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Rachel's Pitch is the directorial debut of Julia Fulmer, a talented 16 year-old writer/director. Julia reached out to Think Ten to produce her first short & mentor her through the professional filmmaking process. She wrote a hilarious script that we loved bringing to life with her!

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Mission Statement

As we sought to grant Julia's wish and create Rachel's Pitch, we wanted her to see women working in as many positions as possible. Our DP, 1st AC, Unit Photographer, Publicist, Production Designer, 1st AD, Producer, Lead Actor were all women.

The Story

This is the incredible crew behind Rachel's Pitch! We had so much fun creating this comedic short film with Julia. We can't wait to share this film with the world. A key goal with this film was for us to hire women in as many key positions as we could given our time, resources, budget and existing team relationships/volunteer offers. We achieved that goal and worked with some incredible male allies, many of whom volunteered their time because they wanted to bring Julia's vision to life.

Everyone involved was inspired by Julia's script and her infectious sense of humor. We assembled a top notch cast who could do justice to her comedic script. The cast was anchored by Grammy Award-Winner Jamie Grace (who also happens to be a comedic Youtube sensation) and seasoned actor and voice-over artist Andrew Bowen (Mortal Kombat X, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Division, Jedi Camp, Magic City, Reno 911!, ER, MADtv) with Nancy Lantis (Grace & Frankie, Veep, Arrested Development, The Office, Parks and Recreation), Ovington Michael Owston and Adam Simpson.      

Julia directed this film in her brief window this summer after sufficient recovery from one hip replacement surgery and before the other was scheduled to happen. Originally, we were set to film in February. At that time, Julia had been declared cancer free after battling lymphoma and we were all so excited to have her fly to Los Angeles from South Carolina for the production. A few days before her flight, she started to feel sick. Ultimately, she ended up with pneumonia and could not fly as it would have been highly dangerous for her to do so. Luckily, most of the original team involved with the project were still available during the new shoot dates this past June, and we were able to schedule this shoot around her impending hip surgeries. 

This project brought together a diverse and talented team, which we're incredibly proud of! It is inclusive in so many ways and really opened our eyes to the ways in which traditional Hollywood filming schedules can make it highly prohibative for individuals with health challenges to work in the industry. We were grateful to be able to achieve high level filmmaking in a setting that worked for Julia and did not place undue strain on her health. We believe, in general, that this should be a goal for ALL film shoots and is something we're proud to model as a company. The mental, physical and emotional well-being of our filmmaking teams is a top priority.


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Visual FX

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Sound Mix & Design

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Rachel's Pitch is funny & looks great. It's gotta sound perfect too! Can't let you to miss a joke!

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About This Team

We're in post-production and just need that little push to get the best sound design and color correction possible for this film. Here's some great photos of our team from the shoot and brief bios! This team was INCREDIBLE!! Let's give all their hardwork the best post-production team possible.

 Cast and Crew - Day 1

Cast and Crew Day 2


Julia Fulmer and Producer/Directing Mentor, Ramon Hamilton, just before we got the first shot off for Rachel's Pitch.

Julia is the Writer/Director of Rachel's Pitch. Julia live in Marion, South Carolina. Growing up, she was a lot like other kids: playing soccer, going to church, playing with her three brothers, and taking lots and lots of pictures. Her love of photography grew into slide shows and then into making her own videos. Then, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and her typical early teen years changed a lot -- involving surgeries, treatments and 830 doses of chemotherapy. Julia's mother, Judy, discovered Think Ten Media Group's Spotlight On Hope Film Camp, a free film camp for pediatric cancer patients, and reached out to Jennifer Fischer, Co-Founder of the company and producer for Rachel's Pitch. The company worked with Julia and mentored her through the screenwriting process and the directing process. By the end of Day 1, Julia was completely in her element as a directing and was running the show on Day 2. She has a wonderful sense of humor that shines through in this fun, comedic short. Check out this featurette on Julia and Rachel's Pitch



Award-Winning Writer/Director Ramon Hamilton, a 2016 National Black Programming Consortium Fellow, combines entertainment and storytelling to create change. His artistic and creative style centers around putting a human face to social issues through intimate, character-driven stories. Hamilton’s latest feature film, "Smuggled," received 5 awards on the film festival circuit with 15 official selections, has screened at nearly 100 universities and colleges around the U.S. and abroad and was featured by multiple media outlets with ABC asserting, “Filmmaker Ramon Hamilton is on a mission to change how Americans think about immigration.” Ramon also actively engages in efforts to empowers young filmmakers. His Artist Residences include: LA’s BEST, the largest after-school provider for Los Angeles Unified School District, Renaissance Academy and iLead Schools. Students he has mentored have gone on to attend Chapman University, USC, NYU and other film schools or have gone directly (from high school) into the film and television industry. 


The incredible Senda Bonnet, Director of Photography


Born and raised in France, Senda Bonnet graduated from the prestigious La FEMIS Cinema School of Paris with a concentration in cinematography. Senda was classically trained to shoot on film, but quickly adopted digital technology. She is a third generation filmmaker and has been passionate about the medium of motion pictures and the possibility of telling stories through images since she was a little girl—filmmaking is in her blood. Her documentary work and feature films have taken her around the globe and her work has won awards and been shown at major film festivals. One of her more recent projects’ “La Robe Bleu (The Blue Dress)” premiered at the Berlin Film Festival.


Jamie Grace, playing the role of Rachel Jensen. She's giving her big pitch!


Jamie Grace is a singer, songwriter, musician and actress residing in Los Angeles, California. She began acting and singing as a young child in school and church programs and created a Youtube channel for her music and sketches in her mid teens. From her Youtube videos, she booked roles in Grace Unplugged (2013), iShine KNECT (2009) and various national tours and recording opportunities. Now a 2x GRAMMY nominee, 2x Billboard nominee and Dove Award winner, Jamie Grace tours performing original songs as a solo artist and as half of the country duo "Harper Still" alongside her older sister Morgan Harper Nichols. She is also the host and producer of The Jamie Grace Show(2015).


Andrew Bowen, who plays our big-time producer, Mr. McKnight. 

A father of three and devoted family man, Andrew's laughter, exceptional range and ability to inhibit a wide range of complex characters has contributed to his continuing rise as a talented character actor and a commanding and charismatic leading man. Bowen has appeared in over a hundred and fifty commercials, dozen's of Films, TV shows and Video Games working with such high caliber talents as Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), Dean Devlin (Independence Day), James Mangold (Walk The Line), Lasse Hallstrom (What's Eating Gilbert Grape) and Jason Reitman (Juno, Up In The Air).

Some of Bowen's credits include recurring role's on Magic City, Reno 911! and ER. Guest appearances include: Criminal Minds, Maron, Ricky, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn, Leverage, Big Time Rush, Cold Case, CSI:NY and Dollhouse. Feature work include starring opposite Uma Thurman in The Gift, Paul Seetachitt's hysterical comedy Rock Jocks (with Felicia Day and Doug Jones), and many, many, many others. He is also an established voice-over talent, who can be heardas Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat X, Josh Birk/Nyte Blayde in Saint's Row (3-4), "Doc" in the Star Wars: The Old Republic, "Sev" in Killzone 3. and "Private Hudson" in Aliens: Colonial Marines based on James Cameron's massive hit.  


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