The Queer Agenda: A Great American Road Trip

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Lily Stephens Barnsby

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While anti-LGBTQ legislation has been on the rise, the voices of those it affects the most have been largely left unheard. This project will highlight six different cities as a rag tag group learns about the variety of regressive legislation making its way through state legislatures.

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Mission Statement

The series will explore the dramatic spike in anti-LGBTQ legislation across the United States while providing a glimpse at the realities queer folks face. Each episode is focused on a different city to demonstrate diversity in queer stories and the impact of this political shift.

The Story

Hey, Lily and Drake here!

Thank you for visiting our page. We're hitting the road in August — with the Society of Lucky Mothers — as we make our way from Seattle, Washington to Tallahassee, Florida, to learn about anti-LGBTQ+ legislation throughout the U.S. Drake’s mother, Joan, started the Society of Lucky Mothers after Drake came out to provide support for other monthers of queer kids in our community. Through Joan's advocacy and being surrounded by other supportive moms we were inspired to create a project together tackling this topic. As members of the LGBTQ+ community ourselves, this series is close to our hearts.

Mission Statement

The spike in anti-LGBTQ legislation across the United States is impacting real people. Our goal is to amplify the voices of queer individuals and showcase how these bills impact their lives. It’s hard to hate someone when you know them. 


Over the past three months our production team arranged accommodations and travel details. Each city has an Airbnb booked to serve as our production headquarters. We’ve rented two cars to carry our crew in from stop to stop and will fly back to our home base all together. 

We’ve arranged interviews over email and discovered our interviewee’s through their online presence, local LGBTQ+ organizations, or news coverage of their city. The research phase of the project focused on identifying potential interviewees, reading up on legislation, and learning about the history of LGBTQ+ advocacy in each city. 

COVID Safety

All members of the team are vaccinated and boosted. Prior to their interview we ask interviewees if they prefer we wear masks and if they have been vaccinated. We’ve also taken local guidelines into account in each city and will adapt our plan if needed as guidelines continue to evolve.

Here are some pictures of us and our moms ❤️

Lily (left), Drake (Right)

The whole group! From left the right, Lynn, Merideth (Lily's mom), Lily, Drake, Joan (Drake's mom), and Rachel

Interview Structure

Each city will have at least three interviewees, a local guide, a politician, and an organizer or advocate. 

The local guides will inform us on how they navigate their community as a queer person, show us their favorite local spots, and share how the recent legislation has impacted their lives. 

State and local politicians will provide more information about anti-LGBTQ bills.  Why are these bills introduced? What is the origin of each bill? How have their constituents responded to the legislation?

Local organizers and advocates will share how these bills impact their work and how they are organizing in response. 

“Queeries on Main Street”

In each city we will hit the street for a segment called “Queeries on Main Street” where we will ask local passerby’s about the legislation and LGBTQ+ trivia. The goal of the segment is to gain a better understanding of awareness around anti-LGBTQ bills and the queer community in their city. 

Mom Talks and Presentations

The group of moms, aka the Society of Lucky Mothers (SOLM), will present in the various communities we’re visiting to explain our project and how to be an ally and advocate for queer youth. Within the community we grew up in, SOLM has hosted events like these and organized pride month activities. 

Graphic Design

We’ve also been collaborating with a talented designer who’s created beautiful animations and graphics to create a cohesive style for the project. 

Designed by Jillian Broughton

Through the series we hope to shed light on the impact of this legislation while showcasing a variety of queer experinces across America.


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Tascam DR-10L Portable Digital Audio Recorder with Lavalier Microphone

Costs $190

These microphones ensure we can get high quality sound during our sit down interviews.

Air Fare Home

Costs $800

Drake and Lily will fly back to Seattle after the project is complete.


Costs $4,000

Each city needs a production headquarters to shoot interviews, edit, eat, and sleep.

Rental Cars

Costs $2,500

To carry the crew from WA to FL, production requires two cars.


Costs $800

Fuel for the journey!

Onsite Craft Services

Costs $400

To help create a comfortable experience for interviewees, production will provide craft services.

External Hard Drive Storage

Costs $350

Several external hard drives are required for media storage.


Costs $80

To create clean, smooth, and consistent shots.

Physical Promotional Material

Costs $400

Stickers, trucker hats, t-shirts, and flyers to promote the project while we are on the road.

Camera Batteries

Costs $200

A surplus of camera batteries helps keep all three cameras ready to capture important moments.

SD Cards

Costs $200

A fresh batch of SD cards ensures filming can continue all day with extra efficiently.

Pelican Cases

Costs $300

Cases keep equipment safe and organized.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

In their day jobs, Lily is a producer at a local Seattle media studio and Drake is a content specialist for a PR agency. In 2021, Drake co-directed the documentary, What Happened on First Street, which was featured at the 2022 Seattle Black Film Festival and won the National Education Association’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Award. Lily had her own segment on Seattle’s NBC affiliate King 5 titled “Lily’s List”. The segment showcased a free activity in the greater Seattle area for kids and their caregivers each week. 

Since high school, Lily and Drake have always dreamed of creating something together — from quirky book ideas and comedy bits to how they would one day co-host their own talk show. After the passage of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, Drake created the concept for AGART, and Lily signed on right away. Inspired by the change The Society of Lucky Mothers forged in their hometown, it was only natural to invite their moms along for the ride!



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