unrecognized behind the scenes, are the ones I want to give back to during this hard time.

Not only would Project Phoenix help them out financially, but also mentally, giving them an outlet in their dream career field in a time when all other production has ceased; in a time when mental health is suffering during quarantine.
Everyone who joins me on Project Phoenix is truly saving lives. You are helping to house a young girl, feed an older gentleman, keep a desperate teen from committing suicide in this dark time.
This is no exaggeration. This pandemic is hitting everyone hard, some worse than others. So why can’t those of us who have just a little extra, give a bit to those struggling during this time. If I could support these filmmakers alone, I would, but I simply do not have the funds. Join me in this call to action.
Together let’s foster the creative environment that we all love and thrive so much in. The industry that we all sacrifice for on the daily even when there is not a global pandemic.
Because creating content will not only save those involved in the filmmaking process, but will trickle down and spread it’s saving grace to audience members, continuing to inspire around the globe.


Together let’s rise from the ashes and relight the world’s creative fire.







Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Distribution for ONE Film

Costs $500

Sales agent for distribution opportunities

Principal Cast/Above The Line for ONE Film

Costs $3,000

Principal cast and above-the-line crew for ONE film

Below The Line For ONE Film

Costs $3,000

Story & Rights, Writing, Producer's Unit, Stunts for ONE Film

Production For ONE Film

Costs $2,000

Camera, Sound, Lighting, Set Design, Wardrobe, Makeup/Hair, Props for ONE Film

Post-Production For ONE Film

Costs $1,000

Picture Editorial, Post Production Sound, Post Production Film&Lab, Music for ONE Film

Legal Fees

Costs $500

Insurance, Misc. Charges, Contingency for ONE Film

About This Team

The team behind Project Phoenix is entertainment company

Mother & Daughter Entertainment.


Run by two real-life mother/daughter duos:


Daughter/Actress Isabella Blake-Thomas & Mother/Director Elizabeth Blake-Thomas




Daughter/Actress Chandler Kinney & Mother/Company CEO Taryn Corbett-Kinney


Our company motto is "Making Content That Matters".


Project Phoenix embodies this motto, embracing the very essence of the words. By creating a fund to produce these 8 feature films (which are already written and polished with some names attached as cast), we can employ 250 creatives who are struggling during this pandemic. We can make a direct impact on their lives, as well as on global audiences once our created content is released.


But as a small business, we do not have the funds to do this alone . . .

We do however have the experience in quality filmmaking on a lower budget. We have shot 9 feature films, 2 shorts, and a short form series in our short time as a company, with 3 new documentary shorts currently in production. 

Check out our website for more information on our company and to view our work, such as our recent award-winning child trafficking awareness short film, UNSEEN.




The rest of our team is compiled by YOU!


Positions both above and below the line (cast and crew) are open for hiring, on hold for the funds to employ talented creatives.

We have an amazing network of creatives from our past projects that we'd love to work with again, as well as find many fresh faces in the industry to join our family!


Together we can "Make Content That Matters" ♥︎

Current Team