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RADICAL CRAM SCHOOL is a kid-centric, unscripted web series created by comedian Kristina Wong that empowers Asian American kids and all kids of color to embrace their identities, fight for social justice, and be the revolution.

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Mission Statement

Everything about this project is devised not just for inclusion, but true representation and agency. In front of the camera, Radical Cram School centers on Asian American children of various phenotypes. Behind the camera, our talented crew includes many women and people of color.

The Story

We’re a team of parents, puppeteers, educators, artists, comedians, and activists who want to give our kids-- and ourselves-- tools for combating the misogynist, xenophobic, and anti-immigrant rhetoric of today’s political climate. Thanks to some generous donations from friends and family, we released Season 1 of Radical Cram School in August 2018 as the kind of empowering programming we wish we had as kids.

The feedback was  incredible. People shared emotional responses wishing they'd had this kind of show as kids. Fans found the humor a cathartic antidote to the daily cycle of troubling news. Parents even told us they want to enroll their kids, or themselves, in Radical Cram School!

We got great press, especially from Asian American focused media, and we got distribution partnership from WhoHaHa, Elizabeth Banks’ comedy platform for women! Most remarkably, we stirred up anger from the far right white nationalist/ white supremacist/ alt-right media machine. Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones called us “disgusting” on his show.   If someone banned from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify and Pinterest for hate speech thinks Radical Cram School is “disgusting”. . . we must be doing something good!


After a successful first season, we’re ready to make more progressive, heartfelt, humorous content for kids! Season 2 of Radical Cram School tackles even bigger issues our children must navigate: consent, gun violence, undocumented immigration, emasculation, and civic participation. We'll create content to encourage young Asian Americans to be allies to social movements like Black Lives Matters and the fight for Gender Justice. We'll take a deeper dive into understanding hate crimes and discrimination with a focus on Islamophobia and kids with (dis)abilities. We'll create content that includes the experiences of South Asians kids; and we'll create content for Asian American boys to be aware of toxic masculinity and learn how to radically support girls and women.   We also will invite children who didn’t get represented in Season 1 in our future episodes:  Muslim kids and kids with (dis)abilities to share the multiple intersections involving Asian American identity.

More music videos! More puppets!  More Aunties, Uncles, and non-gender conforming mentors!   We'll keep our fun, colorful aesthetic and add some new surprises!  Plus, our curriculum will be meticulously developed with co-producer, Dr. Theodore Chao, Professor of Education at Ohio State University, and his team of early childhood educators.

Help us make a revolutionary web series.   Help us make Season 2 of Radical Cram School a reality.  



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About This Team

Kristina Wong (Show Creator, Producer) is a performance artist, comedian and writer who has been presented internationally across North America, the UK, Hong Kong and Africa.  She’s been a guest on late night shows on Comedy Central and FX. Her newest performance project is “Kristina Wong for Public Office”– a simultaneous real life campaign for Public Office and performance art piece. Her newest performance project is “Kristina Wong for Public Office”– a simultaneous real life campaign for Public Office and performance art piece. www.kristinawong.com

Jenessa Joffe (Director, Producer)  is a Los Angeles-based director, writer, and producer. She is drawn to comedy with a social activist bent. Jenessa’s work has aired on Comedy Central and Fusion Comedy, racked up millions of views online, screened at film festivals and been distributed worldwide. Jenessa grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University with a BA in East Asian Studies and holds an MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute.

Anna Michelle Wang (Producer, Music) is an actor, singer, puppeteer, and voiceover artist. She was co-producer and lyricist for the song “Asian Girl Blues” featured in the Radical Cram School web series by comedian Kristina Wong. She also produced, wrote, and performed in a 34 episode puppet home renovation web series titled The Hanna Rochelle Show, featuring her original songs about reupholstering and paint choices for her Airbnb home. She has performed at the 2018 National Puppetry Conference, the Tank NYC and the Knightsbridge Theatre LA.

Theodore Chao (Producer, Curriculum) is an assistant professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning at The Ohio State University. His research agenda involves empowering all students and teachers regardless of social identity (race, gender, socioeconomic status, etc.), to learn and teach mathematics, particularly through technology. Dr. Chao has published in journals such as Investigations in Mathematics Learning, Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, Mathematics Teacher Education and Development, Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education, and Education Sciences.

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