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Join Lina, an Asian American as she journeys back home and understand how interactions with strangers, friends and her own family, while living in America have shaped not only her identity as an American, but as an Asian.

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Mission Statement

When it comes to racism & discrimination, the Asian experience is often overlooked. Growing up a 2nd gen Asian in a small US town, I never had representation in LIFE, nevermind film. Now I realize that I'm not alone in my experience of cultural isolation. Here is my story as a crazy non-rich Asian.

The Story


***UPDATES 10/7/18:

We have hit our target goal and can't wait to finish this movie to share with everyone!!!

We still need to reach at least 250 Followers on this campaign to unlock filmmaker perks such as additional resources, finances and access to distribution platforms! Additional perks are available at 500 followers and 1000 followers! But we would be happy to just reach 250 even! Please consider giving our film a FOLLOW (only requires an email address)! And if you'd like a link to watch the film once it is completed, feel free to claim that incentive for the price of a.. movie ticket! 


Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me bring this story to life!!!


***UPDATES 10/3/18:

We are officially GREENLIT and cannot thank you all enough!

I have been overwhelmed by support from our S&S audience and community with not only financial support to feed our film crew, but also shared stories of other people's experiences about growing up and trying to figure out how they belong. These stories feed my soul and resonate with my own, reminding me to make sure that I do this film right... it's not just MY story.... It's ALL OF OURS.



*BTS Photography by Don Chin. Chloe Kim as Child Lina. Jackie Dallas as Adult Lina.


I think that it is fitting that we are HALFWAY through our campaign and today, we begin the second half of making this film. Just because principal photography is complete, doesn't mean that the movie is finished... we still have post-production.. that means editing, sound design, visual effects, color mastering, and music, as well as any pick up shots, ADR (dialogue re-recording), or additional B-roll shooting. 



Given that we are at 91% of our initial goal and optimistically likely to hit our target, I'd like to propose some plans to keep the momentum going:

 - Any additional funds raised will only go towards increasing our post-production value. As any filmmaker and editor knows, this is a highly variable stage of the film and a finessed edit can elevate a film beyond the dialogue itself. 

 - I am in the works of talking with an award winning cinematic composer and I would LOVE to bring in a custom score and music track for the film. Not only a blend of song and score, but a customized sound utilizing traditional instruments such as the Haegeum to add another layer of cultural depth. We all know how the right music and score can trigger emotions and heighten a film's ability to tell a story.



 - I would love to submit this film once completed to as many film festivals as I can, including the prestigious Cannes, Sundance and Tribeca festivals. These film festivals usually have submission fees that range from $20-50 per festival, which often limits the opportunities available to small budget indie filmmakers, but the more we can submit to, the more it can be shared and seen! 




 - Promotion and marketing is a key factor in gaining an audience for a film. You can't watch something you don't know about... and while our social media accounts are gaining popularity (IG and Twitter @ProudShortFilm), this is an area that you really get out of it, what you put it. So any extra funds will go towards promoting, advertising, sharing and re-sharing the film on internet platforms, posters and memorabilia at festivals and events, and if we make it to the big leagues, commercials, mailings, awards campaigning (it could be Academy Awards qualifying if accepted to certain festivals), and more!



So keep sharing and posting and telling EVERYONE about PROUD! It can only get bigger and better from here and this is a story that is BIGGER than all of us. Please help me tell the world! :) 



Most Appreciatively,

Jackie Dallas

PROUD - Creator




First off, Thank you for taking the time to view my S&S campaign. As an emerging filmmaker I am grateful for your time and consideration and appreciate all the work you do for the indie filmmaking community. 



My latest film is a reflection of my experiences growing up as the only Asian American girl in a small town in the US. The film depicts normal, every day encounters that ranged from innocent curiosity to malicious discrimination and how these events lead me to initially reject my heritage before learning to embrace it.


These scenes are inspired by real life events. I grew up in the 90s in a small beach town in Florida with a population of less than 15,000 people. I was the only Asian American girl in my school.



Despite being born in the US, my cultural identity was constantly questioned. I didn't know how to be Asian and I could never be American enough. As an impressionable youth, this lead to a personal rejection of my ethnicity in an effort to fit in and deflect hurtful stereotypes.



It wasn't until I moved to larger diverse cities such as New York and San Francisco that I began to understand what it meant to be proud of my heritage and learn to embrace who I was. I also saw for the first time other Asian Americans who shared the same experiences as me growing up when we had no others to compare them with. 




Seeing Asian Americans on film is such a powerful emotion for me, because growing up in my small town, I didn't have representation in my LIFE, nevermind in film. Even now, as progressive as we'd like to consider our society to be, we still have a long way to go. While the racial struggles of many minorities are often highlighted by textbooks and the media, the Asian American experience is often left untold and unknown. 


I'd like to share my story with you. (Actual photos of me as a kid!)




The film begins with Lina, an Asian woman on a flight. The flight is full of other Asians and bound for the US, but it is unclear if she is arriving as a citizen or an immigrant. 


As she continues towards her destination, we view the world from her eyes as strangers attempt to discern her origin, her presence and her intentions.


Meanwhile, we are offered brief glimpses into her past which show us that her journey began much earlier than when we joined her. These snapshots allow us to understand more of who she is, and how her experiences shaped her into the woman she is today.




With recent movements in Hollywood, the audiences have proven that we are hungry for the inclusion and representation of minorities and people of color on the screen. It is unfortunate that our unique experiences, which resonate with such a large part of the population, have rarely had the opportunity to be told previously. With successes of films such as Moonlight, Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians, the time is ripe to continue the movement of Hollywood diversity. Programs such as the HBO Visionaries competition allow a platform for the inspired and underrepresented Asian Americans to finally tell their stories. 


Food Element:

Food is an integral part of a culture and has long been a way to bring people together. I want to use food as a metaphor for how our protagonist views her culture. When she is younger, she happily eats squid jerky without stigma. Once the stigma is placed, she rebukes it, and seeks out only western foods. Only after she learns to accept her culture does she seek out her traditional foods again, but remains acutely aware of how its looks and smells can be perceived by others not familiar with it.


General Tone and Feel:

Anticipation with a quiet intensity. The settings are familiar and unimpressive, but we feel that we are observing it for the first time with a new outlook while the rest of the world carries on. The flashback sequences are relived with a hint of bitterness, but the recollections are softened by nostalgia and a wise appreciation that what we survive makes us stronger in the end.


Color Palette:

The beginning of the film will begin muted and neutral colors. As it progresses, it will become more rich and colorful with heightened light-dark contrast and saturation.

Present day reality will have more cool, earthy blue and green tones, with accents of gold.

Flashbacks will be more sepia- infused with warm ambers and rose colors, punctuated by rich purples and greens



PROUD will be filmed with a hand held or steady cam to impart a sense of closeness to the main character. We are observers sharing her journey. There will be lots of close up and intimate shots early on in the film, and as we begin to understand more from her perspective, our frames will widen and become more steady to encompass more of the world around her. The present day scenes will be shot in hard focus, while the flashback scenes will be more whimsical and nostalgic with focus used to draw attention to the important pieces of memory.


Sound Design:

Most of the sound for PROUD will be environmental depicting the natural noises of each scene. Music will be minimal for most scenes. For flashback scenes, we will utilize silence to emphasize awkwardness and inability to speak up against injustices against the protagonist. Emphasis will be given to harsh noises that Lina uses to distract herself from confronting her feelings towards her identity. For present day scenes, the silence will be a more comfortable silence and a subtle musical score may enter halfway through the film.




Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Airplane Set

Costs $600

The opening scene of the film takes place on an airplane as Lina is flying from Asia to the USA.

Set Rental for the Family's Home

Costs $200

Several key scenes will take place in Lina's home growing up. Renting the perfect AirBnb for filming


Costs $2,800

While we indie filmmakers do a lot for little, in the name of art, it would be great to pay our crew


Costs $760

Once you've got the footage, you need still need a good editor to put it all together!

Sound and Music

Costs $500

Music adds so much to a film! Composing a custom score that ebbs & flows with the story is crucial!


Costs $1,200

Your film is only as good as your actors. This film will be SAG, ensuring that we have top talent!


Costs $240

A few key scenes will require uniforms and special period pieces.

Coffee, Crafty and Catering

Costs $400

When you're working lots of people long hours, the best way to show appreciation is with good food.

Misc Admin Production Costs

Costs $800

This will cover admin costs like printing, fees, permits and insurance.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team



Jackie Dallas

 - Writer / Director / Producer / Actress


Jackie is a SAG-AFTRA actress best known for her role on Stranger Things, and has recently worked on popular shows including Criminal Minds, The Resident and The Bold and the Beautiful.


She is also a former medical physician and founder of Pathologic Productions. Bringing her skills as an intensely organized and detail oriented multi-tasker, she now works to create meaningful content in the world of entertainment. She is a big advocate for female driven stories as well as Asian American representation. Since working behind the camera, she has taken on positions that range from producer to director to first assistant director in an effort to learn more about the key positions that streamline production for maximum efficiency. She is an influential member of the indie film community and divides her time between San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta.


Don Chin 

 - Executive Producer / Actor


Don’s most recent projects include internal communication/productions at high-tech companies, non-profits and volunteer community work. Don is a seasoned Silicon Valley Strategy and Planning Leader, with a successful track record of leading Engineering and Business Operations, driving department strategic priorities and best practices using Design Thinking and Agile methodologies in corporate and divisional activities, compliance, general management, governance, and effective internal communications. Highly skilled in organizing leadership teams for top performance, multi-project oversight, product portfolios, M&A support and organizational streamlining in fast-paced technology environments. Don’s personal interests include: non-profit board membership, support of Women in Leadership, mountain biking, skiing, camping, music (singing), TV/Movies (member of Screen Actors Guild, SAG)


Carlos Martinez

 - Executive Producer / PR and Marketing


Carlos is a Creative Video Director, Executive Producer, Writer and Producer. He was born in the heart of San Francisco's Mission district and found his way into working at startups Movoto, Exec, and Handy before becoming the first hire at creative agency Butterbar. There he directed, wrote and produced videos for Amazon, Snapchat, Facebook, and SoFi generated over 150 million views on social media. He now runs his own creative agency, Stuff Studios, and executive produces short films in his spare time. 

Matthew Emmanuel

 - Director of Photography


Born in Hawaii and raised in the Bay Area by a Chamorro mother and Chinese-Indian father, Matthew has a career as diverse as his heritage. Over the last decade, he's been lighting, pulling focus, and operating cameras from up in the air to below the sea, throughout the US to internationally, for CEOs to Nonprofits, and as a one man band to being a part of multimillion dollar productions. Past clients he's worked for include Facebook, Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, NBC, and many more. Outside of the corporate world, you'll find him pursuing his passion for indie features and shorts, often times with his wife Amelia who works as an Art Director and AC. The rest of the time he's probably chasing one of their two cats around the house.


Pathologic Productions


Founded by Jackie Dallas in 2017, Pathologic Productions has been aggressively pursuing unique film opportunities in the SF Bay area. Telling stories of the human condition.

• Watching You Die (2018) – Short film. Producer/Director. • Flux (2019) – Short film. Producer. • Look Into the Fire (2019) – Feature film. Producer • One and the Same (2019) – Feature film. Producer • Succedaneum (2019) – Feature film. Director/Producer





Dennis Blankenship

 - Executive Producer / Investor

Dennis is a seasoned Silicon Valley, CA and Research Triangle Park, NC engineering executive with experience leading large multi-site, global, and diverse engineering organizations developing real-time, embedded, communication, security, and networking applications and platforms for government and commercial markets.


A graduate of the University of South Florida, Tampa, his career spans 30 years starting off as a software developer on the Space Shuttle program at the famed Kennedy Space Center, FL. and moving into leadership where he has served in several executive management positions in Cisco Systems and Ericsson Corporation.



Ashvin Patel

 - Executive Producer / Investor

Ash grew up in San Francisco and worked for startups in the tech industry. After enjoying multiple years and positions in tech, he began his career in the Real Estate industry. For more than 15 years, his experience and education have allowed him to bring many different real estate disciplines and core competencies together to provide unique investment solutions. Acting and singing began as a childhood passion and continues to fuel his belief and support in the arts. Ash's personal interests include: serving as a board committee member at a private bay area high school, commercial pilot, hiking, piano and being an avid movie and theatre enthusiast.



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