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More than 30 million people of all ages, ethnicities and genders suffer from eating disorders in the US alone. They are our friends, our family members, our lovers. But what’s it truly like to be them, to see the world through their eyes?

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Mission Statement

This film, very personal in its genesis, was written, produced and directed by females. It attempts to see eating disorders from a singular female vantage point in an effort to dispel certain false mythologies and make the truth of the disorder more universally available.

The Story

“Rainmaker” is the story of K, a young woman trapped in the cyclical nature of an eating disorder. Reeling from a recent death and cut off from her spirituality and artistic ability, K searches for love and affirmation in the only way she knows how―self destruction. K must choose between confronting her own demons, or subjecting her little girl, Honor, to the same fate. The film covers one afternoon and evening and ends with the child’s desperate question to her mother – “Will you be here in the morning?”


This is not a “how I survived and won” story; rather it is an exploration of the internal landscape of someone in the grip of an eating disorder. The story is told through metaphor and magical realism and creates a window through which the audience can see K’s life as she experiences it.


Eating disorders present a broad spectrum of symptoms and the causes are universally misunderstood. Likewise, the sufferers are often falsely labeled as being superficial, vain, narcissistic, or simply attempting to achieve some socially idealized form of beauty. This couldn’t be farther from the truth and these labels are often devastating. There is a vast and deeply complex psychology tied to this disease. Every experience is different, as is every journey toward recovery. We hope that sharing this story, this one experience of illness and healing, will bring light, understanding, and acceptance to a group of people who could use a little more love.


A spectral entity called “Skinny Man” is the embodiment of the many aspects of K’s condition – its demonic, seductive, comforting, secretive, controlling and probably fatal presence. His intentions and desires in the film are fluid, as is the very nature of this disorder. In essence, Skinny Man is the unloved and unlovable self from whom K needs and desires to be saved.


"Rainmaker" has been financed by a generous grant from the State of Montana, as well as contributions large and small from donors who believe in the script and the importance of this story. As the film is now “in the can”, we are seeking continuing support to cover already incurred production costs, all of post-production and to ensure that the film makes it to the best domestic and international film festivals. We hope that we can garner enough visibility at these festivals to shine the light of clarity on this disease and to raise awareness and support for those struggling to overcome eating disorders.

With $30,000 we can complete post-production and submit to the major 2018 film festivals. But, of course, the more we raise the more this film can achieve in the public eye.


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Prosthetic Makeup

Costs $7,000

Cast, mold, paint, and apply silicone prosthetics to bring Skinny Man to life.

Editing & Color Correcting

Costs $8,000

Every film is written three times... as a screenplay, on set, and in the EDITING ROOM.

Visual Effects

Costs $3,000

Not everything can be captured with a lens.

Sound Design

Costs $4,500

A unique soundscape will immerse and transport the audience to a different reality.

Festivals & Outreach

Costs $6,000

Help us share our story and spread awareness of this misunderstood disease.

Hard Drives

Costs $1,500

Multiple hard drives are necessary to ensure the safety of our footage.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

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