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Kate Barton

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After splitting up with her baby-daddy, a young mom attempts to pursue her "pre-baby" dreams by forming a stand-up comedy mom band, "Pumped & Dumped," with her best friend, in hopes of one day landing her dream job as a TV writer on the popular Mom Network.

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The Story

     "Pumped & Dumped" at its heart is about the struggle to define yourself after you've had a kid (before you had the chance to fully figure yourself out in the first place, because you got surprise), and it's also about attempting to negotiate two people's seemingly opposite dreams into one life together. Because let's face it, while children are loveable gifts from God/monsters, they make anything else you persue way more challenging (like using the bathroom...alone). I would be lying if I said "Pumped & Dumped" wasn't a highly fictionalized version of my own story, and that writing this script has provided me with a means of cheap catharsis/therapy. We all have that one personal story as writers and filmmakers that we feel the compulsive need to tell, and this one is mine. 

     When I first began writing "Pumped & Dumped," I was very much in a place where I had to decide between pursuing my own dream of becoming a filmmaker and confronting my greatest fear of becoming what I thought was a responsible adult/parent for the sake of my son. What I have learned in that time is that while finding a balance between my dreams and my responsibilities as a mother may seem nearly impossible and conflict most of the time, what I am trying to achieve by creating this project ultimately outweighs any guilt I feel for not meeting all of the expectations others may have of me or the fear of letting my son down. Why?

     Simply put: I am making this film entirely for him (okay, maybe just a little for me too). Sure there are plenty of jokes within the movie rooted in the trials and tribulations of parenting, and yes, my son may get to know way too much about me one day at an appropriate age and find out how fallible I really am, but in all actuality, this film is a love letter to Milo (that's his name by the way). Milo has made me brave. We have been growing up together since the day he was born. I hope to create something so much larger than myself so that he will be proud of me, and that I can prove to myself my own strength on the days when I don't exactly feel like "enough" (which come closer together when you are a parent). And there is no better time than now, especially when he is at a stage in life where he will repeat back anything I say, the way I say it (A director's dream!). 

     Working through this project, my first feature film, has turned me into a force to be reckoned with, and while I seem to put out five to ten "tiny fires" a day, I have never felt happier nor more alive. I hope one day Milo will feel the need to pursue something he loves with as much passion and gusto. 

     That being said, of course, I did need that extra push to get me out of my comfort zone and wrap my head around the idea of directing and writing my first feature film, and that push came from Paula Elias and the lovely ladies of the Citizen Jane Film Festival (as well as my friend and mentor, director Dan Steadman). The mission of Citizen Jane is all about building a community of female filmmakers and reaching out to the woman who is just a few steps behind you in her career and taking her along for the ride, and that sentiment has stuck strongly with me throughout this process, so much so that we adopted a similar plan to apply in hopes of building a community around "Pumped & Dumped" as a production.

     One of the most exciting things we are doing with the film is reaching out to women, particularly other mothers, offering to help showcase their talents by including them in our film. I actually cast our chief villan, played by Mary-Jane Weinstein, over a meeting about her chocolate business "Super Sweets By Mary Jane." Initially, she was going to provide some chocolate favors for a baby shower scene, but I loved her kick-ass, "can-do" personality so much I wanted to add her to our team in a bigger way. "Pumped & Dumped" has also been working with mommy bloggers, photographers, bakers, and small business owners creating a growing community around the project where cross-promotion benefits everyone involved. I think it's common when you are pursuing a big venture like filmmaking to feel very isolated and out for yourself, but it is so much easier to be an artist when you have a strong group of talented people behind you with raw enthusiasm and the support of a community.

     Similarly, we have been collaborating with local musicians to create the original music for the film. My general inpiration for the music of "Pumped & Dumped" was a blend between the groups "Flight of the Conchords" and "Garfunkel and Oates," and we have found the perfect St. Louis-based, crunch funk band, Hazard To Ya Booty--- more like Hazard To My Uterus--- to help write the film's original music which includes songs like "Mommy Drinks Because You Cry," "Mommy Needs (Other Mommies Who Understand)," and "MILF," which includes a breast-pump back beat. In contrast to the rest of the fim's music, Michayla Stefany's original song "If You're Wondering" opens the film and is a perfect reflection of heartache and love lost (it has also reached 2,000 people via our Facebook page). We can't wait to show them off!!!

     As I've embarked on this journey with "Pumped & Dumped" (okay, I will confess, I did have initial title-remorse because I was afraid everyone would think it's a porn), the most rewarding and surprising result has been several other mothers and friends coming out of the woodwork to tell me how inspired and proud of me they are for pursuing my dream. I love each and every one of them for cheering me on, and hopefully, in one way or another, I can return the favor.

    Bottom line: we have an amazingly talented cast and crew, a hilarious script, great music, and the love and support of a wonderful community behind our project. We are ready and fully-committed to begin production, and we would love for you to come along and be part of this crazy adventure! Cheers!



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Red Camera Package Rental

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Camera body and lenses, and the best quality footage.

Arri D Kit Rental

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The better to see us with my dear.

Kino Celeb 200

Costs $1,050

So it looks like we have facial features.


Costs $5,750

We would love the reward our actors for their talent and time.


Costs $3,000

The DP will be the brains behind our shots and capturing our musical sequences.

First Assistant Director

Costs $2,250

Our director is directing and acting in the film, so we need an extra set of eyes.

First Camera Assistant

Costs $1,000

Our AC helps move the camera between shots, swaps lenses, and makes our DP's life easier.


Costs $1,050

This hardworking individual lights our shots!

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $1,500

We would really love for you to hear all of that witty dialogue and awesome music.

Craft Services Food

Costs $1,000

In the end, we are all people and want to avoid the adverse side-effects of "h-anger."


Costs $1,500

In case things go "Boom" or "Thud." It's really not funny unless you live in a cartoon.

Wardrobe package

Costs $175

Help dress the leading ladies for all of the "Pumped & Dumped" performances.

Prop Package

Costs $150

Because I basically gave away all of my useless baby items after my son out grew them.

Legal Services

Costs $300

To draw up contracts, agreements, and keep us out of trouble!

EFP Package Rental

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This fantastic audio package will ensure you don't miss a line of dialogue or song lyric.

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About This Team

About the Team!!!


Kate Barton (Director/Writer/Brooke): Actress, writer, and full-time mommy Kate Barton makes her directorial debut in “Pumped & Dumped,” because life is nothing short of a balancing act. Residing in St. Louis, MO, Kate is a loud and proud member of the Missouri Chapter of Film Fatales and an avid volunteer for the Citizen Jane Film Festival. Although Kate originally attended the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a degree in Radio, Television, and Film, most of her on-set experience comes from working on midwest-made indie films. Kate has worked on five feature films including “Belleville” (which ran for one week in thirteen theaters in the Wehrenberg chain), “Expect Delays,” “Love Chronicles (of the Cape),” “Somewhere Between Arnold and Festus,” and “Pitch Perfect 2.” Crew credits on these films include producer, casting director, script supervisor, writer (additional material), DIT, and production assistant. Kate has witness first-hand how the most efficient sets run (thanks to her friend and mentor, director Dan Steadman), and she is very excited to apply what she has learned on her first feature film. Kate’s writing inspirations are other funny women including, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Kristen Wiig, and basically anything Anna Kendrick Tweets. 


Lauren Hayes (Assistant Director): “Pumped & Dumped” assistant director Lauren Hayes has directed two short films of her own including “The Locksmith,” which was featured in the MX Independent Film Festival in 2014, and “Ruby Van Dweller” which is currently in post-production. Lauren is a Jane-of-all-trades on set, whether it be gaffing or stepping in to operate a camera, as evident in her work on the “Pumped & Dumped” pitch video. She brings a positive aura to set and helps boost morale for everyone in the cast and crew to ensure the best performances for everyone involved (which the actor-director is entirely grateful for). Lauren knows how to keep operations running smoothly and will no doubt keep our set moving in a timely manner. She currently attends Webster University, majoring in Film Production.


Jeanitta Perkins (Tania): Jeanitta Perkins is excited to join the cast of “Pumped & Dumped” as it speaks directly to her life (she and director Kate Barton are real-life friends and met in a community theater production of “RENT” in 2010…so this film may be a tiny bit based on her as well). Jeanitta has been acting professionally since 2010, and some of her favorite past theatrical productions include “Facing the Shadow” (Alice, The Black Rep), “Soy Yo” (Alma, Gitana Productions), “New Kid” (Mom, Metro Theatre Company), and “Passing Strange” (Desi, New Line Theatre). Jeanitta is also a voice actor with NOW Talent Management. And wait until you hear her voice! Jeanitta has previously performed Jazz cabarets at the Sheldon Concert Hall. What’s more, her talent is genetic: Jeanitta’s son Vince was recently in a commercial for Laclede Gas, and he will also appear in the cast of “Pumped & Dumped.”


Mary Jane Weinstein (Jane): Mary Jane Weinstein’s kick-ass personality and “can do” attitude landed her her first ever film role in “Pumped & Dumped.” Mary Jane is a mother of two, a fellow writer, a super foods enthusiast, and runs her own business “Super Sweets By Mary Jane,” which specializes in healthy chocolate (so it’s basically the best business ever). Mary Jane has been delighting other vendors involved in our film with samples of her awesome creations, and she has been there 100% for “Pumped & Dumped” since coming aboard. We are very lucky to have her.


Aaron Dodd (David): Aaron Dodd is a man of few words and has more professional acting experience than anyone else in the cast, but he just doesn’t like to brag about it. But our director will! Kate first saw Aaron in a production of “Suicide, Inc.” and was blown away by his performance, and ever since then she has wanted to work with him. Aaron has been a great supporter of the “Pumped & Dumped” script as a father of two himself, and has been highly encouraging throughout the writing process. And apparently he can sing. Didn’t know that. Hopefully we can add that into the script.


Victor Chirea (Max): Victor Chirea was not a father until he met director Kate Barton. The two are currently engaged, which will make this a very unique test on their relationship. Hopefully Kate will not be “mean” or “tell him what to do too much.” Victor’s previous acting experience includes extra work on the feature film “Joyeux Noel” and his own time spent making clips of himself spinning in a rolling chair to the rap music of Eminem. Victor is Kate’s real-life baby-daddy, and spends most of his free time playing with their two year-old son Milo (who also appears in “Pumped & Dumped”), pimping out his car, and creating what he hopes will be an entirely smart house (as long as he leaves one dumb room, specifically requested by Kate). 


Jeremy Schlosser (Kyle): Jeremy Schlosser brings his boyish charms from the Missouri boot-heel and Ken-doll physique to the role of Kyle, the shirtless, guitar-playing manny. Jeremy made his acting debut this past year as a reporter in David Fincher’s “Gone Girl” (SPOILERS: David Fincher even trusted Jeremy enough to start the slow clap upon Amazing Amy’s return). Jeremy is also a featured actor in the film “Love Chronicles (of the Cape),” playing the younger brother of a paraplegic drag racer. Jeremy was also a locations manager on the film. 


Aerial Hawkey (Marketing Assistant/Marisol): Aerial Hawkey is a model, actress, and fitness enthusiast, who brings all of the above as well as her marketing talents to the “Pumped & Dumped” team. Aerial’s previous acting work includes “The Makings of You,” “Belleville,” “Expect Delays,” and “Somewhere Between Arnold and Festus.” Aerial was previously the lead publicist and personal assistant for Los Angeles director/writer/producer Dan Steadman, and she was also the production coordinator on his 2015 film “Love Chronicles (of the Cape).” Aerial has been one of the biggest social media supporters of “Pumped & Dumped” and we love her for it!


Hazard To Ya Booty (Musicians): Director Kate Barton first heard the “crunch funk” sound of Hazard To Ya Booty’s “Just the Tip” at a Halloween party and it immediately left her wanting more. So when she needed a raunchy, upbeat karaoke jam to introduce the talents of the two leading ladies of “Pumped & Dumped,” she immediately thought of them. Since then Patrick Alexander (songwriter and bass player) and Ryan Stewart (lead vocalist) have been “Pumped & Dumped”’s go-to guys for a sick beat and a little naughty innuendo. The gents of Hazard To Ya Booty lend their song “Just The Tip” to the film’s line-up, and they have helped to co-write the film’s yet-to-be-infamous breast-pump song, “MILF.” Check out their album “The Precipice” available on iTunes.


Michayla Stefany (Musician): Michayla Stefany is one of those super-talented young artists who makes you feel like you’ve done absolutely nothing with your life. At 17, Michayla is an active singer and songwriter fueled by her love of music and her five years of study at The Music School of Brasov, Romania. Her original song “If You’re Wondering” (which has thus far reached 2,000 people on the film’s Facebook page) is in the opening credits sequence and sets a beautiful contrast of heartache to the rest of the music in the film. Check out her YouTube channel to find amazing covers and original work, or via Facebook on the Michayla Stefany artist page. Michayla is currently an unsigned artist, but we are confident that won’t last long.


The John and Kane Show (Themselves): Two very special gentlemen featured in the “Pumped & Dumped” film are are the hosts of the online radio station IndioRadio’s “The John and Kane Show,” John Launius and Harley Eddie Lightly (“Kane”). Kate Barton first met the fabulous duo after she was a featured guest on-air, promoting the film “Belleville.” Not only are John and Kane humble hosts and masters of improv, but the mission of their show is and has always been “Fun. Funny. Make the world a better place.” They have done so much to promote and connect local artists in St. Louis, and have built a community of their own. The “Pumped & Dumped” cast and artists will be featured on their show almost every day in the first week of our crowdfunding campaign, and we are very grateful for their support. Recordings of “The John and Kane” show have previously been featured in the film “Expect Delays,” but we think they have the faces for film.

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